NP «Russian elevator ASSOCIATION»


Dear Colleagues!

1) On the basis of the SRO NP «Russian lift association» Omori in conjunction with the «National League» within the scope of the federal law «On self-regulatory organizations» number 315-FZ of G1.12.2001 year created the All-Russia elevator complex self-regulating organization of activities according to the NACE code — design, manufacturing and components of elevators, maintenance, repair, all kinds of expert work on the elevators.

01.2008, the created-Russian self-regulatory organization «Support of Russia» in the construction industry with the formation of the Department of the elevator industry is responsible for issuing certificates of admission to the works on installation, modernization, repair of elevators, installation and commissioning works on the elevators and supervisory control systems.

At the initiative of the All-Russian public organization of small and medium business «Support of Russia» in the State Duma is currently considering a draft federal law on amendments to the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation in terms of a significant reduction in the contribution to the compensation fund self-regulatory organization in the field of construction (within №148-FZ dated 22.01 .2008 year) for small and medium-sized businesses. In the near future a decision will prinyato.12.09 year.

We offer all the specialized organizations of the elevator industry, including members of Omori «National League», NP «Russian lift association», interested in the development of elevator industry and a certificate of admission to the works on the elevators, join the NP «Russian lift association» and NP » ISS SME support «on relevant activities.

An application form for membership in NP «ISS SME support» by activity: installation and commissioning — please send an e-mail:

By type of activity: designing, manufacturing, maintenance, repair, lifting equipment and other transport-lifting equipment, expert work on the elevators — to send an e-mail:

For all organizational matters you can turn to the Vice-President of SRO NP «Russian lift association,» a member of the Presidium of the «Support of Russia», Yuri Vladimirovich Radina — tel .: 739-67-20, e-mail:

Sample applications and profiles attached.

President Omori «National League» FA Lyachin

President of NP SRO «Russian lift association» MA Waxman

Chairman of the Board of NP «ISS SME support» EI Shlemenko

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