This is the story of Hannibal relationship and Will Graham. Will — a gifted FBI, which is investigating the most complex brilliantly crime due to its unique ability to put yourself in the place of the criminal, think and feel as he does. My character is intended to help them understand their own world and become a conductor on hard service. As you know, for my hero such work is akin to march into the shop for a small child. In general, these relations — a complicated and entertaining game. Will is very interesting to Hannibal, he finds Graham several intriguing traits that allow us to see in it a reflection of himself at a younger age. This coincidence helps my hero playing with Graham as with his prey, and in order to lure to his side without his knowledge. These peculiar mind games are the key idea of ​​the project.

What you had to play the role of a character that exists in books and film adaptations?

It is always difficult. You can completely distance himself from the hero of the book, which is the prototype of the character. Hannibal always very carefully developing a plan of action and loves art, and we adhere to this image of Hannibal, because the action of the series takes place before he went to prison. This is the most important aspects of his character that have not been shown in any other film, but are fundamental in this thriller. Why such a terrible killer, Hannibal, as the interest of spectators? I do not know why Hannibal became so popular, but people have always been interested in the dark side of human nature. The villains and criminals are always intriguing audience, especially those who are doing something that only we can dream in a nightmare, and it goes away with. It draws attention in a special way, but I hope that within reason.

Did you learn any additional material about Hannibal, before starting work on the role? Honestly, no. It seems to me that such a hero as Hannibal, can not be put in any frame. He’s special, and if we call him a psychopath, or someone else, it will not fit this definition.

With invent of cannibalism? I believe that people who eat other people, causing fear among the others for many years. We have all heard horror stories about. how people do it for the sake of a ritual or even for entertainment. What we do not understand, we can not accept, but people are very curious in these matters.

What scares you?

Frankly, a lot. But really scare me long queues in the men’s room after four beers. That is really scary.

Are there any approaches to dealing with this difficult character which would allow us not forget that he is still an ordinary person? I always keep in mind that it is primarily people. We need to understand one important thing: what it does, terrifying, this is really terrible, and in this issue two ways about it. But on the other hand, I am an actor should understand how to replace the «replay» those things that he does, that is subject to my understanding. This is a very responsible role.

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