Even though the successful flagship, the main fuel, on which the Finnish giant continues to move forward — a budget phone. Here is another proof that the Nokia is virtually no competition. 501 minutes with the bright buildings reminiscent of Lumia, and while filling it and does not try to keep up with the top-end smartphones (3-inch touch screen (240×320), 3.2 megapixel camera module Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0,4 GB of internal memory, a slot microSD up to 32 GB), because after all, the price had not comparable. In addition, this phone is designed to operate with two SIM-cards. 4490 rubles. •



We always liked the sound system, which produces under the name Philips Fidelio. Well, they are, and this time did not disappoint. Two powerful low-frequency dynamics on, tweeters soft dome and proprietary technology wOOx give a powerful wall of sound body and sound system made of aluminum and wood, ready for it, and even at maximum volume does not move, and certainly does not rattle. The ability to transmit sound through Blutooth and charge the battery via USB Fidelio make this a good travel companion. 13 990 rubles. • lt;


If you had a choice: a smartphone with support for LTE, or without it, but with a slot for a microSD card and two SIM-cards, which would you take? And while you’re thinking, that’s the living embodiment of that choice — your brother is already familiar flagship HTC One. Despite the fact that he looks almost no different from the usual One, he now opens the back cover, and beneath it — a slot for the most dual SIM and a microSD (up to 64 GB, which, together with built-in 32 Gbdaettebe almost a hundred gigabytes of storage multimedia). But to play it then the screen 4.7 inches (1920×1080), stereo speakers and a couple BoomSound rehyaderny-processor 1.7GHz. LTE, you remember there, but on the site of 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, GPS, GLONASS, as well as Android 4.1 and proprietary interface Sense 5.0. Housing metal screen — Gorilla Glass 2. The price as a conventional One. 29 990 rubles. • looks beautiful,




0 how to change the laptop in recent years, can be judged by the VAIO Fit: it has a touch screen (without which Windows 8 is not so beautiful), built-in subwoofer (for watching movies and, of course, listening to music), hybrid hard drive (a combination of flash -Memory and traditional media to increase speed) and support for NFC (near field communication interface wireless range Near Field Communication allows you to quickly share a URL-addresses and simplifies the connection to other devices via Bluetooth — a simple touch is enough to Soup to know each other). The choice of 14- and 15.5-inch models. From 21990 rubles. •

2013 August 157

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