In Riga linear distance work on traffic safety is based on the provisions of the directive of the Minister of Railways №4 from 10 February 1984 The main goal of this work in the household of signaling and communication — providing reliable technology and good action, in full accordance with the applicable rules and regulations, people work serving this technique.

The team maintains a distance of nearly 1000 electric centralization of arrows, 285 km of automatic block system and centralized traffic control. In heavy traffic unit trains Riga — suffice it to say that in the summer of serviced site only distance trains on the Riga coast runs more than 100 pairs a day — the uninterrupted operation of equipment is of particular importance to ensure the train schedule and traffic safety.

On the course, it developed and implemented a system of organizational measures to ensure safety and strengthen discipline.

The system is based preventive work. It is aimed at the prevention of damage to technical facilities and improving the reliability and level of maintenance of the devices. For this purpose, a daily considered the device is damaged, organized control over the development and implementation of measures to prevent a repeat of the same failure. Deputy Head of the distance of signaling and communication is carried out weekly analysis of damage. This work is organized on the intercom, and includes the participation of leaders of industrial sites and Senior electrician. Monthly analysis of the production of the company is the chief of the race. At the same time heard the reports of all the heads of departments.

In addition, the distance is quarterly and annual analysis of the current technology, by nodes and elements. On the basis of these analyzes, we developed a plan to improve reliability.

Separately analyzed cases gapping wits to the stock rail, the so-called «Spin».

In recent years, the number of such failures is almost constant. The main reason — poor maintenance turnouts railway workers, which leads to a rebound frame rails, deviations in the content of the path of the template, the appearance of backlashes in earrings, articulated rods.

In this context, great importance is the organization of joint actions with the railwaymen.

Holds monthly conference calls with the participation of the chief of the department of traveling facilities of the road, heads of signaling and communication and ways. Such meetings are accountable Senior electrician and road master, whose business situation precarious. Together with the employees of the distance the way of improvement plans developed elements of track circuits.

The second link system — regular inspection devices. These include: the quarterly quality control maintenance and repair of equipment at all stations with the heads of the distance, the heads of industrial sites, public inspectors; holding monthly distance leaders, heads of industrial sites sudden comprehensive audits of their duties Electrician, Senior electrician, including the control of incurring duty Electrician on weekends and holidays; obligatory participation of heads of distance, foreman on a quarterly basis in the commission monthly inspections at stations; deep technical revision stations carried the commanding staff distance, together with public safety inspectors. Checks all devices and the implementation of all activities related to the technical content of the devices. This usually reveals a large number of deficiencies, analysis and development of measures to address that leads a team site. It is most effective in improving the content of the devices.

The next important link in the system of measures to ensure safety — monitoring compliance with the rules of the work. When you turn off the device, the performance graph of the process, eliminating failures such control is assigned to the shift engineer distance. At the same time when you turn off all negotiations with retaining devices use signals recorded on the tape, set at the shift engineer. Once a month, these leaders are listening distance record. Exceptions to the rule are detected, in these cases appropriate measures are taken.

During all tests, which are carried out leaders distance necessarily monitored compliance with the rules of works, as is noted in the journal SHU2. It is especially important to check the correct action when you turn off device. If necessary, in the distance pursued by the deputy chief of the weekly planning meeting examines cases of violation of the rules of the work.

Since 1980, at a distance maintained separate accounting and analysis of violations of the rules of production for the year. Taking into account the errors and irregularities in the registration of entries in the logs, no mark electrician in the Journal survey with turnout at eliminating damage misconduct electrician for detection and elimination of «spin» on the arrows, failure to check in full after completion of the work, registration of fictitious records during the work scheduled process equipment off and on, filling the foul, off devices without coordination with the shift engineer, do not turn off devices when the railway workers.

During this period, improved monitoring of compliance with the rules of production staff and work performance has improved compliance with these rules.

This may explain the downward trend in the number of violations, and especially errors made in the types of records at registration papers. At the same time for the hump, by analogy with the Instruction TSSH / 3378 (TSSH / 4397) on the course were developed circa records as a supplement to the instructions TSSH / 3793.

We believe — and this is confirmed in the cases of the network of roads — an incident that only one violation of the rules of the work. Therefore the question of compliance with the rules and monitoring their implementation are constantly in the spotlight of all employees associated with the movement of trains. In order to improve the work, to strengthen control at a distance of 1985 introduced a coupon system to control the issuance of certificates for safety Senior electrician Electrician Electrician signaling. Certification for safety includes: an extract from the order of the Ministry of Railways number 4C by 1984 on the personal responsibility of the employee to the state for preservation of freight and passengers; employee commitment with the personal signature of unquestioning fulfillment of the requirements of PTE and instructions; the results of periodic testing knowledge PTE and instructions; Three coupon of monitoring compliance with PTE, job descriptions, rules of works: № 1- with a green stripe, number 2 — with a yellow stripe, number 3 — with a red stripe.

If any violation of the rules of production, or PTE works inspector has the right to withdraw the card number 1 with the filling of the corresponding graph on his spine. Repeated infringement is taken card number 2, then — ticket № 3. For a gross violation of the rules of PTE or work performance can be immediately withdrawn card number 3.

Leaders distance, chairman of the board of public inspectors, shift engineer distance can withdraw from any employee passes distance, heads of industrial sites, older workers elektromehaniki- your site. Public safety inspector for the detection of violations give proposals to the Chairman of the Board of public inspectors to withdraw the coupon. Withdrawn card within three days passed deputy chief of distance signaling. When removing the ticket number 3 the employee is subject to extraordinary verification of knowledge PTE and instructions. Withdrawal of the coupon does not exclude the application of disciplinary measures or public exposure, reduction or withdrawal of the award.

It is defined as a list of gross violations of the rules of the work. These include turning, makeup relay jumper settings not covered by the documentation, regardless of the consequences; Control devices with remote signaling without the authorization of station duty officer or train dispatcher; interference in the actions of employees of traffic services for the preparation of the route during disturbances or off (arrows Curbelo, a report on the situation of the arrows, the arrows on the lock padlocks, etc.); off devices without permission from the dependence of station duty officer or train dispatcher; works without turning off devices in the cases provided for application number 1 of the Regulations TSSH / 4397; separation of wits without proper registration and protections established order; off devices without appropriate permits and approvals; failure to comply with responsible inspection after turning off devices in action, such as compliance with the provisions of the arrow position of the handle and the arrow on the remote control; the lack of control by the non-paired arrows of their situation; impossibility of translation at the artificially arrows isolated area occupied and in a closed route, etc .; filling critical buttons and Courbet lei without a recording station duty officer or move about the failure of the seal; overvoltage relays for travel for the purpose of monitoring freeness cottages track circuit; other violations directly threaten the safety of trains.

During 2.5 years of the coupon system control seized 34 coupon, including 4 with a red stripe, 7 — yellow, 23 — with green. In general, it decreased the number of violations, increased operational staff responsible for ensuring the safety of trains. Now this method of control implemented at all distances Baltic road.

An important condition of unconditional compliance with maintenance rules, regulations, guidance on traffic safety is a clear knowledge of their operational staff. For periodic repetition of the requirements of regulations on traffic safety, strict compliance with these requirements, violation exception in the distance on a monthly intercom leaders distance shall be repeated periodic briefings with all employees associated with the movement of trains, maintenance and repair of SCB devices.

The annual plan of the periodic re-instruction covers all the important issues of safety. Usually, at the beginning of the year to conduct a detailed analysis of the violations of works committed employees distance over the past year.

In separate chapters briefing highlighted issues such as the prevention of cases of false freeness track circuits, false control arrows, false appearance of permitting testimony at traffic lights; procedures for eliminating failures signaling devices, detection of spin at the arrows; inadmissibility of errors and inaccuracies in the registration records off the device, the inadmissibility of turning, make-up relay and jumper settings not covered by the scheme; Warning consequences of violations of traffic safety on the assumption errors during maintenance, repair and commissioning; the inadmissibility of the deviations from the norms of the technical content of track circuits, centralized arrows; the need for detention units in strict accordance with the approved drawings and diagrams, specifications and standards; instruction on makeup cases, seizure, freezing relays and other technical malfunctions, fire prevention.

Briefings preceded by careful preparation, improvement plan, abstracts, selection of materials. For example, the topic «Prevention of cases of false freeness track circuits» given outlining the major functions performed by the track circuits, modes, parameters. The reasons of failures track circuits are treated with the maintenance to ensure reliable operation of track circuits, the procedure for their maintenance in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Railways number 27TS from 1986 studied the basic provisions of the order of the chief of the road on the procedure to ensure the normal shunt sensitivity of track circuits, the orders of the chief of department of road on regulation running track circuits, security, safety shunt loss under the trolley. Consider measures to prevent the loss of shunt because of contamination of the surface of the wheel sets, the requirements that must be presented to the workers movement, path, wagon, locomotive, freight management, specify the service actions to take when a false employment track circuits due to leakage current. To illustrate the possible consequences of poor maintenance of rail chains, mistakes made by the serving staff, as well as the use of prohibited methods are examples of cases that have occurred on the road network.

As a result of work to improve the reliability of the signaling systems, traffic safety on the course during the period 1981-1986 gg. quality assessment of the technical content of units averaged 10.2 points for the year, the total number of failures has decreased by a third.

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