DOVREMENNYE test beagles rule provides that higher degrees they may be awarded only for work on the hare. Beagle, tested by Fox can get an estimate of no more than 16 skill points, and only the third degree diploma.

It is believed that the dog is easier to pursue the trail of a fox than a hare, as the fox leaves a scented trail and move it smoothly and straightforward. On this basis, it was a restriction assessment skills dog for his work on this beast.

However, each hunter had the opportunity to see that for a successful hunt for the fox the dog is not required mediocre quality. Pursued by an animal, usually sneaks strong ovrazhistymi places, trying to bring down the Beagle returned to meet her, followed her, winds in the small spruce forest, and then goes straight big distances and again begins to walk in small circles. This animal often passes through the water, sometimes crosses the river.

There is no doubt that for a successful hunt on fox hound must have extraordinary skill, but this skill has a number of specific differences in the skill-hound zaychitsy. In addition, good krasnogon to be more viscous, nestomchivym, evil to the beast; it should have a resounding voice and a number of other inherent qualities of a good messenger.

For an objective assessment of all these qualities do not fit certain criteria specified in the applicable rules, such as the duration of estrus required to assign at least a diploma for his work on rabbit. Analyze and evaluate the skills hound-krasnogona more difficult, but that is no reason to limit its assessment of the diploma of the third degree.

Hounds running the red beast has long been prized by hunters is higher than only zaychatnitsy. Not all beagles possess the necessary qualities for a successful hunt foxes.

The rules for testing hounds should be amended to give the judges the right to evaluate the skill hound depending on the quality of her work, but are not limited to the maximum set points and the degree diploma.

When processing rules tests hounds need to change as the evaluation item dobychlivosti dogs, that is their ability to look for the beast. Current rules provide for an assessment of the quality of time spent on the rise of the beast dog. As a result of the higher scores for dobychlivost often get a dog who just lucky enough to stumble upon lezhu beast or his mark in the first half hour after the puffing, even though they do not have the proper ability to find prey by active search sites specific to its occurrence, or by completion of stale trail . I believe that dogs should be assessed dobychlivost guided not only by the time of its inlet to lift the beast, but on the whole complex of the behavior of the dog in the work and, of course, due to the nature of her climb.

Ustinov, the expert and the judge of the first category Ufa

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