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MN continues to acquaint you with the best bike for beginners. This month we have chosen three of the most bike-friendly for the beginner in the classroom "cruiser".

TEXT: Dmitry Sirotkin Yesil master control on the motorcycle cruiser? We hope you are in good shape. Motorcycles of this class is quite cumbersome and heavy. On the other hand, their low landing and often lazy accelerating dynamics make life easier for beginners: among fans of the class is not accepted chase each other, and even more so with cars, and driving a power with a minimum of abrupt evolutions reduces the likelihood of an accident.

To further reduce this risk, we will help you choose the best option, in which you can safely go on the road for the first time. Just want to warn you if you miss our tips on deaf ears, then, at least, do not buy on the exclusive custom bikes (unique bikes started from scratch by private workshops): other works companies Arlen Ness and Big Bear Choppers because of the design features are very heavy management. In short, for the beginner — a motorcycle with a sidecar in the sense that it attempts to learn from it could easily end up in a wheelchair.

Harley-Davidson CVO Breakout

The new product of the legendary American brand, more than any other guilty of romanticizing image of the rider on the sparkling chrome cruiser, fought on the spot and kettle, and a seasoned biker. Wondrous beauty chopper pleases restraint design and harmony of lines. And whoever you were — Tighten the manager in a business suit or a bearded fan of domestic rock — to Breakout will look equally cool.

Surprisingly, this "Harley is perfect for beginners, however, the development of physical rider who wants to buy a motorcycle for a long time. For ease of handling and 322-pound bike will handicap their lighter 900 cc rivals. Of course, the student joke with engine capacity of 1690 cm3 is not necessary, but if you’re willing to pay as much as € 21 214, then you are old enough to play the man at the wheel and will not become a fool. Joking with this bike will allow only three seasons when he opens your potential to the fullest.

And while becoming familiar with Breakout. Try it on an empty parking lot — and immediately understand that the bike is very friendly: does not seek to escape from under you bluff when you open the gas and bucks back to when inept front braking. So it’s safe to travel to a city where you will be delighted motorists honk and women of all ages and social status to throw in your direction unequivocal views, and perhaps even bras. You have mastered driving fast, unless, of course, just do not start "twist" motor on and complete the full season"Sklife". Powerful V-Twin perfect -emu equally good at and effective start, and overtaking at high speeds, and the movement of idling. The only drawback — quietly farting exhaust — treated once-through muffler installation.

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