One of my daily life of the diva.

One of my daily life of the diva.

Lyudmila always enjoyed success with men. In his student years occurred in her life amusing incident. Luda and a friend arrived in Krakow. During a walk through the city they crossed the road at a red light. And then he caught the policeman, who demanded to pay a fine. But suddenly appeared a handsome young Italian. He paid for the fine girls, invited them to a cafe and began to actively take care of Ludmila. It turned out that the Italian doctor by profession, Poland called him a friend, who said that the most beautiful girls here, and you can find a bride. Young people communicate in English, and at some point the Italian Luda asked: «And where are you?» «Because of the Soviet Union», — she replied. The man froze. The only thing that could squeeze out: «Why are not you in a red scarf and leather jacket?»

So the love affair ended before it started …

With her first husband Luda studied in the same group. Smart, intelligent, playing guitar and piano, playing tennis, he was fond of bridge. But … I am drinking. They lived together for thirteen years, gave birth to Natasha and Susanna — and parted.

«I had a hard time in this marriage — said Lyudmila. — I was an independent, dragged on his entire family, marriage and gradually turned into a kind of heavy duty. «

And then there was a banquet at work, at the table next to the new colleague Lyudmila turned out — a nice young man. Igor fell in love with her immediately, and she was fascinated, but the age difference is confused — yet twelve years … Everything is said, what are you? what for? And she decided, at least a year, but my!

Since then twenty years have passed. They practically do not leave — and work together, too. «I am often asked: what is — all the time together? Do not annoy each other? «And I think it’s great! Because we have common interests, common goal. We were never bored together. I’m pretty sharp people can not always control myself, and our happy marriage in many ways — the merit of her husband. He is able to smooth out the corners. » They have a wonderful family. The daughters grew up married, the eldest son was born Severin. All families living separately, but probably became even more friendly.

«I’m lucky to have all good people — in business has always been the support from colleagues, the wonderful in-law caught and matchmakers to live together! Now every holiday — it really is a great family holiday, where, by the way, includes friends and colleagues, too, almost family. Always celebrated his birthday at the restaurant, regardless of how many people will, because I want to please all. On New Year’s masquerade usually do and leave somewhere outside the city. Daughters write a program, preparing tenders.

The year before — remember? -sovsem there was no snow. We went to the guest house somewhere in the direction of Saulkrasti. Suddenly, halfway snow finally gone, just threw huge white flakes. We arrived in the magic kingdom: a pine covered with snow, lake zaporosheno, bridges, gnomes — extraordinary beauty! And in the house — a large well-dressed Christmas tree, covered table, a fireplace, peace and comfort. And we — big happy family. At such moments, I understand that I am very happy woman! «


Ludmila — an amazing woman. This highly successful business woman has never been a cosmetologist, makeup does not use for more than twenty years old — and still looks so elegant that the photographs it is easily confused with his daughter! Inside Kolonna she underwent facial treatments, manicures and bold styling.

Ludmila: «The start was exciting — the first time I visited a cosmetologist.

It is like a facial massage by relaxing music. You could say it was an hour of bliss and relaxation. A Manicurist my question why the process is long, very clearly, in my view, identified the motto of all artists’ colony «, who worked in the day with me,» I’m doing you a manicure, so we would like to make it to me!»

13.00 elegant dinners in GARDENIJA.

Summer offers a warm day in a leisurely meal on the terrace. Lyudmila very carefully studying the menu. He says he adheres to a healthy lifestyle and is attentive to its menu. Finally Booked and Inna Kanevskaya, proceed to the presentation of gifts from Grenardi — pearl necklace as if created specially for Ludmila! Ludmila: «The main gift this holiday — it is certainly a dinner with Inna Kanevskaya!

Inna has to itself at first glance, with the first sentence. Thank you so much for her delicate interview! And I was very sorry that the dinner ended so quickly. And that was mostly a monologue — and so wanted the dialogue! But who knows, maybe we’ll ever meet and chat with all the heart is already without the recorder. «

SHOPPING 15.00 with stylists STOCKMANN.

As always, our Diva waited a whole heap of dresses — everything that could be found in a large department store. Ludmila gladly tried on all surveyed the whole crew (says that used to rely on the opinion of her husband, but he’s not there) and decided: to be photographed in the most «photogenic» dress and keep the most practical. Both — Hugo Boss. Great choice!

Ludmila: «Choose the dress universal suffrage was easy and fun. But the main pose for photos — very difficult. It turns out to be a model — hard work. By the end of the day came near exhaustion, and her lips began to tremble with constant smiles. But Maria Rudakova rescued tips and advice very cheered to think about kittens — for the good and gentle expression. I laugh from the heart! «


That’s what was Ludmila for the whole test, so it’s makeup. She wanted to try, and it was terrible to look ridiculous. But she bravely sat in a chair Sarma, makeup artist brands.

Sarma Crowley: «To get a natural effect, I used concealer Designer Lift — Lyudmila was surprised that he was quite noticeable on the face. The main focus — a feathered contour around the eyes. I used dark blue pencil Smooth Silk Eye Pencil 3 and the blue ink with the natural dividing effect Eyes That Kill Strech 02. Lyudmila excellent, expressive shape of the lips, so I just touched their beige lipstick with gloss effect Rouge D ‘Armani 202 «. Ludmila: «When the imposed make-up (and it was very difficult — because in my life I do not use decorative cosmetics), I once helped my guardian angels in the face of the crew. We tried different options and choose the best together. «

19.00 evening at the opera.

Despite our tradition day Diva for Ludmila stretched for a longer time in the opera «La Boheme», she will leave in September, when the season starts.

Ludmila: «That’s fine — the pleasure last for a few months! And now I want to say a big thank you Mary for organizing the celebration, photographer Denis, stylist Anastasia, master makeup Sarma. Thank you all for one day took me in his team. It must be said — a team of high level professionals. «

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