Frankly, we did not originally intend to write about the Enclave. The idea of ​​this game was the presentation is elegant and simple: print more carefully selected screenshots, accompanied by intriguing caption: "Guess what it is: Blade of Darkness Rune 2 or 2?". Winning this kind of competition is quite could get a six-month subscription to the magazine. Alas, it did not work — dear editors considered the issue unrealistically complicated.

Indeed, confused Enclave one of these games easy. Familiar prospect of a third person, native "medieval" environment, great piercing-cutting tools in the hands of the protagonists and this, sorry, similarity to the BoD, which sometimes seems — podsun beta testers from the level of our Starbreeze "The second best game of 2001"He did not notice the substitution, for the sake of order complaining to management and unusual "some surprisingly unfamiliar interface". You are likely to call Enclave clone — and cruelly wrong.

In fact, the pedigree of this game runs already 95 years old when a team of programmers and enthusiasts, then known as Triton, released shockingly beautiful non-interactive demo version of Into the Shadows (now legendary), which even in those bearded times could boast of excellent lighting (with realistic shadows from multiple light sources), it is natural movements of the characters and so forth. But the game did not have lasted up to the release (as well as the following draft Starbreeze — action role-playing Sorcery), but looking back, we have to admit that the Enclave — is the most frustrated Into the Shadows, who sobbed over the grave of more than one thousand potential buyers.

It turned out — alive, smoking room. And even you will be surprised, blooms and smells, showing off a couple of pretty interesting features: for example, the presence of two very different campaigns, "For goodness" and "The wicked". Agree, would give you a lot for the opportunity to get into the skin of a demonic creature from the BoD and to show every Amazons, knights and dwarves who have long axes. Each side offers a choice of exactly six character classes, each chosen warrior easily lends itself to customization, as well as the game progresses you will be joining more and allies who believe cherish, buy them new clothes, weapons and other useful items.

In Starbreeze swear that the graphics of the Enclave will put to shame any game genre is not only parallel, but also, figuratively speaking, "finally". Screenshot of the above does not confirm nor deny if the character models and architecture to look "yat", The madman lighting "in bleydovski" It is clearly not enough. Developers, however, intend to take it out on interactivity levels and honed combat system that allows with the same grace to use as all kinds of bows / crossbows and kolyuscherezhuschim weapon: inflict some blows, perform combo series and go in a remote unit (for this, by the way, not at all not necessary to use a special key — sometimes it is enough to turn an enemy shield).

In short, looms on the horizon, if not unique "assassin", Then certainly at least a competitor Blade of Darkness 2, which, as you all know already (certainly) is in development. The only thing that can prevent the emergence Enclave on the PC — it purely platformers nature. Xbox owners will see the game in July and August, but we for some time will have to bite his nails. And god forbid Enclave same fate as its predecessors.

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