Not as humans.

Not as humans.

Hot Rod — not the only option that can be done with the machine in the presence of desire, as well as gold (hands or mountains). Here are two ways customizing and iron evidence that it can be done in our country.

Lowriders Chevrolet Impala El Rey

If the hot-kind appearance sacrifice driving performance machine, vlouraydere the contrary, the main thing is not how the car is going, and how it looks. In the photo the best lowrider 2011 and 2012 according to SEMA (Speciality Equipment Market Association / Auto International, Los Angeles).

1ISTORIYA you to understand why such a machine, imagine lit neon signage Las Vegas. There is no need to go fast, it is impressive to sail along the walking on the sidewalk girls — to the sound of the audio system and better road without a roof to be seen you, handsome and arrogant. So in the 50s of the last century show off Latin American guys who laid the foundations of style. These are lugangstery-polusutenery understated their cars, so they visually appear longer and elegant, for the same purpose-chromium and bright color.

2MASHINA most correct basis for the construction of classic lowriders — model Chevrolet Impala. In this case — a convertible 1963. Wide (2017 mm) and long (5344 mm) "Chevy" rear-wheel drive obespechivaetkastomay zeru complete creative freedom.

3PRIBORNAYA PANEL As is usually the case, the first owner of this Impala Albert De Alba was not going to climb strongly in the design of the car — thought just repaint it, but then I saw a new Toyota dashboard Therefore

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