Neputevye notes on the subject of reindeer

Neputevye notes on the subject of reindeer

Voronezh population of deer in the Forest Alexander also impressive. Professor Yuri Likhatskaya so passionate about their development, even offering to prohibit the import of European deer. Perhaps an interesting move. But how to ensure that people are hunters breeding material? In this way, we will never catch up with Europe in numbers of deer, and even more so for trophy quality. Yes, there are a record at the Voronezh population bulls. But how many?

We recently formalized a deal to buy herds of deer from a German farm, where the fertility rate is 95% (100 females, participated in the rut, born 95 calves) and 100%, bulls entirely gold medalists. Is it possible in Russia for a hundred years to conduct such selection work? I am sure that there is.

If these exhibitions will affect the level of the annual regional exhibitions that gradually becomes visible (eg, the spring exhibition in Voronezh has a little something was missing), the hunters ever put V. Ostanin monument. That, and the initiatives of the center did not need, and budget money too, no one asked for, and everything works. AE Bersenev in his article caused a storm of criticism, all the problems in the hunting industry sees lack of money. Of course, bureaucratic lads just give money, Mr. President, and they quickly scatter them in their pockets. Money from the budget in any political system do not decide anything, but only demoralize.

Why is the United States as small and large funds? And because donations to charity tax deductible as benefits. There’s long been believed that the administration of tax revenues is very expensive, and only a small part of the money goes to maintenance of need. In addition, the state bureaucratic machine works slowly, with great inertia. Local businesses more responsive to the needs of an agreement with the local authorities. And the psychological factor is important, because everyone in my area want to be prominent sponsor. Even if there’s abuse copying privileges, that, firstly, they are easier to identify, and secondly, it is such a small percentage loss compared to a profit on a national scale. No money is needed, and clear rules of hunting economic activities that motivate investment.

Unfortunately, the majority of officials entering the service on protection, such knowledge has not. Mr. Thomas landete, who was in Rostov-on-Don, actively invites all interested in early September to EMAD, which promises to teach all the modern technology of growing animals. But the director of the Department of Russian Ministry of Natural Resources Hunting there does not seem in a hurry, because, according to his statements, published in the article, he himself knows better than anyone that the hunting industry need — money.

Dr. Thomas landete in his latest article advises to limit to a minimum area of ​​hunting farms, because, in its opinion, difficult to manage, and allegedly with this view agree B. Ostanin. In my opinion, they do not understand each other. If we talk about a captive breeding farm, wild animals, it is right that 1,000 hectares — is the limit. And I agree with him. Now on the market a lot of proposals for sale of agricultural land from a few tens to hundreds of hectares. From this it follows that the owners have no concept of how to benefit from a once acquired land. It would seem that the easiest would be easy to fence the land are often overgrown and run to deer to grow at least at the meat. It’s all just in Europe, where existing infrastructure purchasing and processing, and the fashion for meat without cholesterol — just crazy. We grow up, perhaps less, but to whom to sell — it’s a matter of the future. Although, maybe it’s a question of price. Production of meat of wild animals is cheaper than home.

A separate theme — the hunting grounds. In Europe, the area of ​​the hunting area 3-8 thous. Ha. Rarely more. In Russia, tens of thousands of hectares. B. Ostanin probably meant that hunts people owning large land use and are under the supervision of only a small part of their land. Today, all this is so. But there is one thing.

I have repeatedly carried out economic calculations for conducting hunting economies in different places in search of profits, and the output is. Small hunting area will never be profitable, and will exist as long as the owner does not get tired of this toy or until the money runs out. Big farm can be made profitable, because the costs of general management content ohothozjajstva both large and small — are almost identical. And the parallel activities, such as environmental or agro-tourism, you can unwind. And for the farm economy with hunting captive in animal plenty of space.

A separate issue: how to make a business attractive for investors. But that’s a topic for officials and legislators. This requires knowledge and imagination. While at the selected positions through connections, nothing good country does not shine, not only in hunting. That clever Dr. Thomas landete not having, as he writes, economic education, talked with our Rostov-on-Don and immediately offered to come all at EMAD at Albacete under the slogan: We’ll teach you how to make money on the reindeer, and at the same time do not forget to calculate how much money will leave the participants in Spain.

The Russian owners of private hunting leases generally are very solvent layer of the Russian population. It’s good. Another question: in what way hunting uses this ability to pay. While the motivation is valid only prestige or morality. My toys should be better than my friends. It is also good. But if we add the economic viability, the hunting industry jerk forward.

By the way, over the past few months I have had the opportunity to get acquainted with very good farms in Europe, where arrange the purchase of a deer. The conclusion is that we in Russia have the conditions for reindeer at a very high level. The result of the breeding work carried out in Europe for over a hundred years, will be able to master in one fell swoop by buying out first-class breeding herd. Food supply us better. Abandoned, overgrown agricultural fields in the vast Russian expanses — environmentally cleaner. Licks, feed, equipment we do not have worse and available to all. Even something that the Europeans decided to borrow ours. What should learn, because it is the organization of production and minimizing costs. And you need to learn this. It is the matter of time. If you earn the competition between the users of hunting in the field of services and products, everything will fall into place. But for this it is necessary to amend the legislation.

Why not invite Albacete Dmitry Krylov — author and host of «shiftless notes»? He’s a hunter. Many are impressed by his unbiased ironic view of life in other countries. And, perhaps, amid memories of this journey he will tell our officials, they do not ignore the problem of hunters.

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