In life and death

In life and death

Bear on the loose lived less than a year and ended up in a cage. They found a cozy den of hunters with dogs, mother and brother had been killed. Hidden in the farthest and darkest corner of the parent refuge, he heard and saw the bloody triumph of the two-legged robbers with his loyal satraps and in fear hoping that will not find it, leave alone. But stubborn chutistye dogs found the same, and people have taken alive, tied up and taken with you.

He was sick for a long time and suffered. Without taking bondage, torn on the iron bars of the cage has its baby teeth and doggedly refused food. But in the end quietly resigned. Even on the basis of distant Khabarovsk zookombinata young Prisoner sullenly surrendered unconditionally. And when he was taken to unknown alien to the forest edge and have identified to the circus, where it was completely the same as his mother, big brown bear, and almost close to them seems to be peacefully of established ferocious striped and spotted with what had to meet in the forest, and also yellow maned predator, quite resigned to their owners, and the fate of his superiors. Mother has replaced him like a beautiful, strong and powerful woman who was with him very tender and gentle, the strict and even cruel. She called him Senya, Semyon. And with the same name almost from morning till night, and day after day, it made its way into his soul and sought confidence. But it also demanded unconditional submission. For obedience is popped in the mouth unusually sweet things, for disobedience scolded and spanked, and for attempting to bite or scratch the pain gushing. But always I fed him, bathed in the nice warm water, combed, something soporific affectionately kept saying, constantly repeating: «Senya, Semyon, Semyon.» And when he got used to it, he began to teach him to bear all sorts of strange tricks: first just walk on its hind legs, then «standing» walk the plank, on the position of the end tables, and finally came the tightrope between the posts sturdy rope.

But this was not enough and had to master the rapidly growing Senya walking on the front legs upside down, thrown over her back. According to the board walk so a rope … And now teach him to catch, throw and kick a ball, to drink from the bottle, roll the wheelchair with a dog, pacing her Pestunov nanny. We are reducing it with great horses, accustomed to the society of those ferocious striped and spotted, and even yellow maned predator …

They lived in their own cages, but at times they were driven to a large circular area, enclosed by a solid iron grid over which darkened high as the sky, but not transparent blue in the clouds and the clouds, and thick, dark and gloomy dome.

No matter how tired Senya per day and no matter how strong was his dream, yet every now and then, and almost every day he remembered the life of a free taiga, imprinted a strong childhood memory. He remembered and voluntary green spaces, and the life in them with his mother and brother, parent training bearish existence and ownership of dealing with multiple and a variety of wild neighbors: who and how to catch and eat, someone indifferent to circumvent or to honor some attention, but someone beware.

Sometimes in a dream and now it is as if hovering in the taiga, and mountains, climbing steep cliffs and climbed the tall, in the trunk neohvatnye trees, bathed in the river and swam fast in the boundless sea stretching into the distant incomprehensible nothing and there was dissolved.

Waking up feeling well, and themselves in an iron cage, he had long yearned for freedom, having laid his head on his paws and looking at what is happening all around sullenly, almost without perceiving it. Or like more secretive lair was in a free animal in deserted expanses at a good, wise and caring mother. Instant Seine seemed that he just imagining bondage in a bad dream.

And so one morning he had not yet parted with the dreamed will, new-found two-legged mother tugged at the collar of the cage, too overbearing, too imperiously to him talking, even shouting. He resisted at first timidly, and then the same in obedience to another, not known from whom outgoing orders, jumped out and came roaring lashed out at her. Even for myself suddenly attacked …

By the time he was a clever and powerful beast in his mouth grew strong bearish real teeth, and he is the «mother" severely mauled and bitten. He was quickly herded into a cage, but still on the floor spreading puddle of human blood, which he smeared the soles of paws … He licked them, and disturbingly pungent smell dybil coat and drove the beast from one corner to the more aggressive they do not experience desires to fight and drink the blood of the hot tart.

His long and many were beaten, doused with high-pressure cold water, and then a few days of no food and not watered. And when it finally came, and the lady, as if nothing had happened began tasty feed, while talking softly and caress, it is again something snapped, and he again obeyed. And they went to the endless days of study and training, but the old and spent added something new. Yes, everything is more complicated, difficult and tricky.

At the large circular area, surrounded by a high and strong mesh, were initially all "his «- the familiar two and four legs, and only them. But it began to fill with loud harsh cries, shrieking, howling, screeching, hooting and swelling, people referred to as the music began to fill dazzling streams of light, and for net accumulated viewers every day more.

Day by day, and grew so Senya husband. He trimmed and rounded off the sharp claws, and the derivation of the cells began to put on a strong face ring so that he could, with his mouth open in a narrow strip, just take a piece of candy. And all this bear had to get used to, and it gets used more rarely met in dreams to remove loose taiga life.

In five years, he matured and getting stronger, Simon became a star of the circus. Not paying attention to the roar of a plurality of clustered around an arena of people, he streams music and light cycling and drove a motorcycle with a fellow captive played football and hockey, she danced to the master’s tune, and then drank from the bottle received as a reward for obedience and diligence sweet water bottle. Went on a rope, riding a seesaw, fought, danced and ate … buffoon porridge and noodles, potatoes and bread without knowing no meat, no blood, no ants and slugs. And even believed that such a life and dolzhnabyt bear, and beautiful mountains in the endless green woods with infinitely different worlds living in them he just mereschatsya.

But once the settled life of a circus bear Seeds sharply fractures. Fractures suddenly and seemingly simple. The regular submission by mischance he fell off the bike and to the blood of smashed his nose. And when a deafening roar of jubilant spectators began to again sit on, a motorcycle, he in a sudden flash of rage, roared in all throat, one of the actors let a slap in the face that he fell without a cry and moan and unconsciously stopped. With the Oromo swept crowded and zagaldevshih bear threw another acrobat, then rushed into the corridor to the cage, came upon a horse and slapped her hard on the rump, but in retaliation was under the jaw a crushing blow to the hoof that buckled his legs and blackened eyes.

His long it soothed and pacified, and a few days again brought to the arena. But he did not work, and besides, the evil roared, and then strive to anyone hit or bend under him. And nothing the administration of the circus with «ripped off» do not bear left as «free from his post» and written off.


Continue lives surnamed Semyon bear on zoobaze popular science film. She was a quiet, near the station, and only a portion of the roar sweeps rail trains recalled the years spent in the circus. Place it in a large net cage around which gradually rose, pine and spruce, and the smell of pine needles again in the wake of bearish soul vaguely strange memories. He walked for a long time from one corner of his «camera», he looked at the trees, pulling a strange-smelling air and suddenly froze, restlessly listening to the quiet voice that somehow reminded him of a very distant memory deadlocks. What he — that voice which calls, could not bear to understand, and this worried even more deeply and sadly sighed.

Once he was in the woods, people drove the cage with him to the gate, opened it, and he came in as a hitherto unseen they are not the world. The land was in fluffy zёlenyh herbs loosely dybilos lot of dark, as if thinking about something, and everything there is a large green trees, between which are closely bunched too green bushes and shrubs. And not a single person in front, a single object or structure. And over the head in green lumens high and clear blue dome, does not like the ingrained memory of the circus.

Bear gently at first walked in circles around a spacious meadow at the entrance to the forest, then slowly she moved deeper into it and turned into a solid green grass, bushes and trees. It was decided with a sinking spirit that I have found the will, but soon ran into the same high and solid iron mesh, which had long been aware of the circus.

Yes, this forest has been isolated. But enclosed grounds beast, who lived most of the time in close captivity, introduced almost free. The bear wandered through the woods, took a lot of completely new for him wonderful smells that make up and unfamiliar, and as yet familiar new world. Again, somewhere in the vaults of the unknown to his memory, maybe instinctive or genetic, flashing fireflies weird, some of whom went out mysteriously pomertsav and slyly beckoning somewhere, others have flared up and strengthened. Then they seemed to be extinguished again lit up again demanded attention. Imperative. Hard.

Listening and looking closely at him, like a bear in the fog of the forest-chuival and noticed like silhouettes of something vague, but a living, stirring, with some aspirations. He carefully walked these silhouettes, they’re dissolved in forest shadows disappeared, turning into the green gloom. But these green forest shade and gloom soon as it came to life and moved, became so mysterious and exciting that the voltage quickened heart beat, and his eyes flashed red and black circles.

Semen concentration versed in their feelings, trying to grasp the essence of the visions and Gossamer-thin, and then terminating signals mysterious distant memory. And at this time I heard at the entrance gate and then saw from the other cells in the same timber released a large, unknown to him fearsome creature. Listening to a new, own imperious command, he rushed to the creature. It is also noticed it, rushed away, uttering loud, but again not the first time they heard the sound, reminiscent of sharp and heavy sighs.

…Bear at the fence caught was his, but it suddenly turned around and threatening to produce a counter roll, chattering protruding from the jaws of large, highly curved sharp fangs, and his form tightly knit big-body was so impressive and aggressive, that Simon was taken aback, and stood, and no I could not decide what to do next. A basement storage hard perceptible whisper: «You’ve seen these. For a long time. When I was with the mother. Well, think on, remember … «But no, do not remember.

His attention was attracted people. He missed when in the forest gently squeezed unusual type of machine with a very long nose-rearing boom in the iron «nest» at the end of which shone windows and something else people. He’s definitely interested in them, bear, and his unexpected neighbor complained shouting either for animals, whether on a glowing grid for the brethren. And something else along the guarded Mesh Fence people also gleamed windows and something else.

Simon could not, of course, understand that the «filmmakers» want to shoot a bear fight with wild boar, and walked away from them. He has not become an artist of popular movies about the wild taiga life, which is full of not only wise sweet peace, harmony and beauty, but also the bloody drama. And to the free wood is also not used to. And therefore, when I noticed the open passage in his cell, without coercion, willingly I went to her. That evening it instead of the traditional cereal and bread man, who the day shone windows in the «nest» at the end of the boom of the machine, gave something quite strange; the smell of spicy, smelling blood and something else is unclear thrilling, disturbing. He sniffed long red piece, bewilderment turned away, but again sniffed, then licked. And he took him into the mouth, chewed … and ate something again remembering.

Some bridges strange relationship between this piece and the country more being launched on the eve of the people in the forest with him, arose. And something again to squeeze in his memory, to break up from the misty far from the most profound memories of the living. He closed his eyes and disable all of that focus. And now it seems to be remembered that actually saw these when I was with the mother and the relationship with them and eaten piece of red blood today is not too mysterious.

…That night he had not slept, and slept. He was still dreaming forest seen yesterday. Sometimes, there suddenly arose a big strong bear, which he recognized his mother, the dead, then appeared near the same impressive size fanged creature with which he met the day before. Finally dreamed at all exciting: if the mother in front of him swiftly and deftly jumped on this creature and powerful legs jerked so suddenly wrapped his head to the side that the victim’s neck snapped loudly, and she collapsed … and was soon a bloody red mountain which turned out to be so much of something quite unfamiliar to dizziness and delicious.

In the morning he was awake: not enough sleep, navolnovalsya, besides toothache and belly. For lunch with your favorite vegetable milk not touch. He lay with his head, sighed, pondering dreamed up at night. I felt like in the depths of his guts ripe for something new and a large, militant and yet it is not clear, but making you worry. And he went and walked on the diagonal cells, abruptly turning to reverse its corners.

…Like two days ago it, along with the cell drove people to the same goal, he opened a passage into the woods, and he forced himself begged to enter it. There was a familiar car, and in the «nest» at the end of a long boom gleaming glass top by the same person. The bear went into the woods, lay down, listening to themselves and the world around them. Thought was not there to take a nap in peace. But there came to him they had heard loud noises resembling sharp heavy sighs, and he realized that this is the largest fanged creature that he had seen two days ago and that he dreamed of the past with his mother at night.

Overcoming the pain in the teeth and the belly, he went on sighing, he saw «an old friend» and unexpectedly rushed at him, this time aggressively and threateningly raised with wool ryavknuv. Fanged, as then, first I rushed away, hooting and ryuhaya, and also near the fence turned to menacing pursuer. But now there is quite another bear, blindly obeying the imperious call of irresistible instinct, and perhaps awakened a particular memory strongly attacked the enemy, struck with all his might, knocked him down and sank his teeth into the throat.

The one had the strength, bucking the seemingly certain death, to rise and escape from the clutches of the powerful and mouth. However, the bear, marveling at its own determination, cleverly jumped on his back and instantly remembered how his mother acted in a dream, a sharp jerk legs turned his head to the side and then heard the victim’s neck in something hryastnulo. He tumbled down the enemy, he again batted teeth on his throat, feeling the intoxicating smell and taste of hot blood.

So I lay cooling down, listening to human speech: "Ah yes, Simon! Well done .. But tell me, what worked — or instinct awakened memory? I did it in the evening slowly slip into pieces fresh pork … And both together and worked. Caught in fact it is almost a year old, so, and had to see something in their taiga … Even a tiger or a wolf, taken blind and raised in captivity, with the boar would not do nothing at all, I assure you … Good for you, Simon! «


Simon became a confirmed artist who specialized in scenes of «taiga robberies.»

For ministers and zoobazy «filmmakers,» he was an expensive discovery, because it was among the rare bears slaves outwardly magnificent «instance» with such a pronounced predatory inclinations and these beautiful wild fighter.

He quickly began to forget the taste of pasta and bread and happily addicted to meat. Prior to his work two or three days no food, but then allowed nabuzovatsya have plenty of production, after which he was given a long blissful sleep. A hungry, already looking forward to the next job.

However, he was waiting for her on a full stomach, because in the fresh piece of meat is not subjected to the intoxicating taste of hot blood and guts gentle fragrant. He waited impatiently for her after the first «hungry» days, because hunger has come to mean for him to close the job. I went to the cage, a long time listening to the other side, where there are people. And when they came and rolled it to the familiar gate into the woods, it inflames to the extent that this was not part of the forest, and broke immediately prepared for him searching for prey and decisively attacking her … Then, when cooled with excitement and moderated breathing, his hearing persistently drilled although habitual, but annoying words coming from iron «nests» at the end of a highly strung up boom: «Ah yes, Simon! Well done! «

He was exposed to all the fight, but rarely weak, easy-to-teeth and claws giver. It was the same as the first time, fanged bully, so deeply severed his side, which is almost a complete circle of the moon bear licking the wound. Then he brought them to the hitherto not seen high on a hero at the head of which, as it were sprouted naikrepchayshy bush with spiky branches. He is so bogatyrёm fought long and very difficult victory came at the cost of heavy, almost crippled wounds. But the fighting bloody meeting, like all others, has enriched his experience: a high on-horned beast capable of killing blow and rock-hard hooves, and crowning his head, «bush» but you have to experience a different nature: do not climb into the fray immediately, inspection, rate enemy, care and neglect the calculation only fools.

There have been difficult to win, and a different kind … brought him one day with a small and beautiful, extraordinarily Lightfoot beast. Turned out he seems to be high on a miniature copy of the hero, but elegant and cowardly defenseless copy. And the main goal was not to defeat the bear, and catch this prey.

On the first day he drove her to his own exhaustion, and — to no avail. He was allowed to spend the night in the forest paddock. Without food, of course. He raced in the crown of this «copy» and again to no avail … but what shone from the windows of the Iron «nests» and evaluate the work of Semenov spoken sounds good, then evil «required that he would surely caught and crushed lightfoot handsome. And the bear reached the coveted victory in a strange way: the victim after firing on it from the «nest» suddenly began to tire quickly, weaken … And how would willingly was given to him in his paws. It seems to be an unexpected finding solace in their own doom.

When the cold came and lay down on the ground the first snow, I met Simon in the now-familiar battlefield friend of long-standing work in the circus formidable striped «companion" But this was so angry, cocky and powerful, it lacked the fighting spirit of the bear to attack, although it turned out, thank God, is enough to not coward and did not rush to flee.

They walked around one another, having raised Withers, growling, vzrёvyva, whether for fear of combat. Then with dignity went to the opposite corners of a hollow pen and lay down, thinking about the situation. But the people wanted a fight taiga giants and they persistently incited them, drove. REDD shouting, shooting. Then he threw an iron to «nest» hefty piece of meat, relying on the aggressiveness of the hungry predator …

The first went to the meat bear, yet he considered himself the master zds and skipjack — guest. Besides Bear I knew that the enemy with all his power had no combat experience. And he ate the whole piece of a burning anger fierce gaze opponent.

After several days of hunger strike, already eagerly watching as people prepare for the abode of the railway rolling a «little will,» Simon heard from her hand the awesome roar of skipjack, and then contented purr winner … And jumping out of the cells into the clearing in front of the forest, as if suddenly appeared in front of a striped at the bloody, more dёrgayuscheysya victim. And was not this acute situation forces and circumstances that may prevent the fight.

The battle was fierce and merciless — death. He was so needed by the people. He is most pleased that vanity and strange chirped in the «nest» is almost over, but fighting … "Gladiators" gradually retreated from the field into the forest and to decide the hottest moment of the battle appeared to «filmmaker" invisible. So he gave his men hurried team hurriedly descended to the ground and under cover of burly armed insurers trotted to the place of fighting, hiding behind their equipment. And instead of the viewfinder bear and tiger desperately I realized that life striped hangs in the balance. He also had another desirable outcome of the battle, because he knew that for zoobazy tiger is much more expensive than a bear, and it was to be the death of tiger udorozhit film. So he ordered to shoot at the bear flying syringe with drug immobilizes. Thus, when something is catching up Semyon helped footed cowardly defenseless creature.

But it was too late to save the life of the lord of the jungle: the drug can not occur at once, for it needed a minute … But the bear had enough of these minutes not only to defeat the enemy, but also to attack the host iron «nests».

For men it was unexpected. Who could have predicted it? And how do you explain? Transcendent excitement? Intoxicating scent of his own blood, and a tiger? Torn apart by pain wounds, one of which he knew the «winner» was fatal? .. Of course. But not only! This «filmmaker" perceived culprit bear all sorrows. And when the fuss in front of him the organizers of last bloody fight for life and death, so fussed under the guidance of his master, at the Seeds anger exploded before the limit beyond which disappear fear and prudence, a place which replaces alone blind and fierce thirst for vengeance.

He was powerless before the armed men, but managed to grab the legs and crisp crush thrown at him "Filmmakers" something bright and cold, called a movie camera, before he was stunned and hit the ground. However, at the last gasp Simon could still reach its chief, as he thought, the enemy, who cut short his childhood, condemned to life imprisonment by his side.

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