One of fourteen.

One of fourteen.

A handful of young artists, the poor, the helpless, weak, suddenly made a deal that would fit unless giants and strongman. She turned upside down all the old order and the relationship and threw off the ancient traps. It was the dawn of a new art …

Stasov 1878.

Proc. In the evenings close little room on Vasilyevsky Island was filled with cheerful noise and cigarette smoke. Dimly lit candles from the samovar exuded a cozy warmth. The owner of the apartment, Ivan Kramskoy, energetic, thin young man, walked around the room excitedly. The young people who came to study at the Academy of Fine Arts from different parts of Russia, this apartment has replaced the home. With folders and pencils nestled in the corner of Alyosha KORZUKHIN. Six years ago, the son of serfs foundries, taking a two-year vacation, went to St. Petersburg to study distant Arts. Just two years were released in order to change their destiny. If not two silver medals of the Academy would have to return to Yekaterinburg and share the fate of loved ones. From the land of bondage freed, and from want — no. At this time, I helped Kramskoy time found a profitable job, and it would have to paint icons instead of studying for a living …

The noise in the room gradually fell silent. Someone reads aloud Chernyshevsky: «Essential Art — playing what people really interested … but interested in the phenomena of life, a man can not utter them his sentence … This sentence is expressed as Art … «Read interrupted by shouting:

— How true it is, ladies and gentlemen!

— The beautiful is life, not the ancient images, we are taught the professor! The reality, not worthy of ancient mythology images!

— Yes, and the Academy itself is beginning to understand — objected to someone — remember, most recently Pukirev for «Unequal Marriage» professor gave and did not sentence his picture of reality?

— With the Academy has to fight — excitedly says Kramskoy — under new rules in the competition for the Grand Gold Medal will give us several topics to choose from, but, you know, the choice is not rich. Now the centenary Academy we can go forward. It is necessary to require the permission of the academic council of free choice of plot and insist that this rule applies to all.

— And if you refuse? — Hear someone’s voice hesitant.

— Give up the contest! — Emphatically answers Kramskoy.- We have nothing to fear, we volnoprihodyaschim student and are entitled to receive the title of class artist.

— And what about the academic pension and workshops?

— We can do without academic handouts, create a guild, as in the novel Chernyshevsky, settled together and work, part of the revenue — to the needs of the farm, and the rest — equally. Let’s just stay together until the end …

NOVEMBER 9, 1863, Academy of Arts. Graduates lined up in front of a row of a table covered with green baize. It was read the story from Norse mythology, one for all — the answer to a request for permission to «make a free choice.» Solemnly came out against competitors Rector F. Bruni, to clarify the assigned topic. Perhaps at this moment he recalls his youth, because Grand Gold Medal for young people opens the way to Italy, a country where artists of his generation were in no hurry to return to Russia of Nicholas. Some remained «under the myrtles Italy beautiful.» But times have changed. Kramskoy separated from a group of young people and says: «We ask in the face of the Council to say a few words! .. We have twice petitioned, but the Council has not found it possible to fulfill our request; … we do not feel justified to insist longer and do not dare to think about changing academic regulations, we ask humbly to free us from the competition. » «Release of the competition» — to forget about the «fiery sky» of Italy. From now on — Russian art to flourish under the sky of Russia.

THE BEGINNING OF THE WAY. House on the 17th Line of Vasilyevsky Island, which housed shops porters, soon became too small. KORZUKHIN on the advice of Archaeology looking for new premises. After a while the gang moved to the spacious studios at the corner of Voznesensky Prospekt. On Thursdays in the general hall of going away. There are talented young artists Valery Jacobi, Ilya Repin, Ivan Shishkin, Fyodor Vasilyev very young. Again, reading aloud, debate. «After serious readings and a variety of drawing — recalled Repin, — followed by a modest, but very fun dinner.»

The situation of the creative union gave special uplift. It passed on works created in the «Thursday.» This is the portrait of the artist Mikhail Peskov written Korzukhina. A typical plebeian appearance Sixties-guessed in major facial features, a sharp turn of the head, determined look. Before us is a hereditary Siberian, a member of the Siberian national groups associated with the revolutionary-minded student body Petersburg.

«One for all, all for one» — this is the principle on which the co-operative living. To help her financially, Kramskoy goes to work in Moscow. His deputy Alexei Korzukhina he leaves, the economic case is the wife of Archaeology, Sofia Nikolaevna. Between the artists add up trust. Unfortunately, their friendship was not to be last. At the end of the 60s gang begins to disintegrate. In place comes a new art association, which is destined to a glorious future: Peredvizhniki. Kramskoy became one of its founders, the ideologist. Under the first charter have multiple signatures porters, among them — and Korzukhina. But soon, but who appeared to work for the first traveling exhibition, he was expelled from the partnership.

The friendship between the artists was interrupted, but has left a trace in their souls. Tiff does not mean creative treason convictions. Their paintings are the very best that gave the Russian school of the second half of the XIX century, what they have read in a small room on Vasilyevsky Island «Essential Art — playing what people really interested.»

CREATION. Pictures Korzukhina special live a leisurely life. Usually, they contain no rapid action nor acute conflicts. Children — indispensable participants of its domestic paintings. He made only one work, permeated tense drama «drunk father of a family.» The web is written in his student years and due to the life time of the 60s. «The paintings of this era makes the viewer blush, tremble and stricter look into yourself» — recalled Repin. Instead of canvas on the topical theme of the liberation of the peasants then he created a dramatic KORZUKHIN family scenes, which with equal persistence makes us think about the life of people in the post-reform Russia. Frail figure of the mother and child, snatched the sharp light from the darkness, a figure opposed to clumsy father ruffian, disgust, fear and shame. Eight years later, in the movie «Christmas Eve» KORZUKHIN again turned to the image of the hapless father of the family. But now the action is transferred from one social circle to another. Changing the scene; instead of the hut — a room apartment in the city, the peasant is replaced by the father-official. In this thing we did not find stiffness, no sharp contrasts and oppositions. The vision of the artist is cleared of memorized schemes.

On another canvas Korzukhina, «Funeral at the cemetery,» stretch yarn to genre painting of the first half of the XIX century. Not to recall Venetsianov painting «on the land. Spring. » The poetic image is easy stepping woman — an allegory of spring — in common with the way korzuhinskoy girl. Just as easily floating white clouds, the same given the vast fields. But the plot is deprived korzuhinsky allegory. The artist depicts the moment in the lives of ordinary people, when a man thinks, immersed in memories — in short, it rises above the everyday.

The painting «Before the confession» was written in 1877. A solemn moment before the religious ceremony. But people are busy with small everyday worries. The slopes of the figures among the strict vertical decoration of the church interior create a sense of vanity. General revitalization opposes a fixed figure of an old woman sitting. The facial expression is meaningless, imperious hand rests on a stick. Regulation — a pious old lady, bent carefully, gives instructions to his grandson. For boys the figure is visible woman peeping behind the screen, where at this moment there is a «mystery of the remission of sins.» The elderly clerk reads the instruction of her grandson. Before us is a kind of «group portrait» of representatives of different ages and social classes.

One is struck by the skillful use of light and shade, honed skill of the painter. Thin brush gently caresses the shape of objects that do not reflect the light, and, conversely, the metal balustrade coins, gold decor of the iconostasis, sparking a bright glare on it. Colour stains clothes pilgrims gathered in a kind of coloristic bouquet. But it sounds muted paint without distracting the audience’s attention from the finest psychological development of the characters. Virtuosity of detail according to the canvas a more holistic impression. Typically, the naturalness of the characters to perfection, the composition harmoniously. The idea of ​​finding a final decision gives the first version of the song, which does not satisfy the demanding master. Like experienced director, he cleared the «stage area» of the second web of random characters, moved the group, changed the lighting. In those years, in Russian painting seen the desire for a large, generalized, «choral» picture. It found expression in the works Korzukhina.

In the early ’80s, the artist creates the last masterpiece — «In the monastery hotel.» He works on the church murals, observing churchmen life, the inhabitants of the monastery. The plot for the film was podsmotren hotel Zadonsk monastery.

…Last minutes before departure. Boy trunk locks, someone makes things old, bent samovar, pouring the remains of boiling water, threw back his head, hurriedly finishes his tea sex. Why do seemingly innocent scene is perceived as a ruthless exposure of the church? In the pre-departure hustle and bustle of the monastery making a last attempt to defraud merchant respectable donation. His face is extremely expressive: clever, cunning with eyes, insinuating smile. No less urgent portrayed an image widow: a little upturned nose, confused, slightly startled look, drooping corners of her mouth. The very composition is structured to attract the audience to a unique view of the duo. Surely in a chair shape — the «masters of life» in this little world — highlighted not only logically. This color, plastic tie composition. Clearly drawn against the window velvety black clothes cleric school colorful spot perceived luxury shawl of his companion. But surrounding bowing their people are colorless in the literal and figurative sense: brush painter treats them a little hurried than the main characters.

On the subtleties of execution and psychological acuteness of these characters can compete with the best images of genre paintings in Russian painting. No wonder fabric «Before confession» and «In the monastery Hotel» were acquired by Pavel Tretyakov. Save it to KORZUKHIN letter: «I have been through Mikhail Petrovich Botkin made you an offer about your picture» Leaving the monastery, «but the answer does not work … I once again renew my offer.» Apparently, the aging artist reluctant to part with his best canvases.

Pictures Korzukhina rightfully taken a place next to the works of the Wanderers. Although he did not manage to take part in any exhibition associations, creative beliefs, likes the artist has always remained on the side of the progressive unification. Korzukhina first biographer, recalled: «Until the last years of his he always thought and said that if anywhere Russian art is alive and well, it was only in the society of the Wanderers».

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