This summer, the US company Motus finally revealed the production version of its much-touted sportturera MST. Recall that this machine is equipped with a unique power plant — designed on the model of the large automobile longitudinal V8 V-shaped «Quartet», a working volume of 1650 cm3 and 160 hp, with a sucker rod (OHV) drive top flaps. Equipping the machine — at a high level: adjustable suspension, brakes Brembo, forged wheels, color LCD display as dashboard. However, the price to match: $ 30 795. At the same time the company introduced version MSTR with uprated to 180 hp engine, high-end suspension Ohlins, Brembo monobloc callipers and carbon fiber wheels. The price of this miracle is not yet declared.

Quintals FUN

Yamaha D’Elight — a new scooter for the European market. The name itself sets a positive note, because it is in tune with the English word Delight («Pleasure») and Light («Light»). At least the second value does not deceive: in the 125-cubic category is one of the easiest (curb weight 98 kg) and compact scooters. In fact, overall dimensions of the machine at «fifty dollars!» Thus, the turning radius is less news than the 50cc Yamaha Neo’s. -755 Mm is small — and the height of the seat. Almost «poltinnichey» different economy and the engine — a four-cylinder long-excursion (50h57,9 mm) unit working volume of 114 cm3 and a power of 7.2 hp at 7000 rev / min. The maximum torque of — 7.6 Nm — is achieved at 5500 rev / min, so that the motor is different and more good for this class of high-torque. Forced air cooling and Two valve head allow designers to build very compact unit and the intake tract is equipped with fuel injection with an additional supply of air that has beneficial impact on environmental performance. Uncomplicated Chassis: tubular frame, 12-inch alloy wheels, front disc brake and rear drum. And all of this is wrapped in a very attractive casing in retro style. But the most attractive — the price (less than 2000 euros in Europe), allowing confidence to compete with Chinese products no name if not in absolute terms, it is the ratio of the quality.


«The first new British motorcycle brand with the times Hesketh 1984» — with such fanfare represents the production company Gladstone Motorcycles. The name of the company was in honor of William Ewart Gladstone, four shall be elected for the post of prime minister of the country in the second half of the XIX century. And not a simple whim Henry Cole, CEO — his great-grandson. The unit itself — Gladstone No. 1 — it is a British-style bobber, a typical product of small-scale customizing: Triumph engine in a «dry» Metisse frame and the overall style in the spirit of the 50s. Gladstone Motorcycles plans to make nine copies of the first-born, but at the same time with his debut at the Salone Prive September 4 is designed in the same style as the bike, as well as a collection of equipment and accessories.

Three valve FREEDOM

Lightweight scooter with big wheels Piaggio Liberty enjoyed excellent popularity: since 1997, sold more than 800,000 of these devices. Now it’s time for the debut of a new generation of machines — Liberty 3V. The designation is encrypted major innovation: air-cooled engine with three-valve cylinder head (two intake and one exhaust valve). This power unit for a year is set to Vespa scooters series LX and S (see. «Mo is» №8-2012), but the version is different to Liberty forsirovkoy slightly lower: 10.3 hp at 7500 rev / min for 125-cubic variants and 11.8 hp at 7250 rev / min to 150 bottoms. Claimed efficiency (at a constant speed of 50 km / h), respectively, 1.7 and 1.75 liters per 100 kilometers. The second important innovation for Liberty — changing the size of wheels and tires instead of the former 90 / 80-16 front mounted 80 / 90-15 rear, as before, the 14-inch wheels, but the width of a tire is reduced from 110 to 100 mm. This change, according to experts Piaggio, improved agility and dynamics. In addition, by increasing the base from 1325 to 1345 mm overall length of the car has decreased — from 1935 up to 1920 mm. Under the new saddle — luggage capacity increased from 8.8 to 10.8 liters in volume. Significantly updated, and the appearance of the scooter — both exterior and dashboard.

The standard equipment of the machine became immobilized-zer.


The concern Yamaha like to cooperate with the customizer -and this time the Japanese have asked them to work with neoclassic XJR1300. Employees of the Italian branch of company Deus Ex Machina saw it … the device for endurance racing in the style of the late 70s. Therefore, they are removed as far as possible, all staff facing, set the suspension Ohlins, brakes Brembo, titanium exhaust system and LeoVince magnesium alloy wheels Marvic Streamline. This is how the work of the project participant Alessandro Rossi: «When we started filming with XJR1300 facing, we found that it looks very aggressive — like a bulldog with broad shoulders. We reinforced this impression by putting a wheel, and our own aluminum trim. We have also developed their own recipe for painting — «transparent black» V something between a black and brown. The tone of the paint, we blacked out details of the suspension, so. what we have | an aggressive streetfighter who likes to hide in the shadows. «

The Danish company has decided to build Wrenchmonkees from Yamaha XJR1300 cafe racer (pictured). The Danes took the wheel, front fork and brake from the sportbike R1, but soon discovered that the wheels do not fit into the concept of the so that they are replaced with specially made spitsovannye, 19-inch front and 18 rear. Standard steering wheel are replaced by klipony and put the seat of its own design. The exhaust system is made of stainless steel, while reminiscent of old-fashioned and megaphones, and modern units for MotoGP. Motorcycle painted olive green, with a light metallic sheen, but blast the frame to the bare metal and then struck her designs a blowtorch!

For participating in the project customizer provided a kind of bonus, officially recognized right to manufacture and sell whale to turn the Yamaha XJR1300 in the same machines that are manufactured by the company.


On the eve of the big autumn premier, BMW had an easy upgrade of the machines. And one result of the upgrade Bavarians even proclaimed a new model: that BMW K1600GT Sport (pictured), different from the «just GT» a two-tone paint with black wheels, understated windshield and seat «of fitness.» Turenduro BMW R1200Gs as standard equipment now has only two options on-board systems: «The Road» and «Rain». But in the optional package «Pro» («Professional») — has three modes: «Dynamics», «Enduro» and «Enduro Pro».

BLACK paint this season engineers motorcycle department Polaris Industries went all out when designing new Indian Chief, so wait for the big premiere of the Victory brand and not worth it. Those updates that are made to the 2014 model year, mainly concern Bagger Cross Country and Cross Roads. They are now available in the «budget» version of the 8-Ball, gloomy black (budget, however, must begin with a $ 15 999 s is in the US). If you do not like plain car and drive the machine to the masters of painting laziness when purchasing models Cross Country, you can select one of the options for coloring, created the factory designers. Finally, the highest rank for Cross Country — Ness Signature Seriess red and black coloring, developed by the famous family customizer and chromed engine. A special number plate, and photos of the family Ness with their autographs in the frame are attached — and all this for $ 22 999 (US).

Changes in the other Victory motorcycles for the season 2014 are minimal: Model High-Ball Jackpot and got round headlights instead of the previous complex shapes.

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