One day Solotcha

One day Solotcha

Four in the morning. Fog covers the meadows. We go down the familiar road and plunged into «milk.» Abundant, too, even dew. Somewhere beats quail. The grass is low — did not have time to grow up. Aside from the bushes creaked lonely corncrake. NOTE. In the last year of their cacophony can be deafening.

Participants from spaniels on leashes, following on the heels of the commission came to the drainage ditch that separates the vast meadow in half. Commission chairman commanding: «Show walking pet at his feet, and without a leash! Here the road. So, by drawing lots. » It seems to be a mere formality, routine — well, what’s so important? But no, at the same time experienced expert gets a lot of information about the relationship in a pair of ‘host — spaniel «: who is the real leader, who is one with equal rights, and who is just» an errand boy. » Here is one sweeping the track, and the dog is there, on the grass. Another, on the contrary, gives the dog track, he tramples on the sidelines. The third kind of dog is nearby, but of impatience strives rysknut aside, saying that when the same field? The fourth pet runs ahead … No, this is not nothing: immediately clear what puts the dog owner, what is their real interaction in the field, hunting

The first pair has started. The team «look!» A wave of his hand — and he was seen by a young spaniel grass, knocking the dew in the dust. The owner behind him, and experts — for both. Send ranks to see the elements of the work of the dog at the same time from different angles — so-assessment will be objective, one expert will complement the other.

Test conditions stood out hard: there was almost no wind, a dog literally bathed in abundant dew. She was not easy to take the trail — a muzzle dripping like with a cold. And the bird was silent — hunter voice to navigate, it is necessary to look for work. Spaniel was moving well, fast gallop, sometimes slow down, something pointed, but not tinkering on nabrodah. The shuttle has been uneven, leaving many neobyskannyh places, and had the lead again to command and to correct it. The sun was rising. Its reflected in the drops of dew, no, no light, and shot in the eye rainbow semitsvetem. Spaniel again caught the trail. All the attention to him. It looks like a quail. Although our business was just judge, but we are worried about the dog is not less than the owner. Come on, darling, ‘do not fail! Do not let down: the acceleration, and to muzzle ryvok- soared wet bird. We looked at the clock — the allotted time is over. Only one job. It is a pity! After some discussion, the experts decided to take into account the complexity and give the dog a chance. They have that right — if necessary, add a few minutes for completion. Added, but it is, unfortunately, nothing has changed. Extra time over, and of rise was. There was not a diploma. Sorry, good spaniel, young! Well, nothing, all the victories ahead of him.

Who is next? Crake his voice between two bushes. A gust of wind. You can go with «under the wind», demonstrating a satisfactory shuttle at decent handling. Spaniel riding prichuyal bird did potyazhku and began circling around the bushes along the trail. But an experienced runner turned out, did not want to take off and the dog wound up in the middle of the bush, then led away into the field, then dragged into another bush and making eight, came back. In the end, knocking off the scent spaniel, he laughed out of the bush, when the owner, in desperation, led a four-legged hunter saying, look for easy prey elsewhere! ..

Watching chutistoy Kovrov «star» Bruno and commenting on the elements of its work, the experts moved tight group. Suddenly there was a passing embarrassment: an explosive snort wings beneath his feet, a loud shot over the ear — and zigzag curves Dolgonosov bird jerked to the side. What? It turned out to snipe, tightly having hidden from the dog took off sharply when it almost came. Jerked up, he ran up to the expert, he nearly fell from the cuttings and surprise pulled the trigger Pugach. Shot! Experts are next shuddered, twitched in different directions. Then, puzzled stare at the gunman, and when they realized what had happened, laughed together. And Brune counted pass …

According to many, heavy dew greatly affects the flair and efficiency. Water hammers in the nose, the dog shakes his head, snorts, opens its mouth to breathe. But the smell receptors are located in the nose, not the mouth. Then everything is clear …

For Russian Spaniel characteristic seek game canter with candles in tall grass. The search is always gladdens the heart. So we amused one dog, which prichuyav quail began to make high candle in place. Starting from the ground four feet at the same time, it is highly jumped out and immediately landed, too, to all four. «Goats» — came to mind the comparison. Performed several pas of this kind, have fun spectators dog rushed forward, and then we long remembered at leisure «kozlyaschego» spaniel.

How blessed heart expert classroom performance of well-prepared and delivered a dog! It does not matter what breed she is. The main thing — the presence of innate qualities: instinct, hunting passion, style, coupled with impeccable obedience and production.

The next speaker wachtelhund named Uhuru. Another name for this interesting breed — German quail spaniel. Well, quail, hey! Confident search canter, rapid rise on the wing scoring three birds — a good application for a high degree of field! It remains only to apply to the water perfectly.

The sun was hot. He slipped on the grass big shadow. He raised his head — high up in the blue, wings spread wide and stretched out in a line long legs, neck, beak, two crane hovered slowly sending us your Curly-Kurla. Here whose traces, similar to large crosses, we have seen in the morning on the wet meadow road. I watched with interest the flight of these good folk tales characters. In the fast-swept duck, time has come to noon. Hot, dry grass By dogs too difficult to work with. Quail almost unheard apparently took midday timeout. I hurried past the base of the lake, which brought together experts and participants, and whose dogs got into the field prices. It had the ultimate test — to supply water, after which will be announced a final evaluation of each performance and the degree of diploma field.

Stable feed perfectly spaniels quickly entered the water, picked up the bird and gave it into the hands. They were in the majority. But we are met and that threw the bird, barely set foot on the land, saying that further, the master himself, pick them up, if you need to. There have been a «talent» trainer. These brought in, but stopped steps, two or three to a leading, all kind of showing «Now throw» and «training» her host dutifully demonstrated his physical abilities, making a step or jump forward in time to pick up game before its fall to the ground . Sometimes dogs across that before handing a bird in the hands of the owner, have exhausted all his nerves. For example, our Brun. She picked up a water bird, came ashore just to the side and looked at the host (who waited) and put it on the ground. Again looked at his partner (not pale else?), Having sustained a fleeting pause, shook himself, looked back (well, how are you?), Picked up the prey and carried it whether the owner, whether by. Here experiences reach all audiences. The last stop overlooking «Now throw» Bruna made before the master and looked at him (still alive?). At that patience was at the limit, and he was ready to rush forward and grab ponosku (by this he kept strict guidance of experts — in Kovrov team are not welcome violations of the regulations). Finally Bruna took the last steps, and the owner sat down, took her game. Phew! Five points! All we sighed with relief.

Later in the afternoon the heat was asleep, and we again went to the meadows. The competition lasted until the first star until it was possible to distinguish the work items Spaniels. Today, the competition had been completed, but the excitement we did not leave. On the way to the base, we continued to discuss the highlights of the tests.

It was quite dark when a close circle of experts gathered for dinner. And, as always, ran down the usual talk about the prospects and directions of development of popular breeds in Russia.

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