irrigating the game is not displayed on the screen, and in a head to play, «- he likes to say creator of» Civilization «Sid Meier, and before that head get — business developers.» You are standing on the mown field to the north of you is an ordinary farmhouse, whose windows shuttered, getting dark … «This sentence, which begins with the first Zork, spawned in the imagination of the players way more complex and deeper than the background Calculator in 3D has just published the last part of this series, Grand Inquisitor …

In a lecture at the conference of developers, held on the last EZ, Bob Bates, president and founder of Legend Entertainment, designer and programmer of many truly «legendary» games, shared his memories of how he created his first game:

«We were sitting in the office all night and tried to figure out how to respond to the gaming world in the most unexpected action hero. We tschilis make in response to the most stupid behavior, for example, «use money on the wall», instead of the standard «nothing happens" bored player received some quite unusual reaction. We wanted to surprise him, to make sure that he jumped at that for a moment, but it seemed that the game world is alive and inside the computer actually sits a little man, with whom he plays!"

However, technological progress that man just arrived. With the advent of graphics «Prince Charming» turned into a set of orange pixels, and the singing of a mysterious Druids — in boring vereschanie beeper. The possibilities opened before the games transfer to CD, Hi-Res, Hi Color, etc., have remained largely untapped. The technology, which was possessed by virtually every team of the early nineties, and overshadowed the story instead of prompting the images moved to their imposition.

In the dispute over the largest number of simultaneously rotating the screen polygons inevitable losers, instead of playing the world get a blank prompt, but incredibly boring mathematical model. Instead, he slipped voltage arcade demonstrate a new way of rotation of the plane at 35 frames per second, but instead mysteries quest — an illustration of the use of digital video. Shelves game stores have turned into an exhibition of achievements of modern printing.

But everything in this world, fortunately, is changing. Elderly CEO of large corporations in addition to the «aggressive marketing» remember the new word for them, «playability», and developers have learned that the testing is done not only to catch errors incompatible configurations, but also to that same «playability" track and possibly improved.

In industry there is such a thing as «gamebytes". This gameplay (gameplay), divided by the amount of games (megabytes). Most recently this figure, first goes to zero, suddenly began to climb again. It seems that emerged in the last six months of games like this

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