Industry magazines — they are a different breed.

Industry magazines - they are a different breed.

1952 we first started thinking about the trade publication, which would tell the industry about what the National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC), about her plans for the future. Good monthly information was to increase the number of members of associations of contractors, then less than twenty. It was not the most opportune moment for a new venture — the United Nations, led by America since June 1950 took part in the Korean War. During the war, it turned out that Russia, our former ally in World War II, has become rather the enemy. The Chinese have also become communists. The Western world saw the line held by Korea and Germany. Harry S. Truman Presidential decided to defend Korea. America was once again on the warpath, but with far fewer resources.

We chose the name of the new publication and were ready to surrender to the printing of the magazine «Lift», when the attorney of Globe Hoist informed that the name is already decorated copyright and can not be used. Had before the delivery of the printing shop quickly change the name to «Elevator World». The first edition of 500 copies was in black and orange colors. Author Fred Annette of McGraw-Hill Companies bought one copy, and the rest went free! The Korean War and its accompanying recession ended six months later!

Only in 1965 (12 years later) the magazine was able to afford his own editor with full-time, and our company is engaged in contract on the elevators, the company purchased Montgomery Elevator Co.

Well-known companies have emerged during the economic downturn and even during the Great Depression. Company Procter and Gamble and General Electric are based during the Panic of 1873; United Technologies company was born during the 1929 crash; Hewlett-Packard Company came into being during the downturn in 1937; Fed-Ex company founded during the oil crisis of 1973; a popular magazine «Sports Illustrated» appeared in 1954, a year after the magazine «Elevator World». The businessman, who had an idea, can not wait when it comes favorable time for a new venture. Even during the current recession, which beats all records, opens good opportunities. Look around!

There are two types of magazines: Magazines «general purpose» (also called «consumer» and B2C or «business to consumer») and «sectoral» (known as B2B, or «business to business»). During the five relatively small one- or two-year decline since the war in Korea, the publication of general purpose (B2C), representing limited interest to many readers who have lost their audience. Sectoral same edition (B2B), served by a small group of readers interested in a specific issue (for example, vehicles, buildings), specific ways retained its circulation, number of pages and advertisements. Magazine «Folio», telling about the current state of consumer publications, called it «a massacre at the newsstand.» Circulation of the magazine «Time» fell by 17%, the magazine «Newsweek» — 14%, and the magazine «Playboy» — at least 10%. This magazine is in such poor condition that is already being offered for sale. If we compare the first quarter of 2009 to the first quarter of the previous year, it appears that the circulation of consumer magazines fell by 3096 in general, and the magazine «US. ‘

News and World Report »- 69? 6!

However, trade journals, they are a different breed.

Serving audiences with specific interests, they study the current and future needs of one particular industry and quickly respond to challenges as they arise. Magazine «Elevator World» is one example of the full edition of In 2 Q. What did he do?

— NEWS. Through personal contact employees through staff and freelance correspondents through other sources of information in different parts of the world he gathers the latest news about the unusual plants, new products and technologies, changes in the state and activity of the Lift industry associations, committees, companies and individuals.

— TRAINING. Together with industry associations, he constantly informs its readers about new technologies to install and maintain the equipment, publishing articles in the monthly releases, publishing books and manuals on safety. Magazine organizes continuous training interactively and examination to obtain credits. It works closely with industry organizations and committees dealing with safety, innovation and standardization. It uses industry experts for the publication of books on the subject required. Magazine organized a computer research center and museum that holds the history of the industry, who are working in online mode. It takes a new means of communication for the benefit of the industry community and immediately gives the electronic publications on these issues.

— INTERACTION The industry provides a communication center, through which individuals and businesses can quickly communicate with each other. The journal publishes information on events, to increase their attendance, and then reports on exhibitions and conferences. It helps set the related means of communication, where they had never been, for example, in India. He gives advice and assistance when in a country willing to be a national trade publication.

Magazine «Elevator World» remains the leader in terms of communication between members of the industry and the strengthening of the transport industry. We always try to be on top. New features such as fan pages «Facebook», blog «EW blog» and additional information in the online «Online Extras» enable communication even faster and more productive than ever before. Tune in to our domain, to keep abreast of the latest innovations …

Industry publications generally survive the economic downturn without prejudice to the scope of the journal and the number of advertisements. Thanks to good friend, our magazine which caters so well, it is precisely on economic potholes, including during major economic problems of our day.

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