Released in October 2002

Genre Levorezbovoy sim / strategy / puzzle

Developer / Publisher

Empire Interactive

For the first time in months I think I am ready to believe that there are still people in igroindustrii soul. Judge for yourself: Empire Interactive offers our atten-mania, a mixture of genres completely unconventional ambassador.

Imagine the most terrible situ-ation: you are the master of a certain ghost, quiet and peaceful there myself for many centuries abandoned Mr. mansion. But once in your possession for the horse-invaded vile sim’bi, began to wander around korido-frames, to sing in the bathroom, and lift the dirt to plant a centuries-old dust. Be-zobrazie! Even after the death of no rest. It is time to show these lyudish Cams, who is the boss.

What to do, exactly how to get rid of such terrible roommates, it depends entirely on your imagination. For example, you can try to intimidate intruders Vizi-ters, set on them gang ill-mannered living dead. Not so simple, of course — the game does not allow the use of rubber products such as «frame unit» and instead offers indirect control. That is, you refer to their subordinates about incorporeal with the following speech: «Re-byata, to visit our dear guests in the bedroom, there pokrichite, beat the dishes (not all — leave little chut tomorrow), inadvertently reset the radio into the tub … «And then they, in the best of their abilities stey. The omnipresent role element encourages the process: from the time of your colleagues obtained notorious ghost pugal- crates holding mass diverse st different methods, up to Zuko-rachivaniya electrical wires on the door handles, and your gloomy al- ter ego to learn new spells. The game, as we can see, it turns out to intentionally sadistic, but to the horror sim patichnaya and cool recalls co-featured bout dear Dungeon Keeper.

After stripping the next house on the living inhabitants can be re-go to the next and keep it fun. It is assumed that you controlled by the Army of Darkness will be updated with new, if we can say so, but (there, so can not be expressed huddle …), more than the originals-governmental units: the service will go a banshee, gremlins or someone else pohu same. For example, after some time, your team will join gay thug freshly sacrificed in an embrace with the electric chair. And then there still will be!

Alexander STEEL.

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