Heaven dominance

Heaven dominance

Frankly, Divinity: Dragon Commander caught me by surprise and plunged into confusion. Despite the fact that I do a weekly selection of games for review, to deal with the production company Larian Studios I had not had. Least of all, I expect that the company will manage without a special pump to release a spreading and multifaceted project. We can not say that the game appeared out of nowhere. Larian Studios develops Divinity universe for over a decade.

However, until now it was limited to a more or less standard RPG with a third person, not gained special popularity. And then, suddenly, like a bolt from the blue, the authors dumped on us such a strange mixture of the genre, in which we must understand more than one hour. You should start with the fact that the basis of Divinity: Dragon Commander is a strategic component. Or rather, even two components — a global and tactical. And both are woven into the overall fabric, where there was a place and most that neither is a direct action and even, to some extent, arcade.

Yes, I understand, at the hearing it is difficult to accept. I myself was completely bewildered, until I started to get used to this complex and wonderful world. First, I will say a few words about the legend. Extensive and prosperous dreamland Rivellon long time successfully developed under the control of a wise and just the monarch, who, as usual, spawn many children, each of whom, of course, almost from the cradle felt a potential heir to the throne. In children early began to manifest ambitions of power, which ultimately led to the fact that the offspring have found a way to kill a loving dad, after whose death immediately clutching each other’s throats for the purpose of sharing the vast inheritance. The classic development of the plot, is not it? According to the laws of the genre in this situation, it’s time to appear dark horse. And such has been found in the face of good and noble, but, alas, the illegitimate son of the late ruler, who, in general, never expected to stand at the helm of the kingdom.

However, because there are always good people with their interest, ready to take a turn in a naive young man, in order to use it in their opaque purposes. As it occurred in this time. Disgraced, but still a powerful mage of the group close to the now-deceased monarch, left mired in political infighting capital, and went to the bosom of nature, in order to find a naive bastard and use it for their own purposes. In order to increase the chances of survival of the last, the magician gave the young man a huge flying cruiser, if released from stimpankovskogo nightmare, but at the same time taught a useful skill transformation into a dragon. Actually, «odrakonivanie» in Rivellona was not at that time, something already quite unique, because this skill with some desire could easily learn all the members of the royal family, including those who do not shine the throne, like our protagonist.

And so it was that the protagonist was on board the Flying Fortress, parked on a lonely village, designed henceforth become a resource base of our global expansion. All this we learn in the course of his short introductory video viewing, immediately after that turn out on board the aforementioned cruiser. After receiving a short briefing from our white-bearded facilitator, trying to understand what is required of us. If you played Mass Effect, you probably remember the ship, in which we had to spend a lot of time for planning operations. Something similar is available here. You can walk from room to room, to communicate with team members and consultants, as well as use the strategic map of the bridge, on which you should pay close attention to the very beginning of the game.

It is here that we give commands to their armies, as well as select which of the hostile or neutral countries should be the next to fall under the iron heel of our justice.

In this mode, the strategic planning we are able to gain recruits, build troops and move them around the map. There are a lot of nuances, but to describe them simply has no place, so that all will know themselves after training. Importantly, the strategic mode is purely incremental, so your task is to implement all the necessary steps before clicking «End Turn».

When you click on this, the course will make your many opponents. If at the time of completion of the course of your troops will be in enemy territory, you will be asked to join the battle.

Battle of the Divinity: Dragon Commander is a kind of game in the game. This, in essence, a classic RTS, where you can give direct orders to his troops to capture objects, useful to build different buildings and perform other actions, leading to the complete destruction of the enemy on this map. Maps, by the way, every time a new, rather large and nice-looking bird’s eye view. If you are in the management of the army suddenly bored, it’s time to remember that our main character in some dragon (smile). Just bring your camera to survey one of its units, press R, and … Voila! Now you dragon (with a third person).

Yes, and with jetpacks, acting as an accelerator! Stunning spectacle (smile). Fire-breathing beast has enough firepower to bear alone the field all the forces of the enemy.

In addition, she is able to use a lot of useful spells, which you’ll learn as you progress through the game. However, a few upsets the fact that in the form of a reptile, you can not directly control their troops, so be sure to give them the necessary instructions to reincarnation.

If antiaircraft fire was too tight and you still finished off, do not worry — you just go back to the situation of flying over the battlefield disembodied spirit. And, if desired, you can even spill over into a dragon. But it should still bear in mind that this transformation spent recruits — is perhaps the most valuable resource in the game filled up with the help of the occupied territories.

Won? Perfectly! Another sector of the global map will be painted in the color you want, and it’s time you will move on to perhaps the most controversial part of the gameplay — diplomacy.

However, call it diplomacy is not quite right, agree on something with the enemy still can not.

So that’s probably more appropriate to call it domestic politics. In a special room on the flying boat you will be happy to talk to representatives of all five races inhabiting Rivellon, starting and ending with gnomes lizards. Consultants act as ambassadors of their people, the aspirations which are not always intersect.

So that’s probably more appropriate to call it domestic politics. In a special room on the flying boat you will be happy to talk to representatives of all five races inhabiting Rivellon, starting and ending with gnomes lizards. Consultants act as ambassadors of their people, the aspirations which are not always intersect.

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