A few weeks left before the end of the show «for the accelerated introduction of inventions and innovations»". Among the active military groups involved — the inventors and innovators of the Military Academy of the Armoured Forces named after Marshal Malinovsky. The work done by innovators during the show, said Deputy Chairman of the Academy of inventions, the deputy chief of the Research Department, Colonel Yuri Agafonov.

The most important areas of inventive and innovative work we are improving the armored vehicles and armaments; development of technical tools that reduce the time to bring this technology to full combat readiness; modernization and development of new, more efficient models of park equipment, diagnostic tools to improve the quality of maintenance, repair and storage techniques, and various training aids, devices, ensuring the safety of the crews, repairmen, riggers in the operation of tanks and infantry fighting vehicles.

Specific areas of work defined by the thematic plan, the plan of work of invention and innovation, as well as thematic tasks innovators.

The academy is developing plans for the introduction of inventions and innovations with responsible persons and timing of implementation. Control over the implementation of these plans, ordering and production of prototypes in teaching and experimental workshop of the Academy lies with the heads of departments and research units.

Subject is determined based on the needs and requirements of the troops. If necessary, it is coordinated with the military units and organizations concerned, the Ministry of Defense and Industry. It is this cooperation allowed to develop a number of valuable technical solutions, quickly implemented into practice. To name just a few.

Last year, a group of authors — Doctor of Technical Sciences, retired Colonel Sidorenko, Colonel V. Moskalev and V. Taranenko, Colonel Vladimir Romanchuk — proposed a method to prevent accidents and breakdowns in the operation of armored vehicles. Its use in the armed forces had the desired effect. A very useful — for reviews of the parts — there was also a method of verification and assessment of the state parks and internal service they developed a retired colonel and Colonel Sidorenko V. Schaefer.

Another example. It is known that some samples of tanks (with prolonged standing or to storage) should be performed double pumping oil from airborne transmission. Poor performance of this operation, a mechanic-driver can make it difficult to start the engine, especially in negative temperatures. Innovators Academy under the direction of Major General Yu Burdeinogo proposed a method that guarantees full pumping oil.

Another problem that was solved innovators — a reduction of the negative impact of water trapped in the fuel. Increasing its lead content is known to wear plunger in the high pressure fuel pump, and in the winter — and to the formation of ice jams, clog fuel lines. The team of authors (Colonel Yuri Isaev, Lieutenant Colonel V. Manohin etc.) modified fuel system for tank T-72. With a special electrochemical sensor fails to timely detect the presence of water in the fuel, and heating it by a heating tape and exhaust gases to eliminate the formation of ice jams in the winter.

Also during the review of our asset nye innovators — Colonel V. Kutsenko and Colonel A. Goncharenko — offered a way to fill the tanks in a shorter time. It is known that under high pressure flowing out from the fuel cock AK-38 causes foaming of the fuel in the tank. To prevent it from spilling, you must either reduce the amount of fuel supplied or suspend the refueling before the termination of foaming-tion. But in this case significantly increases the duration of charging. Avoid wasting time and fuel innovators allowed to develop a new device.

In order to improve the basic structural elements nadezhnosti- tank innovators Department of operation proposed a new method and apparatus for diagnosing the condition of the engine. Its principle of operation is based on the phenomenon of wave interference with circuit treheerkalnogo jet interferometer feedback optical communications. Conducted factory and military tests showed that the device significantly reduces the assessment of the technical condition of the engine, provides non-contact, distance and accuracy of its parameters and automatic processing, and allows you to predict the residual: engine life. It is convenient to use and can be applied both in stationary and field conditions. These devices planned to equip fixed and mobile facilities maintenance and repair of the troops.

Innovators of our academy in collaboration with industry representatives developed degreasing metal surfaces. According to its detergent qualities he greatly exceeds applicable to the present compositions Labomid-403, CM-1, MC-8 and others. Do not yield to the best foreign analogues. In aggregates and components by washing leaves salt raids. Its aqueous solutions have low foaming and improved. conductivity, do not give the negative effects of corrosion. A method for preparing the cleaning solution is very simple.

Great help innovators Academy have troops in the creation of the necessary training facilities and in their development. Instructive experience of the creative team, headed by a well-deserved inventor of the Russian Federation Colonel V. Tkachenko. The team proposed a number of innovations that improve methodical maintenance of fire training tank units, has developed a new methodology for assessing the learners, as well as entirely new direction of development of training facilities. The high level of creativity of this group shows the number of inventions (30), which were used in the army.

Well established in the armed forces for training simulators shooting tank weapons, machine loading of the means of crossing water obstacles and others.

Speaking of fruitful activity of innovators, it should be noted that since 1977, they regularly participate in military trials of technical training. This allows the development of new uchebnotrenirovochnoy equipment at the highest level. For this work, the team was repeatedly encouraged with Minister of Defence, Chief of Land Forces, nachalyikami ordering controls. .

To facilitate a wide and rapid introduction of inventions in the Academy in the review group set up under the leadership of Colonel Ivan Mikhailov. Deserving innovation (models, stands, prototypes) are shown to representatives of military units and research institutes during seminars and conferences. Typically, the inventors take part in. exhibitions held Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR.

Many applications for inventions filed under scientific researcher-ing work carried out in conjunction with the Academy of Scientific Research Institute (which also speeds up the process of their implementation). Especially effective implementation of the contractual framework in which, as a rule, the cycle of «research-development-implementation.»

Speaking of the success, it should be noted that in the course of realization of their ideas into practice innovators Academy faced with certain difficulties. First of all they are associated with the transition of enterprises and research institutions of the Ministry of Defense to the new forms of management, the need for the conclusion of contracts and the financing of the operations. Often the complexity of the implementation of a technical solution arises from the attitude of the representatives of military units that are not in a hurry to use the proposed innovations as it was, for example, the invention «The bottom shell with a reduced space of the flight.» Despite the obvious expediency of its application, on the interest shown by specialists did not get.

The contribution of scientists, inventors and innovators Academy in raising combat readiness of armored forces is considerable. But it would have been much greater if all their creative ideas embodied in the finished sample. But this possibility is not always represented. Logistical and production base, which we have, and sometimes does not allow to produce a pilot or prototype. Businesses same industry do not always agree to accept an order to perform such work.

There are other problems innovative motion. Inventors and Innovators Academy looking for ways to address them, are actively working to implement innovations needed troops are making a contribution to improving the combat readiness of our army.

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