ONE Jerk for all occasions.

ONE Jerk for all occasions.

It is widely believed that jerkbaits can be used only in the spring, as well as in shallow waters to catch pike, zander and perch. David

Hagemayster considers it a great mistake.

Using little tricks, fishing guide uses jerks and summer catchability places.

I rarely meet in the waters anglers who catch predatory fish on jerkbaits. On the one hand, this can be explained by the high cost of such baits, on the other hand — the false understanding that jerks the spring can successfully catch and in the rest of the year they can be fished a shallow water depth up to 3 m. However, this possibility of using dzherbeytov far from exhausted. I also had to change this point of view, after two years ago in September, took a guided fishing tour on the river Müritz.

In a gloomy rainy days, when the pond was great excitement, we fished underwater hills and plateaus. Pike held on steeply touchline at a depth of 5-8 m. The soft plastic bait is medium in size, we were able to catch some good pike up to 90 cm.

One of the guests caught exclusively on homemade jerks and flatly refused to use a soft plastic bait, despite the fact that we already had the first pike in the boat, but he did not have any bite. Saying: «You’ll see …» he caught concentrate and aggressively. To lower the slowly sinking bait on catchability depth, he equipped the ventral and tail tees small lead strips that pinched in the split rings. Thus, making jerks from fast sinking bait, he caught that day the biggest pike that we caught during fishing trips. This impressed me very much. Since then successfully applied this method of fishing, especially in summer, when the pike are capricious and legible. Sometimes I was able to use these baits save the worst day of fishing. Unfortunately, for fishing in the deeper waters, not all models are suitable jerkbaits. You can only use the sinking lure. Floating models require too much ogruzki to get them to quickly sink to the depths. But then they began to play less seductive. On the other hand, slowly sinking jerks length of 8-16 cm are more suitable for ogruzki small strips of lead, causing them to sink quickly. Some manufacturers of artificial lures has delivered to market quickly sinking to the depths of the model to 3 ÷ 5 m. I’m willing to use such lures as it takes only a small additional ogruzka to carry them further.

Two of these models due to the diversity of color and nature of progress have become my favorites. This bipartite Jerk Freddy weight of 65 g

(fast sinking) of Illex and

60 gram bait Hitcher Sinking of the Fox. Both lures requires about 15 g of additional ogruzki to be effectively carried out at a depth of 4 m and 6 m.

Evenly ogruzhat

Other jerkbaits from different manufacturers, for example, or Pike Time

Savage Gear, I also applied some require more ogruzki to descend into the deeper layers of water. For flawless operation of these jerks depending on the size of lure used requires already 25 g of lead. In order to equip the relevant cargo jerks I use lead roofing plate thickness of 1-1.5 mm. Cut one strip width of 1-3 mm and a length of 3 cm and is inserted into the split rings tees, which once they wrap around the ring, and the ends are pressed together just. It is important that the lead strips on the ventral side and the tail end are arranged uniformly, while not broken character bait under water immersion. There Jer ki equipped with rather small, but powerful clockwork rings. In these models due to the small diameter of the winding rings sometimes impossible to place strips of lead so that the tee could work freely. This problem can be quickly eliminated by replacing the catchy ring to make greater jerk. Catch these baits spinning rod length of 2.7 m or relevant jerkbait.

For catching pike and perch on ogruzhennye jerks I choose the hard and fast spinning rod with a test to 80 g and inertialess reel 5000 series, which is wound braided fishing line with a diameter of 0.19 mm. Posting a simple bait. Jerk neglecting and stretched le sk sink to the desired depth. Ideally, the bait is lowered by several meters for one or two seconds. Counting the seconds after the fall of the bait in the water, you can catch at the right depth.

Pull, pull and shake

Hold the rod in a horizontal position, bait Retractor potyazhkami side of 2-2.5 m, performed short spurts. After a stop at potyazhki jerkbait fishing line taut. However, he is slowly sinking. For as long as possible to fish the desired depth, after potyazhki give bait fall within four or six seconds. The closer to the angler in the boat or on the shore of the bait is, the longer should be the phase of her fall. It is important in the phase of stop or drop the bait to keep the line taut woven.

Little shakes movement wrist make jerkbait immersion seductively shake.

Bites or pike perch occur largely in the phase of short stops and dives, and usually perceived as a short jab transmitted through the rod. Short stiff sweeps allow the hook reliably pierce his lip fish.

When fishing for perch on long jerks

8-10 cm are often striped predators attack jerk in a long phase potyazhki. In this case, it is enough to continue after the bite potyazhku to hook stuck in the lip of the fish. Soft mouth bass and a large mass in the jerk too hard jerk allow fish to get faster. When jerkbait fishing for perch caught a pretty big fish. Regularly rise to the bait big fish up to 45 cm, providing emotional vyvazhivanie.

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