nformation for thought

nformation for thought

Professor Bubnovsky:



I-"’; Then I have to explain to his friends -1 healthy lifestyle causes of diabetes of the second type, that is non-insulin dependent. I have to say that this disease is not inherited, but if the family who is suffering from this disease, then we can talk about continuity. At the same time correction lifestyle towards naturally healthy hinders manifestation of the disease even in cases where many relatives suffering from diabetes mellitus of second type. But about overweight I consider it my duty to speak.

I have a friend, Vladimir Abramov, who likes to say: «In a healthy body healthy weight.» I know a lot of people whose weight exceeds the norms of known nutritionists. And they look healthy, agile, athletic. In this case, the weight provided by the muscles can perform various physical activities without overloading the heart, does not cause shortness of breath. This is what is called weight, which, if desired, can easily «burn» — a sudden extra weight will interfere with a person. How to part with them? I am opposed to trendy diets, I am for brisk walking, swimming, cycling, jogging.

But if you are overweight makes it impossible to perform routine exercises — sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups in the amount of accepted standards, the owner of such a body is alert and primarily tested for sugar. You may ask — why such an analysis should be done? Because obesity is a risk factor for the development of Type II diabetes.

Thus, diabetes of the second type — this, according to the World Health Organization, a metabolic disease characterized by chronic hyperglycemia. This, in turn, is caused by disturbances in insulin secretion or its interaction with the tissue cells. Violation of the microcirculation, which is based on the capillaries, and a violation of metabolism.

In humans, 4 billion capillaries, healthy people are active only 40% of that number. The rest of the capillaries — reserve. It capillaries are directly involved in the exchange, they carry substances from the blood into the surrounding tissue. A loss of muscle tissue is none other than the loss of microcirculation. And if a man for 40 years does not keep track of their health with the help of physical exercises, it loses up to 27% of muscle tissue. That 40 years is the age when the first symptoms of Type II diabetes. I always try to warn their patients about the impending danger, advise certain exercises that can help you stop the development of the disease.

The main problems of people with Type II diabetes are micro- and macro-angiopathy. They lead to the disruption of vascular permeability which are more brittle, prone to thrombosis and atherosclerosis. Microcirculation system as if «inserted» into the bloodstream between arterial and venous of its departments. The intensity of this system depends primarily on the blood pressure on the capillary wall, i.e. active muscle work directly affects the rate and volume of blood flow.

One of the most serious consequences of diabetes of the second type is the diabetic foot syndrome, who, alas, in severe cases can result in amputation. The foot is a place of transition of arterial and venous circulation departments. In fact, stop — an important organ, is a joint 27 having sustavchikov bones and 19 muscles and 106 ligaments. Neglect of these muscles and ligaments — a direct path to diabetes.

So, we must «run» these muscles and ligaments, and with them, and capillaries that pass inside the muscle. One of my patient’s feet were rigid, rigid, immobile. What is the rigidity of the foot? This muscle is idle in the transition zone between the arterial and venous circulation. That, in turn, leads to stagnation in the capillaries and impaired microcirculation. It lies at the foot the whole weight of the human body, so it is important to be healthy feet.

R»" 1 azrabotal I own a very elderly patient J gymnastics for the foot, he worked hard, and blood sugar returned to normal. That since I define diabetes as a disease, «sugar» of a person — by analogy with the sugar jam or honey: sugar so much that there is not possible! So do not stagnate, as much as possible to move. With regular classes when muscles given certain physical activity, normal and carbohydrate,

Gg -……. ■

Pre foresee surprised faces of the Bulletin of «healthy lifestyle»: it Bubnovsky treats diseases of the musculoskeletal system, and here — diabetes! However, everything has a logical explanation: many people have stepped 60-year milestone, periodically raises blood pressure and blood sugar levels. I know from numerous observations that the age of 60 are physically inactive people, often start feeling sorry for yourself, your movement. Person in a situation loses muscle, and with them, produce a failure vessels and capillaries.

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