Serj Tankian- Jazz-Iz-Christ (Serjical Strike / ‘Reprise)

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Solo creative leader of System Of A Down Serj Tankian farther, the more goes somewhere away from the general vector of the base team. Judge for yourself: if the first album recorded under his own name, and partly overlaps with the aesthetics of New metal is behind him there was a symphonic version recorded with the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra. Then there was a musical based on Aeschylus ‘Prometheus’, at the end of last year, came a full-size «Symphony» «Orca»; It is the same date at the moment album Tankian, released in June, frankly is mixed on jazz.

Yes, do not be surprised — many formal evidence that is considered to be jazz, are present here. And no wonder: one of the main participants of the recording — the pianist Tigran Amasyan (the pride of Armenia, winner of the Thelonious Monka, the last album was released on Verve Records). Other associates Amasyana not so eminent, although there are also a violinist David Ella, better known as a film actor, but as a special guest present Stewart Copeland, former member of the Police.

However, of course, this is not jazz, but an attempt to comprehend it with the existing baggage. And the attempt unsuccessfully, quite harmoniously — despite the fact that as the elements are used and grindcore, and beatboxing, and orchestral funk and progressive rock. Tankian sings on only a few tracks, no trying to be a jazz singer, but apparently adapting to the subject of album. Amazingly beautiful song sung in Armenian «Garuna», and in the final «Miso Soup» break even tone and passion, from which only a step away from the aesthetics of SOAD, Tankian but, clever, this step does not.

It remains only to note that the lead singer of one of the most passionate rock bands of our time the next stage of its development path is successful, do not say that — triumphantly. I wonder why we still expect from Serj Tankian?

John Mellencamp, Stephen King, T-Bone Burnett — Ghost Brothers Of The Darkland County Hear Music / Concord Music Group

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Every decent musician dreams of his opus magnum — not in the sense that after that rest on their laurels and reap the fruits of labor, and to give everything, without reserve. In this context, well-understood application veteran American author John Mellencamp rock once known as Kuger Mellencamp, he made a few years ago: «I want our opus was» Sgt Pepper «Americana.»

It is a musical, with the idea that Mellencamp came in 2000, the writer Stephen King. King, himself a music lover or even member of the rock band Rock Bottom Remainders, consisting mainly of writers and poets, has agreed to co-authorship, and even just promptly inserted several options for the plot. People engaged its own important things, they nevertheless met regularly, and by mid-decade, it became clear that the musical was written. After that, the number of authors appeared guitarist and producer T-Bone Burnett, who took on the role of the producer as the stage version, and recording of the performance that gained the name «Ghost Brothers of the Dark county.» The plot is as follows. In the late 60’s in one of the tiny provincial towns killed two brothers and a girl whose heart they were not divided. However, the truth did not become famous, even though it knows the younger brother of the dead boys. Now he has grown, he has two children, and one long tragedy threatens to boomerang in their lives. And then the ghosts of the dead hero calls to save the lives of the living. Symptomatic history for King, largely based on the traditions of «Southern Gothic» and for Mellencamp.

The recording was attended by artists of different generations: the legend of country rock and the author of the great songs of «Me & Bobby McGee »Kris Kristofferson, blues master Taj Mahal, ironic Englishman Kolstello Elvis, rock singer Sheryl Crow, Johnny Cash’s daughter Rosanne, alt-country star Neko Case and brothers Alvin from the group The Blasters. Gathering such a stellar cast, Mellencamp and Burnett created a very accurate and creatively convincing sound image of the American South — the very thing to which we refers prose, Carson McCullers and drama of Tennessee Williams, in which exactly ruthlessly and yet quite lyrically reflected poetics stuffy provincial towns which have not changed since then, as William Faulkner wrote about them, their first line.

She & Him — Volume 3 Merge Records

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Actress Zooey Deschanel sings a long time. In the early 2000s she was a theater project with a colleague Samantha Shelton, then she sang on the soundtracks for films («Elf,» «The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford,» «Always say» yes «), recorded on Group albums Jason Schwartzman Coconut Records, and finally, in 2007, together with the famous neo-folk musician Matthew Ward has created a duo called She nemudrenyh & Him.

The first album was passed quietly, and the second — with interest, the first full-fledged tour revealed that the duo is quite viable Hollywood context of one of its halves, well, the new album finally She claims & Him in the status of musicians. It’s not only amazing natural and at the same time to lay down vocal artistry Zoe — she is still an actress and knows how to work on yourself. The fact that the entire album, it seems as if imbued with sunlight — so still that the stars in the 60s, in dopsihodelicheskuyu era, and for all that arrangements Ward (incidentally, a member of the supergroup Monsters Of Folk) sounded extremely important although it remains largely in the context of his native neofolk. However, I must say that he enjoys a duet genres and instruments, as an artist paints; Thus, in the context of wind chamber at first seem surprising, however, are quite justified. Zooey’s voice is bright, rich overtones and nuances, with deep enough; texts that she wrote herself, poetic and personal (one of the songs apparent reference to the recent failed marriage to actress and singer leader of the group Dead Cab For Cutie Ben Gibbard), but not so much that it looked like a public striptease. In general, today it is clear that the duo She & Him completely ceases to depend on a career in film Zooey Deschanel and relates solely to the music. That does not prevent the actress as seriously give yourself moviegoer.

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