NEW FACE — NEW BRAND (Christina Zakharova)

NEW FACE - NEW BRAND (Christina Zakharova)

New vocalist electronic project Mishelle, whose song «Love Is A Crime» storming the airwaves this summer, between concerts and recordings have time to attend lectures in GITIS. Her dream? Played a big role in the film and sing a duet with Celine Dion.

Thanks to his grandfather, «I grew up in the Latvian province. In our village every year we harvested potatoes. I helped, and at lunchtime climbed onto the roof of doghouse on the field and began to sing loudly all that comes into my head. One day, my grandfather took me by the arm and led him to a vocal coach. Very grateful to him for that! «

BIG CHANGE «When I moved to Moscow, then I did not think that I will speak the name of Mishelle, but then I accidentally met with the creators of this project. We talked, and a month later they asked me to write the song «Love Is A Crime» Leonid Rudenko. Dance Electronics new to me, but I feel that moving in the right direction. Still, I am working with such a guru! «

Heart of the Ocean «I have a lot of favorite songs. I like the whole repertoire of Celine Dion. It seems that all examinations singing I sang her hits. I recently performed the soundtrack to the teachers of the «Titanic». Everyone was delighted. «

All at once, «When will graduate from GITIS, I want to try to play — and in the movies, and on stage. Singing also did not give up. You can in fact be combined. One thing is sure — always want to remain as close as it was when he was a child. «

PERFORMANCE Milla Jovovich

It looks like a modern performance was the most important of all of show business Art. Thus, the model and actress Milla Jovovich decided to kind of art feat of taking part in the project «Future / Perfect». Carrying out the idea of ​​the artist Tara Sabkof, Jovovich spent six hours in a transparent cube, set in the garden of the Palazzo Malipiero Barnabb eve of the opening of the Biennale. Under the watchful eye of the public is constantly unpacking goods bought on the Internet, — the accessories capsule collection Marella, the star product of the global art scene.

DEBRA against evil

For several years, Debra Messing is working with Populatiop Services lpternatiopal (PSI}, charitable organization whose mission — to fight the spread of AIDS throughout the world. A year ago, the actress went along with volunteers PSI in Zambia, where in front of the object willows body — and the cameras passed the test HIV, to show the indigenous people of the country: these procedures are completely safe, more is needed. «My teacher acting Paul Walker died of AIDS in 1993 — says Messing. — It is deeply shocked me, and I decided to help people who find themselves in risk. «Debra, tell us about your trip to Zambia. I always talked to seriously ill people, knowing that trouble could have been prevented — it is emotionally very difficult. You look into the eyes of 20 year-old girl diagnosed with AIDS, and You realize that common to have hygiene and preventive procedures were simply not available to her. At PSI volunteers there is a lot of work: they bring and distribute free condoms and drugs, advise people, allowing them to pass tests to detect HIV in time. You, too, have passed the test with the public. Yes, all in order to help people overcome the stereotypes and fears which often prevent them to go to the doctors. At the time I took the test a second time in his life. The first was four years before this, during our trip to Zimbabwe. Then on the TV in the lobby of the clinic showing the series «Will & Grace.» People who were sitting there, looked at me, then at the screen, then back at me. Vice — President of PSI Kate Roberts said: «That is why it is important that when you will pass the test this time, you’re sure to have removed.»

Which episode is a trip to Zambia do you remember most? The meeting with a woman named Irene. Prior to treatment, she looked like a skeleton. Irene was so weak that it was helping to care for her three year old daughter. Mother Irene even dug a grave for her and briefly dipped to the dying, to make sure that the dimensions are correct. But all ended happily. Volunteers PSI took Irene to hospital, and three months later she was a completely different person! Irene introduced me to her daughter — I looked at them and thought: «Our efforts are not in vain!»

Igor Chapurin

This year the fashion house Chapurin marks its fifteenth anniversary, but for a designer Igor Chapurin is just the beginning. He told lnStyle about his plans for the future, the anniversary collection of favorite customers and how to birthday determined his character.

1 Purpose «I have come a long nice way — to produce women’s and men’s clothes, has pine furniture and bedding, behind the creation of costumes for the Bolshoi Theater and interior designs, but I feel like I’m at the very beginning. Depot is not that I want to do better, I just want to give even better results). «

2 Process «If something wrong, then thoroughly prepares himself, and not splash out problems on others — my people have to believe me, do a phenomenal edge honeycomb things and enjoy it without experiencing the creative torment that I experienced.»

3 Defile «The show is a collection of always-strong beauty antipragmatizm. I have driven by the desire to see the sparkle in the eyes of people who are sitting in the audience at the show, and then will wear these things in real life. «

4 Trends «When you start to think about trends, stop coming up with something unique. I do flirt with fashion only in the process of creating a Pre Collection, rest of the time I go your way, and do not let myself be afraid. «

5 Collection «Jubilee autumn-winter collection shows dizainersky my handwriting: an asymmetrical cut, crepe fabrics, sophisticated shades of gray, black, beige and turquoise. The only color that I have not used before — it’s red.

He is responsible for the festivity. «

6 Customers’ spoiled Naomi Campbell fashion, but with what enthusiasm she falls in love with the clothes! With such charismatic people want to work, but the people putting «cold» to me quite interesting. » New Fashion «Trite wait couture same — magnificent evening gowns, which it is impossible to get in the car. We must be pleased that the high fashion becomes minimalist, looking for new forms and tries to meet the demands of the times. «

8 About me «I was born on the day of the vernal equinox in March -21. Maybe that’s why I get along in such different quality — reason and irrationality, emotion and restraint. «

9Nachalo «His first paycheck I got at the knitting factory. I noted with tissue rolls, and every day I wanted to do as much as possible. It’s not about money, but in the heat — I was able to work, and it really helped me in the future. «

Job 10 «I have been working for many years, but still in love with his work and receives a powerful boost of energy and a real drive. What if love is gone? I often think about it and pray to God that this will never happen or that it was as late as possible. «


1. Always ventilate the shoes after walking in the rain or in the heat. If the shoes plucked water, disinfect them using antifungal shoe drying, and only then return them in the closet.

2. Wipe leather shoes with a soft cloth and suede — with a stiff brush. The more dust and dirt remain on the shoe, the more difficult they will be removed and the greater the risk of cracks and stains.

3. Take care of the shoe is important not only from outside but also from within, filled with cedar chips inside a closed shoe pads absorb excess moisture and prevent odor.


Keep bracelets strung with vertical uprights. Massive bracelets — on holders for paper towels, and more delicate — legged special holders for jewelry. Turn cork board in the window. Pusety can plug directly into the surface of the cork (it only do the holes in advance not to bend them). Necklace and long earrings are best hung on hooks of various sizes to simulate artistic disorder. But do not get carried away — several necklaces on one hook is required to get confused.

Spoon rings, earrings and brooches in special trays or individual bowls. And arrange in several places in the apartment, where we often take off jewelry and forget about them: in the bathroom, hallway and kitchen. By the way, these bowls can look at flea markets and collect the whole collection.


Fight with the chaos. Disorderly pile shorts and thong only increase the level of stress of the morning. Quick solution — delimiter-Net, in which each couple will be kept separate.

Lay bras by color. Divide them into white, beige, black and color and store laid out a cup to a cup or in a special box with dividers.

Keep the kits separately. Take a nice box that you do not wear it every day — it will not only make the process of collecting on special occasions more solemn, but also protect precious lace and delicate silk.

In the wardrobe JERSEY?

1 Purchase suspended shelves — they are much more mobile and diverse than landlines. If the depth allows, make a wardrobe of two-stage — then the summer knitwear can be pulled back, and in winter sometimes change departments.

2 Discard the vacuum bags. Of course, if you blow enough air are occupied sweaters and blouses irrelevant place reduced at times, but in this case folds threatening to stay on them forever.

3 Divide the things with long and short sleeves. This will reduce the time to collect and navigate the weather will also become easier. Plus on the upper shelves of boxes stacked in the soft stuff to carry torye less frequently.

Katie Holmes

The well-known actress, mom and fashionable new face Bobbl Brown told lnStyle about school times, the benefits of long hair, and that makes a woman an ideal of beauty.

Your daughter Suri looks like a real little princess. And you were a kid? Not at all. Suri real girl — pripevochki, I rather was a tomboy; He disappeared in the yard, riding a bike and playing basketball. I had a reputation as «neighbor girl» and not the first beauty. Remember my character from the «Bay

Dawson? » In my life, I was the same. I went to the girls’ school, which was not allowed to be painted and everyone thought only about good grades. Much has changed since then: you were the first star that represents the brand Vobbl Brown. What attracted you to this brand? I like the philosophy of beauty, Bobby; you can look great without losing their individuality. Having worked with Vobbl Brown, you have learned some secrets of make-up? Bobby taught me to wear blush. Very little shining tekaury on apples of cheeks: pink hue in the winter, a bronze — in the summer. And it turned out that the purple shade favorably emphasize my green eyes. You can also mark a person AlternaHalrcare. Tell me, what kind of hair is easier to wear, short or long? Long! I really like my haircut when laying doing stylist Enzo Angileri (he was the author of the acclaimed «Bob»). But when I tried to comb my hair myself, nothing came of it. Besides constantly had to trim the ends of the strands sticking and daunting. And the last question: Who is for you the ideal of beauty? I am inspired by Diane Keaton. It is stunningly beautiful, but it is always a.


Karoly Jr. on Herrera.

Creative Director perfume houses Carolina Nerrera

BUSINESS «As often happens in life, all proizoshl0 unexpectedly: I do not plan to engage in perfume. She studied to be a doctor, worked in the laboratory of Rockefeller University in New York. Then he traveled, tried herself in the film industry, holding accessories shop in Los Angeles".

And then one day we were talking on the phone with her mother about her new perfume, and somehow unexpectedly, I became very engaged in all of these. That was in 1996, but it seems like only yesterday. «

INSPIRATION «I love flowers, especially jasmine. He is always and everywhere with me: I drink tea with him, and I always «for» if there jasmine perfume. Still not imagine my life without traveling endlessly go to work, much less — to rest. I always try to take a trip to their children (three of them at Carolina), I am sure that the new country, a change of scenery give people the impression that form the personality. «

SECRET FORM «Never sit on a diet to treat food easily. I usually do not eat breakfast (I know it’s wrong!), A cup of coffee — and all for running away!

But let myself busy lunch and dinner, it is obligatory. We often have dinner with friends, I like to collect guests. I love Thai food, and if we spend time outside the home, then choose the subject areas: New York, many good restaurants in this kitchen.

Alcohol, I almost do not drink, the head of it becomes severe. Dedicated to sport three days a week: two of them individually with a coach, one — in the group I go to modern dance. When traveling I like to do yoga: for training does not require special clothing or additional equipment. «

Christine Fitzgerald

The owner of the brand Christina Fitzgerald, producing everything for a luxury manicure and pedicure — from lacquers and creams to nail files.

BUSINESS «The idea to create your nail brand originated many years ago, in the early days of my career. Shades that I liked, it was impossible to get, and those varnishes that I used did not meet my requirements, so I decided to create their own. My ambition has always been focused on what to do what he likes, and come up with something new — they remain so to this day, and I’m happy that my life had these thirty years. Each shade of varnish reflects the emotions that I experienced at the time of its creation, and some are named after someone who is dear to me. «

EVERY DAY «My everyday taking care of yourself — this is a serious system requiring strict discipline: every morning I appreciate my skin condition and choose one of three moisturizing agents, which put on the face and neck, and décolleté wet the special cream. During the day I re nanoshu cream for eyes, face and hands. Once a week, I’m doing facial peels. Before going to bed removes makeup and cleanses the face twice, and then I put or render Serum for eyes and on the neck, décolleté and face — Serum with retinol or alfagid- roksikislotami completes the process paid a layer of moisturizer. If I wake up at night, then I re nanoshu night cream and eye cream (as the cushion erases cream before it has time to soak into the skin). «

SEKRETFORMY «I never liked to exercise and active leisure time, so do not go to the gym and always prefer to sleep studies — it is no less important. But I often hiking. Perhaps this is my sport. «


President of the company «Farm-synthesis», founder of the brand new generation of cellular cosmetics Excellance Moscow.

BUSINESS «It all started with clinical trials. We noticed the amazing performance of tissue regeneration in the application of protein-peptide component that eventually patented under the name Cellexon, — now it is a basic component of cosmetics Excellance Moscow. We were constantly receiving offers from Western byutimonopolistov sell the patent to Cellexon, but I took albeit ambitious, but absolutely an informed decision on their own to enter the global market. Our cosmetics is already sold in «Articoli GUM», there is a showcase of luxury in pharmacies Ave We are planning to expand, opening monobutiki in Moscow, will sell our resources for export.

Let’s begin with France, this country has a lot to me. «

SECRET FORM «Before, I was seriously involved in sports, was the champion of Leningrad junior javelin, advocated» Labor Reserves «. And now, I prefer outdoor activities: skiing in France, canyoning (canyoning mountain rivers without boats. Houses keep fit, engaging simulator Power Plate. Massage, manicure and pedicure, I also do exclusively at home. His masters know for a long time and trust them. And most importantly, have three children — the best incentive to be young and beautiful! «

Double Star

Meet this Lucrezia — a new model of casual bags of Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci. Like any real French, it is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. Strict laconic shape resembles a vintage bag, but if you look closely at the details of the bag, it will manifest its sporty mood — thanks to the long shoulder strap and big vertical stripes, continues the line of pens. This duality makes Lucrezia universal model — it surely will appeal to lovers of classic and girls, youth prefer sports style.

4 sexy image Selma

Quiet passages in the maze of the famous Hotel Bel-Ain in the warm twinkling lights, the scent of jasmine wrapped in swaddling clothes, filling the fresh flowering cool California night in shimmering soft jazz tunes in a low voice hubbub of voices — clearly audible clatter of confident black boats Sergio Rossi. Gorgeous woman that owns the sonorous steps urgently need a hot drink, preferably with a couple of drops of alcohol. It was a long hard day for Selma Hayek.

After 12 hours of shooting at two sites finally ended her photo shoot in the legendary designer Tony Dyuketga home in Beverly Hills. When I arrived there for the interview, Hayek greeted me like an old friend. Shivering in bathrobe and flip flops, she was holding a napkin rolled out a bag of nuts and dried fruit — simple snack, the crew left the team at the request of her press agent. Despite the cold, hunger, and spent a double shift in her behavior no hint of fatigue. She cheerfully offered to go somewhere nice place to roll warming and chat.

Saturday evening, half past nine — at Los Angeles residents to stay at home at this time is clearly not accepted. Search for a quiet table turns into an odyssey even for superstars. How unfortunate refugees from the fork-Pass and velvet ropes, we Selma moved from one institution to another. Complementing our grief command bodyguard Jerry, big, once worn by certain police badge. His Mexican shirt with large pockets dangerously bristling right side of the waist.

Finally, we find shelter in the restaurant Bel-Air: glass walls, dim lights. Ordered by a hot toddy — here it is made from rye whiskey and served in cognac glasses — and talked about «Grown Ups 2», the premiere of the summer, where Selma is playing with his close friend Adam Sandler. «What he has created is more than a production company, it’s a lifestyle, a family» — says Hayek. Tonight nominee for «Oscar» s mother also, a television and film producer, social activist and a major supplier of custom-production-byoti looks amazing. Makeup, stayed with a photo shoot, a gold necklace Hermes, a black silk blouse, jeans, Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane … But the origin of suede jacket is difficult to determine. «I’m not a fan of brands», — says the actress. In her half meters height, Lebanese and Mexican blood, and in addition, it is known around the world thanks to a charming accent, explosive temperament and passionate) marriage with the French fashion tycoon Francois-Henri Pinault, the father of her daughter Valentina. «I have taste, I can create a harmonious way, but most of these efforts, for my husband. I want to be nice to him. «

The conversation turns to the topic Fund Chime for Change (www., organized by Gucci. It uses the influence of Hollywood and the Internet to help disadvantaged social rights of girls and women around the world. Those who support the fund through their own media channels to help and inform people and raise funds. Hayek stands at the head of the movement, along with Beyonce and Gucci creative director Frida Dzhashpshi. To explain why this fund is so necessary, the actress tells an episode from his childhood, which made a strong impression on her. «I went to bio-eight, Dad and I were walking and suddenly saw a man who was beating a woman. Dad wanted to protect her, and … «

Fire alarm. Screaming siren. Flashing signal lights. Rises excited hubbub. Quiet mechanical voice asked to leave the premises immediately. Hayek gimlet me with his big brown eyes and bangs with mock severity namaniyuorennym fingernail on the table. «I am not moving this!» — She says flatly. We have not moved — was a false alarm. Again, waiters circled, and again poured unobtrusive music to the sound of heavy knives and forks.

Hayek returned to the story of how once many years ago with his father walked along the beach in his native town Koattsa- koalkos («the place where the snake hides»), the State of Veracruz, Mexico. They witnessed a disgusting domestic quarrel. «My father intervened to help the woman, and she snapped at him! The woman was bleeding, her living space was not, but my dad lupila fists and shouted, «Get off my man! Let beats me, if he wants to! «

«This scene is very influenced me — says Hayek. — Why did the woman behaved? How to come to this? After all, it is devoid of any logic! That is why it is so important what do Chime for Change, — above all, they defend the rights of girls and women. Many places in the world still believe that a woman — a man of second grade, deprived of the most basic rights. From whatever injustice you may have encountered, among the people of any country, race or culture-always turns out that the woman in this situation even worse. If we treat domestic violence as something normal, the problem will grow like a snowball. Children grow up with confidence that conflicts can be solved with violence. Or humiliate someone — in the order of things. And all because of that … «

Before us rises administrator. He was very sorry, but the company of ten people going to take a table right behind us. «It may be noisy,» — he gently suggests, pointing to the noisy crowd of twentysomethings with cameras at the ready, huddled in the doorway. The waiter to carry our drinks to another table.

Selma ponders order. «This winter, I sat down on the foundation and now that’s paying the price,» — the recognition, often accompanied by reading the menu. We were transplanted at a table in the corner. The hall slowly filled with the fashion crowd, who came for a late dinner, and becomes noisy. Throughout the evening, as we speak, the couple at the next table struggled looks away — in Beverly Hills to stare at the star sitting in front, then put himself slob tourists, we stopped for a day in the country of dreams.

We ordered the tuna tartare, lettuce and cabbage kale for two plus a toddy in the second round. Hayek takes a glass of cognac and admires tiny halves of lemon floating in amber drink warming.

«My life is about to change — dramatic whispers Hayek, if the secret is divided into an old friend. — Valentina five. And now I propose things that I could only dream of, the roles and did not expect to receive. But I can not be sure, since such projects make a long time away from home. Before I took only a small role to return immediately after the shooting to the family — it is for me in the first place. And now I’m at a crossroads, because life offers me an opportunity that will require a lot more from me. Frankly, I panic at the thought that I must make a decision. » She takes a swig. «Although I really would have panicked if I did not have the support of her husband. He says, «Come on, do it, you deserve it. And I deserve to see you on the screen. Everything deserve to know what you’re capable of. You owe it to myself. «

She leaned back in his chair and grinned — woman, quite pleased with herself and calmly make their own contradictions. «The first thing I said when Francois made me an offer bio:» I did not move to Paris! «I worked long and hard to build itself. I already had my own life and my world. I did not want to be the woman that throws everything and moves to another country to become someone else. Then I asked him: «What do we do?» Francois looked at me and said, «I do not know. We live day by day. «

Our tuna tartare — three small pieces, wrapped in seaweed. Selma tried on them. Finally, choose the one on the left, and is just about to take a bite of it when it pops up an unpleasant topic nomination on MTV Movie Awards. Hayek, nominated as the best actress for the role of the Latin American mafia boss in last year’s drama Oliver Stone’s «particularly dangerous.»

The corners of her full lips sink, eyes flashing lights. This is serious. She waves her expressive piece of tuna: «When they told me I can not win, I had to record a video with the thanksgiving speech. But the thing is that this particular nomination is not even included in the TV version! If Latinos are not worthy of their time, why this award must be worthy of my? I think we deserve more, so I told them that this is not going to participate. «

The waiter comes and asks what we want for dessert. Hayek orders a decaf coffee and casually hinted that he was going to shoot a movie. «I think that at one time I was engaged in directing at full strength, was a big mistake. So soon, perhaps, I will devote myself is this, — says Selma. — You know, shooting the movie, I feel the same as drawing a picture: just do not notice anything around. In these moments I feel absolute happiness and can completely isolate themselves from the world. And while energy is very special. «


Whoever wins in Cannes — Thai video artist, Austrian philosopher and American classic, his name and his film will be on hearing the whole year, until the next festival. Winner of «Golden Palm» — it’s more than a trend in the movie; often it is a way of explaining the world in which we live today.

The winner of this year Abdelatif Keshish born in Tunisia, in the age of six with his parents moved to France, and his first film shot in the forties. About the fore much later, in 2007, after the painting «Couscous and red mullet» — about the same emigrant dismissed dockworkers who tries to open his own restaurant. Then there was the «Black Venus» — a three-hour biography of an African woman really existed, which in the 19th century showed in European circuses. Many expected the continuation keshish multicultural theme, but it was more complicated.

«Blue — the warmest color» (to rent the film will be titled «The History of Adele») — five years in the life of a girl who loves another girl finishes school, and then she became a teacher. The basis of the script was the comic Julie Maro, which added Keshish other storylines and their own observations of life (as Luchino Visconti once treated with the original, only in his case, not graphic, and literary — Thomas Mann and Dostoevsky).

Adele (and we along with it) is in a world where the boundaries of the floor easier to overcome than social differences: the heroine is too easy for his girlfriend, artist, eighteen is not so noticeable, but after twenty already evident. In the final, Adel goes into the unknown, the French title is subtitled «Chapters 1 and 2», and therefore he Keshish and critics have compared it with Antoine Doinel — Through character Truffaut films that first appears on the screen of fourteen. If the movie is able to replace a life, it is — the same case. But most importantly, with any voltage Keshish, Cannes Film Festival, and now the whole world stare into the face of the young Adele: Who is she, a modern woman, what a woman do? This recognition of women, attention to it (not arrogant, not defining masculine relationship between the two girls as a regular indulgence), the desire to understand — the result of a century of emancipation; perhaps the beginning of the new, more respectful relationships between the sexes.

Every once in Cannes amazed how they do it? The most radical and the most conservative film festival awards, which is reminiscent of the classics (Visconti, Truffaut), continues the tradition, but says a new word — loud and clear to the whole world.


The courtyard of the house where the apartment is art director for Givenchy Nicolas Dezhen makeup, immersed in greenery and quiet. You stand at the door and do not believe that just around the corner noisy pulsing artery of 11 districts, the street Oberkampf. Nicolas neat white door opens and reading in my eyes a dumb question, said: «I’ve lived here for six years and never ceases to amaze the duality of the area. Here is full of trendy places with crowds of young people, but only zavernesh the corner, immediately find yourself in another world. The noise dies down, and all around are familiar — neighbors, the grocer, the owner of a small cafe … It is impossible to feel lonely. «

Climbing the stairs to the living floor (which in Europe is called first), you find yourself in a large office connected to the living room. From above it pours a wonderful light, although the weather is rainy today. It turns out that the ceiling of the second floor of this duplex apartment carved dormers. «The light is very important to me — says Nicolas. — Here I am working on paintings and collections: all laid out on the floor and give yourself time to think. » The main place in the office is a large wooden table — a former dining — Dezhen inherited from his father. On the table between the monitor and books, sprawled master’s pet cat Romeo. Displeased glance at the intruders, he lazily turns to a wide round window, like a giant porthole cruise liner.

The apartment — a real bachelor den, where everything has to in order to bury his head in the business, and then have fun all night. «Paris — the perfect place to do work, answer calls, go to meetings — confirms Nicolas. — When I get bored, I’m leaving for the country house. Perhaps on a future collection of make-up, I will work there. A change of scenery always inspires me to create something new. » As Paris is no longer a source of ideas? Quite the contrary: «I am inspired by the city nightlife. I walk along the quays, gaze at the dark silhouettes of buildings: the Conciergerie, the Grand Palais. At dusk, it looks differently, «- says Nicolas. And what does the art director of Givenchy Makeup in his spare time? «I sleep! — Without the slightest hesitation he replies. — I go to museums. Recently I was in Orsay: Impressionists like. Since a ban on smoking in public places, I often began to call friends to visit. » Please describe the perfect party. «More champagne, fifty guests, this bustling holiday, which is not seen these walls.»

«My apartment is not random things. Looking at all these pictures, statues and pictures, I remember friends and loved ones, joyful and sad moments of the past. «

Laconic black and white interior of the apartment is a perfect backdrop for the numerous details: paintings, sculptures, figurines, books. «I am surrounded by only those things that I love. No chance, «- says Nicolas. Disbelief showing on Hippo with wings «flutter» on the wall above the fireplace. «Oh, it — laughing Dezhen — I’m a big fan of the hippo. I have a lot of them: large, small, plastic, bronze, black, purple … For me, hippos are associated with reliability, honesty. Though, I admit, I was kind of a lot of fun. «

Books around — entirely on art, fashion and make-up (in plain lie albums British photographer Rankin). The paintings on the walls — a trendy modern artists: Eric Raspaud, Markus Nine, Francoise Nilly. Wait a minute, man’s face on the canvas of the French artist, famous for its vivid portraits of Barack Obama, and Marilyn Monroe, written by a palette knife seem familiar to me. So there is — it is Nicolas! «I have long dreamed of a collaboration with Francoise — says Dezhen. -And While working on a collection of makeup Givenchy Arty Colors in 2007 led talks with her about the campaign. I wanted her to have represented our model in her usual manner. Not grown together. But then she called and offered to write my portrait. I was flattered, and of course I agreed. The presentation of the collection, we held in the gallery, which exhibited her works, including this one. A little later I bought the painting and hung it in a prominent place. » Pay attention to the black textured fabric of the neighborhood. It turns out, is a masterpiece of hand Dezhen where instead of paint used mascara, the one that is contained in bottles Givenchy. Plastic buckets filled with a black viscous substance with a recognizable aroma, are right there. «I’m not an artist, my profession — to develop cosmetics, so I know by heart all the textures — says Nicolas. — I just see them in a different way, not only in the tubes, but also on the canvas. «

That’s the whole Dezhen — it allows you to come up with a special vision of the round brush, multicolored mosaic of shadows, translucent powder and lipsticks ideal formula. He succeeds in everything he undertakes, both in the development of new makeup collection for Givenchy, and to work with his muse and the «guardian angel» Mariacarla Boscono and running your own farm, and it seems that even in art. How it all fails? «The secret is simple: I love this apartment, — says Dezhen. — She inspires me. When I cease to feel comfortable here, be sure to make repairs and change everything, but I can say with confidence: Now this space is perfect. «

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