oh teacher Grigory Mikhailovich Kozintsev — one of the most powerful creative figures in our art. Kozintseva value goes beyond cinema. even though the movie was his main his constant love. Judge for yourself, Kozintsev — a first-class film director, a wonderful teacher, the famous Shakespeare. the largest theater director, the excellent writer and public figure, who was always interested in the essence and not the trappings. Every facet of his talent shone activities, unpredictable, unexpected, because he never relied on ready-made formulas. Heads-ing my feeling from this man — «live dusha-. He was hateful dogmatism and rigidity in art, he always protested against the «common areas», deleted phrases grooved making his eternal arms were questioned, which always gives rise to the idea, search, pursuit of the only true creative interpretation. Kozintsev had a fantastic erudition envy. His conversation was brilliant, aphoristic, light irony and sarcasm. The accuracy of his estimates admired. Modesty. natural nevypyachivanie itself amazing. «Venerable» somehow did not stick to it. The motto in the movie is. proclaimed them with L. 3. Trauberg in his youth: «It is better to be young puppy than an old bird of paradise!» .- Grigory Mikhailovich carried through his life. Until the last day he remained alive. To him remarkably fit line B. Pasternak

And I have not a single slice

Do not back away from his face.

But to be alive, alive, and only.

Living and has only until the end.

…I first saw Grigory Mikhailovich in August 1944 on the entrance exams to VGIK. He recruited students for his directorial course. Group. which was conducted by the teacher, the institute called «workshop», and the teacher — «master.» He was then thirty-nine years. and he was already a renowned director. At the present time, in this age, some directors still considered young, novice. debutants.

At the first meeting, I was struck by his very high voice, which seemed about to fail. I’m in the finals, I confess, was particularly impressed by the Master, not made, and Gregory M. took me to his studio probation. That is, if in the first semester, I did not feel good zarekomenduyu, I slapped a deuce on directing (by specialty) and asked out of the coveted Institute.

I remember our first activity in which Mr. M. Rigor outlined his educational program:

— Direction can not be taught. It’s hopeless. The main thing is what I will try to persuade you that you have learned to think. If you master

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