New products from Seagate

New products from Seagate

And some of them were simply distributed to the participants to the press just before the presentation for a more detailed review. It is impossible not to note the trend of miniaturization of drives as having moving parts, a hook, and without costing them. If earlier the minimum dimensions were typical of unique products, now it is — the first conspicuous trend is supported, first of all, the advent of ultrabooks and TabletPC, the thickness of which is minimal. All submitted for review and shooting models had a reduced thickness.

The event was opened Olga Kozlova, a spokesman for Seagate, responsible for marketing and PR in Russia and CH G. In addition, the meeting was attended by Anna Ryzhkov, a sales representative in the CIS.

Well, Seagate directly with the achievements in the development of different classes of conventional and solid state drives present Novichikhin briefed Alexander, who heads the office Seagate technology in Russia and the CH, he leads a team meeting the agreement to sell and marketing in the region and dedicated to the promotion of internal storage solutions . Alexander was appointed as director of the office in February 2012. His career at Seagate Technology, he began in 2006 as a sales representative in the territory of Russia and the CHI.

His presentation began with Alexander Novichikhin small market analysis Accumulate gels, which Seagate has a leading position. With regard to the products included in the portfolio of SSDs brand so far, the situation is as follows: the most accessible are the client of the SATA devices installed in the system end users. More advanced devices Enterprise are also equipped with SAT interface A. Systems Fnccrprise SAS show, of course, better performance. 11 apex lineup should be considered with participation by third-party models Enterprise PCIe, which through the use of, in particular, more rapid interface can be used in large-laden enterprise information systems. In addition, it was presented to-date range of the brand, consisting of drives, including «the notebooks’ hybrid drives Seagate Laptop, thin (7 mm) Drives Seagate Laptop Thin SSHD to ultrabukov.nakopiteli Laptop Ultrachin HDD (5 mm) and Seagate NAS NGOs 1akzhe and new products in the portfolio Seagate — Hybrid drive for desktop PCs, Seagate DesktopSSHD.

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