New Traditions

New Traditions

These houses stand out on the facade of the beams can be seen in old European cities and villages. Despite the fact that the house is newly built and decorated only by a classic half-timbered, it has created an atmosphere of a cozy family nest.

This lovely house with a bay window and above it a big veranda built of lightweight foam concrete warm. The facades are covered with marble chips and decorated with wooden moldings. Likewise furnished detached garage and fence area. Consistent picture of complementary tracks made of natural stone, perfectly matched to the exterior color of the marble-term finishes.

Features of the territory

Cottage built on a rectangular area, which occupies about 5 acres. In the depths of the territory built a house on the opposite side — the garage is separated from the residential buildings a wide strip of green.

To the best way to reveal the possible sites, the owners invited for its reconstruction expert in landscape design from the same studio that dealt with their interiors. Now in the territory plan to arrange alpine gardens, flower beds and several seating areas. Space for relaxation will be considered, put under the arches of a pergola overgrown with twine plants.

It will take quite a bit of time and a well-kept landscape will be a worthy continuation of the elaborate, comfortable interior space of the house.

Reasonable layout

Cottage planned so as to provide a comfortable life hosts and remain economical in construction and operation. 190 m2 is a living room, kitchen, office, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The peculiarity of the project -Spacious lounges on both floors.

The day area is traditionally located on the lower level. From a small vestibule, you can go into an elongated hall with a staircase leading from the door to the go’stinuyu, kitchen and bathroom. The spacious kitchen is located in a separate room and is not connected directly to the living room. It is a completely independent space, which includes several functional areas. The first one, of course — cooking area: kitchen furniture stretched in a line along one of the long walls of the room. Opposite is a small dining area with a cozy corner sofa. It is not for the main meal in the circle of family and great for snacking, relaxing and socializing. The main table is presented for the combined light from the kitchen porch.

The living room, located in the bay window with three large windows, and literally flooded with sunlight. It is pleasant to gather in the morning and in the daytime and in the evening, when the heat of a wood fire creates a special homely atmosphere.

Another nice holiday destination on the first floor — a sauna, which can be accessed by going through the guest bathroom.

The spacious bathroom hosts located on the second floor. Since the house resides only three people in the bedroom area decided to abandon two separate bathrooms. But the dressing room was divided.

Since the master bedroom is located above the living room oriel, it continued its open-air terrace, repeating forms of the facade of the first floor.

The interior is classic

The cottage is decorated in the spirit of old England. Interior decoration home in harmony with the decision of ex-terriers. Like the facade, interior decorated falshbalkami, also in the room a lot of solid wood furniture and vintage decor.

«I am generally very fortunate with our customers — says author of the project Anna Tiselko — there was a long conversation about the concept of the interior, debate and compromise. Design solution came very organically, as if by itself, and we immediately realized that this is exactly what you need. «

Decorated in perfect balance — the interior of a rich and varied, but at the same time not too motley, in English discreet but not boring. The colors chosen soft, mainly wood and earth — brown, beige, sand and terracotta hues. Calm palette allows the designer to play with patterns. For example, to furnish the living room, she applied three types of wallpaper — in the Scottish cage, a polka dot print and vintage cars. Design of sofas and armchairs with the oriental luxury — with a gleam of several types of fabrics, fringe, tassels and mountains of pillows. Surprisingly, all this variety is quite compatible in the same room — as in a truly English interior, which is closely intertwined traditions of Britain and all of its many colonies.

For the master bedroom were picked up by traditional flowered wallpaper, and for the office — in a strict and stripes pattern of sailing ships. Even in the nursery sustained British theme, this time — Colonial: wallpaper adorn zebras, elephants and giraffes.

It would seem that in such a situation, you can write anything you want, but in fact, to create a stylish and at the same time at home habitable interior with many details, the designer thought through all the details of design to the smallest detail. Some things in the house of new style of old, others for several years sought out at flea markets and antique shops in many European cities.

Choosing mixer commented Maxim Karpenko, the technician representative of Hansgrohe in Ukraine

Mixer — a source of water in the kitchen. Only this fact is sufficient to be particularly scrupulous when it is selected.

We recommend that in order to achieve greater convenience to choose a model with the following characteristics: a high spout that enhances the work area cleaning and allows easy and quick to fill large containers with water, wash them, and so on. Etc .;

£ retractable shower (spout); wide shower spray, ideal for washing (due to the aerator even when a power is achieved water savings); in a magnetic holder, which ensures that the pull-out shower after use will return to its original position and securely locks it.

If the sink is installed in front of the window, select models available for installation in the kitchen area, — they can be removed from the «nest» and put to one side, without resorting to a complete dismantling.

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