The sixth album, the most famous in the world of the Roma, who are now among Belarusians. Accordionist Yuri Lemeshev recently replaced Paul Nevmerzhitskiy from Gomel, a young accordionist virtuoso, who lives in New York, in the past — the star of the «Slavic Bazaar».

It is with the filing «Gogol» all this gypsy punk became globally popular. Gone are troubled times, when Sziget festival leading Russian journalists criticized beginning to rise on the European festival horizons «Gogol» (then they just rocked by Eugene Hütz appearance in the film «Full Illumination» — as an actor, and author of the soundtrack). «What all of them so worn?» — Wondered colleagues. — «Normal Ukrainian hopak» knocks «that your Jack!»

Well, now it’s a global Gypsy ethnic hopak, and this is impossible to ignore. And let the group called albums as if every new name — not very masterful remake of the old (Trans-Continental Hustle, Multi Contra Culti Vs Irony — everything in one style mold, though), it is impossible not to admire the fact that the sound of Gogol Bordello yet then, is unique despite the impressive number of followers.

Of course, things change, and Eugene, who 14 years «knocks» his «Ukrainian hopak» matures and becomes more focused, thin as an arrow, and a taut as a bowstring. And the band’s sound also changes — past work was the Brazilian carnival and close to pop culture (not by chance Madonna drew attention Gudz). Of course, this is not a group Gipsy Kings, but not «warm up, we carry out with the brush» — that is, music that can be safely given to listen to my mother. And it’s steady movement towards radioformatnoy music continues — only due to the growing professionalism of the group.

Music Gogol Bordello has become more mature. If earlier it was pure underground, beating the key energy, live a fierce power and ringing a skein of nerves and muscles, it is now — the swollen gypsy commune work professionally and well-adjusted. Moreover, the form and has not changed — the same hurricane violin, Brighton «trasianka» acoustic anarchy and dancing. The lyrics too are traditionally full of calls — run, crushing, scrap, create! The problem is that is not very clear, «suppressed» Is this the usual manner of expression sincerity itself. Because sincerity and all that fierce joy of life also became, perhaps, the means of expression. And if earlier, in the era of songs from the hypnotic lines of «silver rabbits there dance in a circle,» could guarantee that Hutz there — currently, it is now difficult to understand where he is a true and where it simply carries insane Gogol blown off into the distance.

We can assume that this whole gypsy and punk message of turned into the background, and the music became more thoughtful. Earlier Hutz joking about girls, stolen by gypsies, and now he brings down from a messianic globalism. For example, he argues that the spiritual message of the album — research limit of human capabilities within a single individual. This, of course, good. Well, and what critics consider this album the best of 14 years of career staff. In fact it is not the best — samopovtor on samopovtor. But with the «Gogol» the situation is such that every repeated consistently stronger than the previous turns — they are like a knife attack at the beginning does not hurt, then death. Each new album — the crystallization of past experience. Repeat, they become shriller and all the more accurate.

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