Natalia Gordienko dreams of a speech to the «Coliseum»

Natalia Gordienko dreams of speech in & quot; the Coliseum & quot;

She is shy but very open and bright girl with a unique voice. The singer, who has a great future, because every song in its trend. It is not like anyone else. With us in the category «Star meetings» is an interesting companion and a cheerful girl — Natalia Gordienko.

Natasha, tell me something about yourself. What would you like to convey to the reader?

This is probably going to sound like an excuse, but first of all, I want to say this: despite the fact that with me there were external changes and I’ll look for another way, my inner world has not changed, and I like loved music rock direction and love. I try to bring something of their own, to change the songs that I sing the offer — and a bit of work. I think that will continue to be more than me in this music.

As far as I know you by vocation director.


But why music? Why songs?

Music in my life happened a lot sooner than directing. And the direction, in fact, emerged from the fact that I was singing, and felt very insecure on stage. I did not know what to say and how to behave. I could go on acting skills, but thought it best to go to the director — there, too, and teach acting skills and stage speech, but a little wider, which means there will be more knowledge. The first education I received a choir conductor, and the second — is right for me, for my work. I went to the director for directing.

If you became a filmmaker, whatever you rented?

I would not make a film and cartoons, because I have little knowledge of it. But maybe I would have worked on television. This might be a morning show, some entertainment programs. I would, of course, I wanted to shoot something like Tarkovsky, but for this, first of all, you have to be Tarkovsky. Well, and secondly, you need to learn for a long time. Perhaps, after all, my profile a little bit different. I’m more a musician, and direction — is secondary.

Can you name a friendly person? If so, in what way?

Outgoing person? Well, I did not hit on the street — it seems to me indication of friendliness. I try not to offend anyone. Although, of course, I happen these days when everything is annoying, and I understand that in these moments can cause someone pain, so restrain myself.

What are you most proud of in my life at the moment?

No more of this achievement, which I would be proud. But I am proud that I am Ukrainian. You see, I’m very much work in Moscow, and when they say that I very much felt in the pronunciation of «r», I say, «Guys, this is my business. I — Ukrainian, and I’m proud! I’m not going to change. «

Where do you work best: in Russia or Ukraine?

I love, of course, more than Ukraine. I really love it — you probably can not even imagine how much. And I never get leave. And to work, after all, more comfortable there. In any case, all those people with whom I worked there, such as coherence — as a watch. And we are all a bit wrong. I, for instance, now late. Atam have sent me a long time for it.

How often do you give a promise? And that was the last time promised?

I do not like promises like «I swear to my mother,» or «I bet.» But I promise, is executed. Now I do not remember what he had promised. I believe that it is better to do than to say.

What kind of jokes you laugh cause?

The bad. What a bad — the steeper.

You do like when telling jokes? Telling herself?

Yes, I recently read this anecdote cool!

Flying in an airplane is very important clever Ukrainian politician, the Pope and the first grader. Tutu aircraft engine fails, and you need to jump. There are only two parachutes. And then he grabs a parachute and a politician says «I am very clever and important person. I need people. I really need to the people! «- And jumped. Pope says to the boy: «Well, you’re still a child. You need to live, to see the world. Take a parachute and jump. And I have already lived his. » And the boy answered him, «No, we jump together! That policy took my backpack instead of a parachute! «

What are the goals of today are you set for yourself?

Objectives? I want a big concert at the Coliseum. Modestly, huh? This is such a very ambitious goal. Rather, it is a dream for today. But I believe that if you put a no simple, unattainable goal, then somewhere in the middle, you can, in principle, to come close to it.

And some small goals for the near future?

As the saying goes, «haste makes waste!» And I think that’s true-if all do anyhow, it turns really not very good. Here I would like everything to be slowly but surely. Suppose I do not have such a rapid take-off — such has to become a world star — I’d rather ponemnozhechku, a little bit to move forward to work, work and work again.

Do you consider yourself highly motivated person?

Of course! If I was not purposeful, it would already have in their rayonchike «snarkomanilas» because my friends were different.

Many girls keep diaries. Behaving Do you blog?

With the advent of the Internet for some time, I kept LJ. This page has, but I am not, and delete all entries from there. Of course, like everyone, I have been there on a terrible depression, love — and so bad, almost death waiting for me … Well, now I’m all of these entries are removed, this is normal. Every teenager has to go through it.

In the early childhood I have not kept diaries in the first place because they do not understand why they are. In my mind it is, and if someone Blog Entry read, why should he? It can read, even by accident — or parents or sister, or the children then and they, God forbid, say, «My God! My mother smoked in 13 years! «- Well, it’s a nightmare. Therefore, when I led LiveJournal

— it was such a craze! That is, all write — and I’m going to write. And now I do not want anyone to know what I have a problem in my life. I — the incarnation is always something positive. If you suddenly have a problem — nobody will know.

That is, now you’re not behaving diaries?

No. I do not welcome.

What about the plan? You have to write them down?

Plans? Of course. I have a calendar.

And by the way, I want to say that it really helps. Whatever you do, it is important to register everything. For example, I write something on your bumazhechke cling magnets on the fridge. It is all the time in front of the eyes

— and I do not forget, if some urgent things.

As usual passes your workaday morning?

I wake up and go, like a sleepwalker, to the kitchen to brew some coffee.

Is it difficult to wake you? And how often do you wake up?

Rarely. Usually, when I put the alarm clock, I can wake up in 2 minutes before he has to ring, or a minute. That is, I have an internal alarm is triggered. I do not wake up, do not. Wake up easily. For example, yesterday I had a concert, I arrived at 3 am, got into 4. And at 9 am I woke up.

How do you pass the day? And doing morning exercises are you?

I am a very lazy person. It’s just a nightmare. I’d rather not be there and so will I keep myself in shape. I only occasionally start to rock press. It happens twice a year. I shook her today or tomorrow — and everything, goodbye. Even once I tried to run. I remember it was very funny. We decided to run with a friend, I at that time had no problems with the forms, while the bridesmaids were minor problems. And we wrapped the film … the food was not, we chopped off disposable bags and adhesive tape pasted on top. Here we run, and so it rustles — all the people turn around and look. That’s what I remember. This is my funny experience. I no longer run.

And gyms go? And how to relate to a healthy lifestyle? For a healthy lifestyle is very good attitude, I welcome it — healthy eating, healthy thoughts. But it came to me already with age. That is, in 20 years I have not thought about it. I had — ah! -Beer whiskey! Then another, probably, and cigarettes were. And now I already have a goal, and I know that I do not go — black eyes … So, I am for a watch, but do not go to the gym and do not go. Again, the reason is that I just can not bring myself to. And I would not trade a series of «The Simpsons» in the gym. Oh, No! I’d rather lie down on the couch. By the way, «The Simpsons» — this is my favorite show. And «Futurama» More.

And what is the last movie you most impressed with?

I was impressed «Game of Thrones» — series, one of the most beloved. And I’m already looked all seasons and download new episodes. I really liked the «Pi». There are two movie «Pi». One — it’s about a boy Pi, which sailed in a boat on the sea a few weeks. And the second — is the number of «pi». Also very cool movie. I recommend to see both films.

How do you most like to travel in a train, plane, or, still, in his own car?

I do not have a car. So while I am happy to travel by train or fly an airplane. I realize that my life is not so much traveling, but having been on tour operators in Greece once and once in Egypt, I realized that I would never go with a tour operator. I am planning a vacation itself, the hotel also pick myself — what I want, with the number that I like. Book flights themselves in advance — it is much cheaper.

Where are you most like? Where would you advise our readers to go to relax?

While the number 1 country in which I was — it is Sri Lanka. But there need to go in the winter, because now there’s rain. And if you’re a fan of rest in comfort and coziness, then you will not want Sri Lanka, as it is a very poor country. I believe that it is necessary in each country need to eat local food. And in Sri Lanka, the food is prepared in such circumstances as we Kontraktova Shawarma, for example, and to eat it, not all the risk. And I would venture, would come if, for example, the first time in Kiev, Ukrainian borscht definitely try. Atam need to try some local cuisine

— for example, rolls some sharp. In the summer I advise to go to Greece, where I am going. I was there, but did not get to Athens, I would like to visit the Acropolis and on the island of Crete. I do not have much time. And it is, by the way, is useful if you own boss. Fly, live for three days in a hotel, where you pay 30 euros per night, you buy yourself a ticket on a ship, you go to an island, in the second — and fly away home.

If you need to relax in Ukraine, where would you go?

In the winter — in the Crimea, in the summer — in Carpathians. All the contrary. I like to rest in a small company close to me nobody bothered, and to be able to enjoy the flavor. Now, if the Carpathians — a stroll along the mountain rivers, again — to try local food, take a swim in a mountain stream, to see the waterfalls. Walk the trail Dovbush.

In Yaremche — to lie on the grass. Crimea Crimea … Why not in the summer? Again, because «koshmariki» on the street, unnecessarily expensive prices. Off the company even in Zatoka cool. I often went with friends in Zatoka. We stayed there on a camp site and a good time. Yet, all around you there somewhere Moldovans mob of people around, and those who come and live in tents, even themselves do not bother. They wash the head in the sea … I do not understand.

If you had the opportunity now to teleport wherever you wanted to go?

In Sri Lanka. There is on-the-very cool …

Do you like to dance? Do you like disco?

No! Yesterday I played in the club — it looked really funny! I do not like to dance. I love only dance on the bar and pub. I do not like is a disco where DJs. I do not like DJs — nothing personal! They are certainly good people. But the music they play, I do not understand.

Which would you like to live there?

I wanted to go to Zemfira — and I went to Zemfira. In The Killers, probably, I will go to the Palace of Sports. On DDT, I would once again descended.

Your songs that are today — it’s your luggage. What would you have changed in it? What would you posted? What to add?

Nothing would have spread. If not for these songs, I would not have recognized. Popular songs easier to conquer the audience, a wider audience. If I’m singing some rock, I would continue to collect all of the 200 people in the club, as I have before. And I want to show in the Coliseum, and for that I need to win the love of the people for them to come to Italy. In general, ideal when all people have a lot of money so they can afford to break away and go to another country for a concert. Why no?

Your formula for success?

We need to strive for goals, but do not overdo it. My experience shows that the more you want — the less you get. It is necessary at some point just to want to want to do everything for this, but not for days to pray to God about this, and to kill, and that’s just to take — and do. But quietly doing. Because if somehow too try, then you send a lot of emotion signals into space, and they do not have time to come back to you. You just shoot them, like a machine gun, and they stayed there.

What important lessons did you get in life, and from whom?

Important lessons I received, probably by friends. They taught me how to forgive, taught love of neighbor. And I really believe that if you do good, then it comes back. If you’re doing any mischief — and I do them, — and then you have all the hard times will be some problems … I still remember how we once spiked teacher snowstorm, and then we ourselves trouble. And even bad thoughts often bring problems.

What advice would you give to our readers?

I now look, the majority of young people, teenagers sit constantly on the Internet. Guys, dear! Favorite portals favorite magazines — it’s great! But it is better in the morning and evening, and the day is not long. And then I’ll come as no — from 5000 to the social networks of friends online as much as 3000! Well, how’s that ?! More than half of all the time there. Can not be so! There are nature — go breathe. It is my recommendation to readers — more rest. Walk in the park, ride a skateboard on the Great. It is best to fill the bruises on my knees than the circles under his eyes from the monitor. Fresh air — that’s what I advise!

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