Not all dreams come true …

Not all dreams come true ...

Now there is no shortage of planting material.

In specialty stores and nurseries can buy different varieties. But then to not experience the bitter disappointment, always look carefully at what buying. Last year in February I got a little delenki phlox in plastic packaging. Through the transparent packaging spotted that there are living root buds, and therefore was not afraid to take it, even in winter.

House got its purchase, inspected and put in an ordinary flower pot. The plant went into rapid growth and in early June, when I planted it on a bed, had five well-developed shoots. The only thing I made a mistake: it was necessary to wait for the landing at least until June 10, to the threat of night frosts have passed. My phlox just a couple of days, well podmerz, when the night temperature dropped below zero. But over the summer shoots recovered, and the young bush bloomed even in September. Overwintered plant without shelter well, this year my beautiful bright pink phlox dozen powerful shoots. It is clear that the problem with it will not be.

But the acquisition of the year I was disappointed. I could not resist and bought in late May, blue phlox Blue Paradise in the pot. He had two feeble to escape, but I still decided to take a risk — very much like to have in the garden of blue phlox. Since spring is ended and the weather forecast did not scare us upcoming decreasing temperature, his cherished sapling I decided to immediately land a permanent place.

However, removing the plant from the pot, I saw him that something was wrong. Fibrous roots are not very viable: first, they are few, and secondly, the color of the roots brown and some kind of lifeless. In addition to the two shoots of approximately 4-5 cm from the root to grow a lot of thin, pale shoots (somewhere around 10). It is not normal for such a small delenki.

I planted flower, of course, watered and hoped for a successful outcome. But luck turned away from me. When I arrived a week at the cottage, two small sprigs of dried phlox. I’m still hoping that there will be at least one otrostochek from the root. Alas, a week later the miracle did not happen. I dug a shovel that was to be my Blue Phlox, and there was nothing left of the living: all the roots have rotted and withered shoots. Obviously, it put too much fertilizer, which gave a result — a huge number of shoots with a small delenki, but the roots were burned. So I lost my cherished dream.

When purchasing phlox bare-root required to make sure that there are living green buds, and the acquisition of plants with closed root system, pay attention to the appearance of seedlings: they must be well developed, not the oppressed, juicy green.

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