National Union of SRO year old elevator

National Union of SRO year old elevator

February 15th, 2011 in the office of the Russian lift association held two events: Annual General Meeting of the members of the National Union of lift self-regulatory organizations, and immediately after the meeting — a meeting of the Union.

In February 2011, one year since the formation of the National Union of lift CPO. And on 15 February, it was the first in a series of major activities of the Union, scheduled for

2011. Plan of Actions approved by the NSL SRO 20yanvarya Union. According to him, April 19-21, will be the first congress of the National Union of lift CPO and general meeting of members of the founders of the Union. Another, no less important for the industry event is scheduled for 15-17 June 2011 Fifth International Exhibition «Lift Expo Russia — 2011». Among the events to be held during the exhibition — seminars, «round tables», the plenary presentations.

The general meeting of members of the Union on February 15 attended by representatives of the four self-regulatory organizations of the elevator industry: the SRO NP «Russian lift association» ADS «SO» Liftservis «NP SRO» Interregional Association of elevator companies, «SRO» Rusekspertlift. «

First on the agenda was the approval of the Charter of the Union in a new version. On this issue, we voted unanimously to all the participants.

On the second question the chairman of the general meeting of the members of the Union, President of the National Union of lift self-regulatory organizations, MA Waxman suggested electing the president of the Union of VA Silence, President of NP SRO «Molo» and ADS «SO» Liftservis. » The change of leadership is due to the organization’s charter, which states that the presidential term is limited to one year, and that the same person can not be president of the Union of two or more consecutive terms.

Participants of the meeting supported the MA Waxman and elected the new president of the Union of VA Silence.

According to the Charter of the National Union of lift CPO, its president may have vice-presidents. The first vice-president of the general meeting elected the Director General of the Russian association of lift SA Chernyshov. Vice President — General Director of Molo and ADS «SO» Liftservis «IG Clerks and Y. Radin, vice president of the SART. Executive Director of NSL SRO elected OE Dyakov. Duties of vice-presidents of the Union are distributed as follows: First Vice-President of NSL SRO SA Chernyshov will be engaged in the work of the executive and oversee the Department for Regional Development; to vice presidents Y. Radin and IG Dyakov delivered representational task — to develop different forms of interaction and cooperation with the state and public organizations, which can play a positive role in the life of the elevator industry in Russia.

The third item on the agenda the general meeting approved the new composition of the Council of the Union, which includes the association of the Russian elevator MA Waxman and Y. Radin; Interregional Association of lift and organizations from DT «Liftservis» IG Dyakov, ES Shubin, VA Silence and VN Avakian; from «Rusekspertlift» EA Nikolayev and Y. Orlovsky.

The independent members of the Board elected by the Union:

AS Evdokimov — Deputy Director of the State Policy and Regulation in the field of technological and nuclear safety of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment;

VS Boilermakers — General Director of JSC «STC» Industrial safety «;

EI Shlemenko — Chairman of the Committee for Construction and Housing-Russian public organization «Support of Russia»;

SL Vahitov — Deputy Executive Director of the Association «National Association of Real Estate Managers self-regulatory organizations» (HOCO UN);

KV Shirshov — Deputy of the State Duma, member of the State Duma Committee on Construction and Land Relations;

AV Shirokov — chairman of the Committee on entrepreneurship in the sphere of housing and communal services of the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation;

AV Zazhigalkin — Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart Russia).

During the meeting of the Union, after a brief discussion, approved the cost estimate and the amount of membership fees NSL SRO for 2011.

Particular attention was paid to the members of the Union of the creation of information-analytical center, which supposedly should be given the name of «National Information and Analytical Center of the elevator industry.»

— We are almost ready projects of constituent documents -otmetil VA Silence. — Today, we must reaffirm our decision to establish the Centre and to study these documents. We know that soon will go to print a new edition of the national standards. Already thought process information transfer. Moreover, with the introduction of the Technical Regulations of the public information — on putting into operation of lifts, certification, etc. — Will provide Rosstandart. Information-Analytical Center is required for the effective performance of the functions which the State transferred to us as a self-regulatory organization that is self-business. Accordingly, we must be prepared for the fact that the state will ask, what is our situation.

— Well, if we took the decision to introduce the concept of «e-passport lift» where data will be stored on it since the design to disposal, it means you need to register here for the entire volume of information we intend to provide — says Alexander Evdokimov. — And that there is no duplication and inconsistencies in the collection and processing of information, we will define in detail the procedure for interaction with Rosstandart.

— On request, we can already give some statistics: who and where has mounted, in a self-regulatory organization, a certification body took, — said V. Silence. — I think that this information is interesting for everyone.

Taking into account all the comments and proposals agreed during the month to consider the establishment of «National Information and Analytical Center of the elevator industry» and to prepare proposals on the founding documents. AS Yevdokimov instructed to register the structure of the center, the principles of its functioning and interaction with other organizations. The results of this work will be reviewed at the next meeting of the Council of the Union.

It was then approved by the Model Agreement on the application and the procedure of mediation provided by the National Union of lift CPO.

About how things are going with the development of technical regulations of EurAsEC «Safety Lift», which in 2012 is to replace the Technical Regulations of the Russian Federation «On the safety of lifts», reported the chairman of the colleagues TC 209 LI Wolf-Tropez. He said that the working group NSL SRO entrusted directly involved in the development and improvement of technical regulations of EurAsEC, repeatedly going, including with representatives of Belarus and Kazakhstan. It has already made the necessary proposals and amendments. Now prepared documents must be submitted for review and approval to the relevant organization.

— Almost prepared a new version of the technical regulation of the EurAsEC, which takes into account all the problematic moments in our current industry situation and the basic provisions of the Russian Technical Regulation «On the safety of elevators,» — said I. Leo. — The main difference from the original version is that now we offer cover all stages of the life cycle of the elevator — and commissioning, and maintenance and upgrading, and disposal. Our task -probitsya through bureaucratic wall. I hope all of our amendments and comments will be taken into account, as available with the current version of the EurAsEC technical regulations do not meet the requirements of the Russian industry, customer requirements, and most importantly — the safety requirements.

We have prepared our proposals, in particular, and for the publication of related technical standards, which will be carried out according to the assessment of compliance. This standard, operating with us in the Russian Federation for the certification of elevators during commissioning and operation. Since no other proposals, we are interested to have it approved by our standards, we have mastered, which are accredited by etc. We will send our proposals and to lobby Russian interests.

AS Evdokimov said that Russian demands much tougher in Europe. VN Avakian has expressed fear that colleagues on the creation of EurAsEC technical regulations, may be guided by the Chinese elevator and this can not be allowed.

According to MA Waxman and L. Wolf-Tropez, in the current situation the most important thing — to initiate the formal conciliation meeting of the working group at the Ministry of Industry and there consistently defend their point of view.

It was decided to send in their proposals to the EurAsEC technical regulations on safety of elevators and to form a working group.

Further members of the NSL SRO noted with satisfaction that the National Union of lift CPO is becoming more recognizable, respected and socially important. Therefore, approval was received to develop a proposal and an agreement on cooperation of the National Union of lift SRO with the National Union of self-regulatory organizations in the field of industrial safety.

SA Chernyshov colleagues announced that the Housing Reform Fund considers the formation of the National Union of lift self-regulatory organizations as a great contribution to the development of housing and offers NSL SRO conclude a cooperation agreement. Council of the Union unanimously supported the proposal of the Housing Fund.

In general, it should be noted that traditionally in the meetings of the Council of the Union raised the issue of cooperation of the National Union liftovikov with some solid organization. A month earlier, at the January meeting of the Council of the Union cooperation agreement

NSL SRO and the Association of non-profit organizations to promote and HBC HOA was signed by President of the Union MA Waxman and vice president of the Association of condominiums and KP HCC Cone. This step is very important in light of the serious global problem of modernization of elevators of the park of the country. At the same time a member of the Expert Council of the State Duma Committee on Construction and Land Relations, Faculty of Real Estate Economics Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation L. Primakov proposed to the Council of the Union to sign an agreement on cooperation with the Faculty.

We know that a lot of attention now given to environmental issues, and the elevator industry — is no exception. This theme touched on in his speech, AS Evdokimov.

— Resolved, — he said — that the legislation in the field of environmental change in some way. What is the change? In accordance with Federal Law № 89-FZ «On Production and Consumption Waste» is a waste product that has lost its own consumer demand, which is not correct. Therefore, the waste will soon be called only the products that are uniquely subject to liquidation, which can not be reused or recycled. The fundamental difference is that the products are not subject to disposal, removal or disposal would not be a waste. Who came out of the lift treatment, according to the law, it is considered to be waste. After making the appropriate changes will not lift the entire whole, and only those parts that are not subject to re-use and recycling will be considered as waste.

My goal — to develop and establish the general requirements of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment for disposal of all types of products in circulation. Since the EurAsEC technical regulations for elevators still being developed, I think we need to set themselves the requirements for disposal. In addition, we should probably be developed and national standards on the subject of how to carry it all. Moreover, in this part should be a separate area of ​​accreditation. Changes in the legislation on the environment and on waste — virtually decision. And the first thing would be to the general requirements, is the identification of the object is for the fact that it is a waste and what is not. For example, a bulb with mercury. It mercury — a hazardous waste, which is not subject to disposal, but the metal base, the chip — on the contrary.

In Europe, in many industries, industry holdings, the cost of recycling is laid in the cost of products at the stage of its release into the circulation. Thus, the consumer must pay elevator, among other things, and to its utilization in 25 years. This practice, I think, should be extended as the best option.

VN Avakian has expressed doubt that Russia is ready for such changes, particularly on the eve of accession to the WTO:

— How justified is under intense competition lay in the cost of goods manufactured and cost of recycling more?

AS Yevdokimov noted that there are different opinions, but personally he judges, primarily in terms of ecology. Today ecologists are convinced that environmental requirements need to register and at the design stage and the production stage. This corresponds to the state policy in the field of ecology, and therefore considers AS Evdokimov, you need to «re-examine EU legislation in the environmental field, as long as that of the Russian legislation in the field of recycling is not just.»

According to VN Avakian, lift community should contact the Ministry of Industry or other competent authority in the field of ecology with a proposal to somehow encourage producers that use eco-friendly technologies, produce environmentally friendly products and take care of its recycling.

The members of the Council of the Union decided to be given to the utilization of elevators in the most serious attention, and develop a common strategy and common requirements.

In conclusion, the participants of the event approved the proposal of the director of «Otis Russia» V. Avakian to hold the next meeting of the Council of the Union in the «Otis Russia.»

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