NEWS «Homes for the salmon»

NEWS & quot; House for salmon & quot;

Each day brings us closer to the long-awaited start of the new fishing season. Many fans have already purchased fly fishing tour to the Great Northern Rivers — Kharlovka, Rynda, East Face and Gold.

We know that «House Salmon» — a good organizer of fishing, but also an active participant in several programs to protect the Atlantic salmon.

In 2012 it was founded non-profit partnership «Russian salmon.» The founders were Alexander Abramov, Vladimir and Ilya Scherbovich Rybal’chenko. President of NP was well-known in the Russian community fishing fly fisherman Gennady Zharkov. The purpose NG1 «Russian salmon * is the protection and preservation of the wild salmon populations in Russia, there are already the first results of the Partnership, which took an active part in the drafting of the Law» On the recreational fisheries «and Gennady Zharkov was invited to an expert group of the State Duma. In addition, at the initiative of the «House for the Salmon» with the start of spring migration of Atlantic salmon program starts protection of salmon from poachers in the Barents and White Seas.

«Salmon House» also cooperates with international organizations for the protection of wild Atlantic salmon. Last autumn, the «House for the Salmon» provided several free tours’ Federation Atlantic Salmon «(USA) and» North Atlantic Fund Salmon «(Iceland) Tours were sold at auction and all proceeds were intended for a program to combat intercept network fishing salmon in Norway.

At the beginning of last season, the helicopter was removed a large number of rusty barrels and other debris left by the military. In 2013, the program in order to bring the mouth Kharlovka continue. The plans give mouth Kharlovka original appearance. This is a very expensive task and it does not perform in one year or even five years. But year after year, work will continue.

In November of last year there was a very significant event. Vladimir Rybal’chenko and his eldest son, also Vladimir, were invited to the annual gala evening in London Fly Club, where they were handed over membership cards of this prestigious and well-known organization. Recommendation to new members of the club gave Sir Peter Krossvell (ex-president of the Club). Fly London club was founded in 1884. Father and son were the first Russians Rybal’chenko — full members of the Club.

«Salmon House» organizes a meeting for fly fisherman and enthusiasts, as well as during the year visited by many fishing exhibitions, meetings and other events in Russia and abroad. Such events are very popular because they give visitors the opportunity to learn more about the company, ask questions, see the new photo and video reports, to talk personally with representatives of companies and professional fishermen.

Guests at the camp also expects a lot of pleasant surprises. Next season camp will run professional masseurs will be expanded assortment of flies, which can be purchased on the spot, with a varied menu and selection of beverages.

Follow the news has become much easier thanks to regular updating of the official website of the project ( and pages of «House of salmon» in the social network Facebook ( AsrRussia). Also, the Internet is available for download Russian version of the film «Home for the Salmon», many new films and videos about fishing on the bell and Kharlovka that were created in conjunction with a variety of Russian and foreign broadcasters.

As for the start of the season — a large amount of fallen snow in the winter tundra gives hope that in June and early July Yoda level in rivers will be stable and allow salmon to rise freely to the spawning grounds.

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