NEW PRODUCTS Sherbinskaya Elevator Plant

NEW PRODUCTS Sherbinskaya Elevator Plant

Report of the fifteenth National Congress liftovikov Russia.

Yanovich Denis Gankevich — Head of new technology service technical director Scherbinsky Elevator Plant. He graduated from the Mechanical Department of the Moscow State University of Design and Technology in the specialty «Machines and devices of light industry», is now studying in graduate MSTU. Bauman. On Scherbinsk lift plant operates since 2000, since January 2009 — as chief of the department of new technology. Co-author of patents: «Multi-storey car park mechanized», «device for opening and closing sliding doors of the elevator», «Multi-storey car park», «lift.»

Technical Services Scherbinsk lift plant are constantly working towards improving the product, pay great attention to the development of new, modern designs of elevators and special elevators.

Elevators Business Class.

In 2009, the plant produced the first experimental batch of passenger lifts series «Wellmaks» on the documentation developed using a number of technical solutions and components company «WITTUR». The new series of lifts business class capacity from 400 to 1 000 kg and the speed of the car up to 1.6 m / s is ideally adapted to the Russian standards and regulations, it has all certificates of compliance and approvals.

Used in «Wellmaks» variable frequency drive gear doors, beam landing doors, catcher, weight sensors are supplied by the company «WITTUR», other equipment — domestic production.

The target market of elevators «Wellmaks» — luxury housing and office buildings, which currently supplies its products to foreign Lift Company.

Over the past ten years is the fourth in collaboration with leading foreign companies the project. Elevators, issued in partnership with the plant, KONE and OTIS, as well as with companies in Italy Lift — ELEH, RRIZMA, MONTANARI — have established themselves as a modern, reliable and sufficiently competitive product on the domestic market of elevators Business Class.

Lifts economy class.

Along with «Wellmaks» are working on improving the mass-produced passenger elevators in economy class.

The design is reduced to a minimum the use of hot-rolled profiles, dramatically reduce the amount of welding operations. In the design of sheet metal parts was a prime condition of their production on CNC machines.

Drive door — frequency-controlled with single belt gear, feedback sensor located on the output shaft, one movable slips, providing synchronous motion flaps car and hoistway doors.

There pursuant to drive electric lock and control its position and without lock.

Doors mine with cable synchronizer flaps between the carriages, with a lock and a cargo closure flaps. The value of the cargo, the sash closes, provides independent closing of the landing doors with no cabins on the floor.

As security controls applied positive opening contacts and additionally mounted on the beam landing door switch that transmits information signal «protection of mine.»

Distributed control system of electric and hydraulic passenger and freight elevators.

This year, over a set of works to launch into production used in the electrical and hydraulic elevators distributed control systems based on the processor of imported products — the company «MIK-EL».

Its distinguishing feature — the use of protocol CAN-VUS, which has high noise immunity and, consequently, provides a high degree of reliability of the control system.

The station has passed acceptance tests, certified in the prescribed manner and has the necessary permission for use in electric and hydraulic elevators Scherbinsky Elevator Plant.

The well-known advantage of distributed control systems — a significant reduction in the number of connecting wires between the control station, the car and hoistway. This allows the plant to produce harnesses elektrorazvodok with plug connectors. The use of such harnesses eliminates errors during installation and, most importantly, dramatically reduces the complexity and time of installation.

Another advantage: in case of power failure, the control station is able to operate from the uninterruptible power supply, which is supplied by the customer.

Developments in the field of energy saving.

In the process of designing elevators business and economy class special focus on energy efficiency.

Basic energy parameters determined by the elevator winch, the cabin and the lighting of the mine, lighting control capability cabin and mine.


The type of stand-tower SCHLZ conducted a significant amount of testing will allow for both the absolute and relative analysis of energy consumption geared winches — with frequency controllers and without them — OTIS and production plant «Mogilёvliftmash.» Tests were also gearless winches production SCHLZ-EPM (LLC «European winders») — on the basis of synchronous motors with permanent magnets of the company SAD, and the production of «Ruselprom» and «Liftkar» — based on induction motors.

Gearless SCHLZ-EPM designed for lifts with a machine room and machine room, capacity up to 1000 kg and a speed of up to 1.6 m / s. They are used in elevator equipment with the following kinematic scheme:

♦ 400 kg, 1.0 m / s; 400 kg, 1.6 m / s; 630 kg, 1.0 m / s — multiplicity car and counterweight suspension 1: 1;

♦ 000 to 1 kg, 1.6 m / s — multiplicity car and counterweight suspension 1: 2.

Unlike conventional geared, gearless winches provide significant energy savings and improved ergonomics.

In comparison with geared winches without frequency controller may be noted that the use of speed controllers can reduce the cost of active energy up to 20%. The use of gearless winches on the basis of synchronous motors with permanent magnets (option SCHLZ-EPM) already saves up to 50% — up to 20 kW-hours per day.

Cabin lighting.

Another source of energy savings is the optimization of the parameters of cabin lighting.

To this end, along with the use of incandescent lamps applied energy saving lamps.

The main disadvantage of those and other light — decrease in their share in the presence of vibration and with frequent inclusions. In addition, the energy-saving lamps use mercury, which causes problems with their recycling.

The dependence of the intensity of these lamps inclusions, as well as «slow» the inclusion of energy-saving lamps, it creates problems for the rational use of lighting that is «off» — in the idle run, «on» — the presence of the passenger.

The most rational from the standpoint of energy savings is the use of LED lamps. Conducted tests showed that the power consumption in this case is reduced by almost 10 times. There are constructions of lamps designed for 220V AC, the heating does not exceed 30 ° C.

LED lamp instantly included, are not susceptible to frequent enable and disable, their share amounts to 30 000 hours.

The piezo elements in the button «call» and «order.»

The plant carries out development work on the use of buttons in stations «call» and «orders» of piezoelectric elements.

Button contactless does not require any adjustment since it has no moving mechanical parts. Its operating principle is based on direct physical piezoelectric effect. When you click on the deformation of the piezoelectric element, measured in microns. Due to the microstrain on the piezoelectric element electrodes a voltage sufficient to control non-contact transistor switches.

Piezoelectric effect has long been used in military technology, to lift business as a novelty. The switching devices based on piezoelectric elements are widely used in the control systems operating in very difficult conditions: in the presence of water, dust, humidity, chemically aggressive and explosive environments, as well as with large temperature differences.

Operating experience of these buttons shows that their share reaches 50 million cycles — for elevators is «eternal» button.

Wheelchair lifts.

In September 2008, Russia joined the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, providing for the creation of a barrier-free environment for people with disabilities.

Ensure wheelchair users an opportunity to overcome part of the way «apartment — elevator — street» and vice versa — a solution to one of the many challenges to overcome which will allow to realize a noble purpose — to improve the living conditions of our citizens with limited mobility.

JSC «SCHLZ» — Lift the few companies that are engaged in development and production of assistive technology. It lifts open and closed for the transport of wheelchair users (unaccompanied) from the floor in the entrance to that area where the lift operates.

Wheelchair lifts Scherbinsky lift building plant competitive and steady demand in the Russian market of rehabilitation equipment.

Currently, the manufacturing step is invalid inclined lift. Here the lifting platform moves attached to the wall of a building ramp.

The design of the lift provides automatic lifting and lowering barriers and folding-unfolding platform.

Lifts for multilevel parking.

The problem of shortage of parking spaces in recent years has increased dramatically throughout the world, including in Russia.

Scherbinsky Elevator Plant serially produces electric and hydraulic elevators and lifts for transportation vehicles (3 200 kg, up to 1.6 m / s), which are used in the construction of multi-storey garages.

Currently in the world, except for lifts and elevators, uses special systems that provide not only the vertical movement of the vehicle, but also its address, automatic delivery of the desired storage location. There is a whole range of designs such funds.

Abroad for many years through practical work on the creation and construction of mechanized parking, so-called «parking» in which the transport of cars in storage cells carry special mechanical means without drivers. Virtually the only domestic manufacturer of parking in Russia today is the Tushino Machine-Building Plant.

On the creation of a special mechanized tools for more than two years of work and a team Scherbinsky Elevator Plant. As a result, developed lift-arm and microprocessor control system for the mechanized high-rise parking lots.

The prototype, which has passed all the tests, assembled at the site in the suburban town SCHLZ seen.

Design features lift-arm protected by a patent of the Russian Federation. Currently, according to test results formed the technical documentation and is working on a binding equipment to objects of a group of companies SU-155.

One of the important features of the high-rise parking lots — a significant saving of space for parking. For example, the construction of thirteen-design will need about 8 times smaller area than for open parking lots, and for the 20-storey building, the savings amount to more than 12 times.

Sherbinskaya lifts manipulators can be widely used in mechanized multi-level car parks, is attached to the residential and office buildings and shopping complexes.

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