One in the field

One in the field

Electrons. Could they be friends?

I look — and see around the packs running around and enjoy life electron bunches, pretending to be people. I loved, the Savior of mankind, an honorary Commander of the Order of the Red Cross and Green Crescent, Great mamamushi the world number thirteen in tenture, chatlanin pure blood, the owner of three pairs of pants and a yellow box KC, three red team captain in the game "Bloody sunrise without rules"Champion in tug of the Holy Hides and deserved winner of an icon "Voroshilov Aquarius"Lately I notice that I did not trust. On poorly protected Sliding body armor neck constantly feel the breath of alien to me pseudolife electricity, and is constantly growing. No, I’m not talking about robots, after all they are only "too smart" monsters. I’m talking about those who are struggling to save the universe helps me ..

If the enemy suddenly found itself

It all started a long time and is harmless. Remember back in Quake 2, his mother (not to be the night will remember), behind the scenes began to regularly attend tupenky way voice, a kind of leading and guiding role of the Party, giving the right path, we, comrades, and go. At present Mqm (DOOM, Quake, so that there — virtually everywhere) was simple: nowhere to retreat behind — Moscow, my own business — right, the enemy will be defeated, we will win, we win, and they will all die. You can do anything, one way, and it is correct. Maximum — a few times per game distract from ongoing work and will write the text from the screen is an anonymous well-wisher to the topic "What you’re cool, it’s something"…

Came Quake 2 — electrons and self-educated in some "organization"Carefully explains to us who we are and what we do, where to go further and attack anyone. And that was just the beginning, whitecaps on the waves, heralding a storm.

Then came SiN (remember the nasty little boy, his desk littered with banks from Coca-Cola and and norovyaschie his infamous voice indicate to me the hood, what to do?). Shogo, Reijuiem were great games, but from time to time there have had to act in the company.

So far, the worse it gets. Half-Life with his guards (no, no, they could not touch it, let roam, but admitted: who among you has never called these monsters with the same or substitute them for the next automatic gun bullets?). Kingpin, was almost overshadowed it, where do without assistants was difficult to pass difficult places. Wheel of Time, where the level of dedicated joint survival "our" against "Nenashev", Is perceived as the norm.

Heavy clip "tactical shooter"Where people gathered shoulder to shoulder, was kneading the evil terrorists, or anyone else, and the player were to fulfill its, small, task to total victory looked more sweet.

Primordial soup of electrons

One had the feeling that hangs in the air more dense haze of electrons spontaneously condenses in an increasingly organized and sophisticated animals and people, full of desire to serve and to protect, as an American cop movies. Probably, and it looked at the time (alas, I have not even found, although youth have not complaining) the origin of life on planet Earth.

The later go out to play, the smarter and development become our helpers, they were ready to take on not only the overall management and purely verbal encouragement for our actions, but also actively involved in most of these actions. The initiative, however, was still ours, but the windows have not yet evening, the game continued to go, and this generation of games — not the top.

Unreal Tournament and Quake 3: Arena. They trend toward depopulation, though not reached the limits of the possible, but very, very much caught the old-fashioned lovers save the universe at your leisure. Yes, yes, I’m on the bots. Have you ever tried to play CTF in splendid isolation? And as a party (you, you, what other leader? Party — not more than) two teams battle bots? Scar’s father, though smart beyond his years, but have not yet realized that he was not needed. Bots wonderful sort out between themselves themselves, celebrate the victory and pogoryuyut, losing, and then return safely to electronic protookean.

Happy tomorrow, where we do not NEED

But life in the meantime is rapidly heading for a happy ending. On the horizon, they appear in the foggy haze outlines games, communities, promising an easy death individualists rogue. A typical example — Daikatana, where Hiro Miyamoto was not to any single step alone, and Mikiko Superflay will take care and cover it.

Equally typical of the emergence of online worlds (especially action-oriented), where the missing people successfully replaced by robots. Going to the server CTF or other command variation of IT (and, subsequently, TF2, and even any other game — now without such a function simply can not), you play, play, play, your companions with you quite clever talk (by the way, have you tried to communicate with bots in Quake 3? for each one felled hundreds of variants of answers on different topics, and they use them very wisely), you are helping each other to beat the hated enemy, and then found that among them there was not one living person, and with the same success you could not hold the line and not to suffer from lag and eat his own car with the same opponents (or rather, do not it is bad? Bad? up to us by voting purse. Personally, I think of the electrons still can not get good friends, it would be better for developers to spend time on the design of the enemy of good.

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