Hunting for dinosaurs

Hunting for dinosaurs

Nowadays, bloodless and almost trouble-free once powerful emulation (in the year) PSX play vending "masterpiece" (or, in extremely rare cases, truly a masterpiece) simple.

First RE surprised, a little frightened, and, in general, left a good impression. Second — it does not leave them at all. Dino Crisis does not cause anything but irritation. Unvarnished PSX transferred to three-dimensional graphics replete with shades of gray and typical pagan port errors. Management has traditionally ugly and impossible to throw the object and remain in any place still angry. At first it seems an interesting mode of WipeOut, but five minutes later he was bored and: went into the room — a dinosaur killed, went to another — killed two more, open the door to a third, and we know that she was waiting for the same thing. Complete failure.

This is a plus — in the sense that it does not necessarily rush to the local center for trade platformers unnecessary purchases, waving limbs and shouting: "I would like PaRappa the Rapper! I want to Bushido Blade!". And it is — a huge setback for some people, it seems, was delighted, thinking that used to the Bleem! (the same emulator) people gobbled up like a port.

Let me remind you dear readers that Dino Crisis — the first game "in the style of Resident Evil" from Capcom, made in full 3D, — previous shone frankly flat terribly piskelizovannymi backs. Rightly believe that the transition to a new dimension (by the way, fun fact: RE3 and not yet released DC2 again "gone" in 2D) series come to life a little and certainly at least seem to stop militant graphic misery, especially if arriving from the early 90’s, in order to dissuade us upgrade your computer: "Pal, well, why do you GeForce2? Before Om boasting?".

So — did not stop. Dino Crisis has all the makings to enter srednestaticheskogo gamers beauty comatose hour or two, if not more. Grayish"congregate" Palette cute characters adjacent to the cubic forms and frankly substandard engine — at the slightest change of angle the picture begins to twitch and creepy "swim". An interesting phenomenon — is perhaps ask, How can you release the game in the second half of 2000, using the standard Direct3D and manage to create with the engine IS (justice, however, for the sake of it should be noted that in the work we had a beta version, kindly send Virgin).

However, the game with good gameplay, we are ready to forgive the sins of even large — especially if you make a discount on the developer who created the 3D-game, on the order of a nondescript-looking than its 2D-siblings — that spit. The trouble is, as usual, is that Capcom sticks to its traditions poryaney other English lords.

Our inattentive (or younger, do not sniff RE, and RE2) friends is probably recall what "Capcom corporate identity". It is infinitely boring gameplay, heavily involved in the walk on the streets, corridors, searching for keys, ID cards, medicine, ammunition and other (un) useful objects, shooting of nightmarish creatures and talking about anything with people came to hand.

Among other characteristic features: the inability to walk normally on the stairs, the inability to throw out unnecessary items at any place and, of course, mocking save game system that promotes the idea of ​​the usefulness of a limited number of "saves" (the last time was typewriters and cartridges).

With some masochistic satisfaction must be noted: Dino Crisis moved away from the concept "Capcom’ovskogo survival horror" on the strength of a couple of steps. In place of apathetic zombies rode ugly dinosaurs, the main character has learned to walk with a gun bald (it is no longer necessary to lower the barrel to calm pretended corpses of enemies), and typewriters went for scrap — can now be saved in any (and rarely, alas) location a signed letter on the map "S" (usually an ordinary, unremarkable door).

The rest of us, friends! Throw foolishly raised the first aid kit can only before reaching the specially allocated for such purposes of the safe. Gossip does not start when you want it and when you activate certain triggers. Going up and down the stairs is done by pressing "Use" (Up to the idea of ​​an independent movement of the stairs I guessed only in RE3: Nemesis). Streif is missing, good storyline crushed greyness of passage, and the famous kepkomovskie videos … After RE: Code Veronica (Dreamcast) video Dino Crisis does not look at all, and all three available endings reek happy ending.

In this light, the choice of costume of the main character and is initially available Operation mode look a certain, so to speak, sop. It’s nice to run into a primitive-spotted skin and shoot at the N dinosaurs for X minutes, but is this enough compensation for the transfer of NO play a more powerful platform?

Logically, the Japanese do not understand clearly. Considering the PSX and PC its major platforms (only here you can see all of the RE plus DC as a bonus), Capcom, however, produces only really interesting things "side" (already mentioned Code Veronica on Dreamcast, RE: Zero on the N64). Why such a dislike to his core audience — I’ll never know.

With the release on RE3 "personalke"I hope, become clear that the series has outlived her, baton has long been intercepted capable guys from Terminal Reality, and on the approach and did Alone In The Dark 4. Here’s what I recommend Capcom: better to throw this thing, to give way to young and ski runs flutter.

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