Open Letter

Open Letter

Omori «National League of enterprises elevator and communal infrastructure»

More recently, the Resolution of the Russian Government dated June 1, 2009 № 457, according to which defined the state body authorized to register and maintain a register of self-regulatory organizations — Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography.

Thus, the organization of any type of activity within the framework of codes of NACE 2007, have the right to create and register a self-regulatory organization. That idea, which in February 2008 Omori proclaims «National League», found practical application, as well as the ability to create complex SRO. This feature is extremely important for regional structures, where, as we know, there is not enough (25) enterprises individual activity.

Except for installation and commissioning, the struggle for the return of which to lift the CPO does not stop, then we are talking about design, construction elevator, and complete, the repair, including the capital, on the operation (maintenance), recycling as well as all kinds of work of expert organizations.

All these innovations are (under the law № 315-FZ) voluntary and do not require compliance with the rules of the law № 148-FZ. And when you consider that out of the draft technical regulation «On the safety of lifts» Russian Ministry of Justice ruled as illegal the point about compulsory membership in the SRO, it is clear that from now on only depends on us how to turn the situation with self-regulation.

Law № 315-FZ quite clearly defined the goal of transition to self-regulation: a) to transfer many of the functions of the state in a market economy; b) assign responsibility, including financial, for the products and services of these non-profit organizations; c) identify the unscrupulous organization and organizatsii- «one-day» with a view to their removal from the market; d) to improve the quality and reliability of the entire cycle of works; d) the ability to positively influence the technical, regulatory, commercial and other components of progress; e) the possibility of solving disputes by «peaceful» way; and much more.

All these provisions were leveled in the law number 148-FZ, as was declared the principle of compulsory membership. All the negative phenomena of our «market» economy, such as foam, climbed to the top. Especially contributed to this document «Access permission to work», which showed a substitute for licensing and commercial component which raised significantly. And when you consider that issued this document often totally incompetent people on formal grounds, the perversity of the phenomenon there.

Law № 315-FZ allows full use of voluntary participation, independent assessment of the opportunities and actual use of market levers of economic management. In addition, the compensation fee is realistic and includes connectivity to the full capacity of insurance companies. The conclusions are clear (by the way, they found the full support at the last meeting of the Working Committee (Executive Committee) of the National Congress of workers of the elevator industry August 27, 2009): an urgent need to create integrated regional non-profit partnerships and self-regulatory organizations in the framework of these specialties, to record them in the appropriate structure, and Russian Association of Employers «National League of enterprises elevator and communal infrastructure» is ready to take on this process, including the creation of a regulatory framework for the self-regulatory organizations, and go to market with new features.

All the necessary consultations, «National League» is ready to carry out (free for members of the League), including the creation of a set of required documents.

With hope for mutual understanding and cooperation, President Omori «National League», the chairman of the Organizing Committee and the Working Committee (Executive Committee) of the National Congress of the elevator industry workers, a member of the Expert Council for Construction, Housing Policy and Housing at the Ministry of Regional Development

FA Lyachin

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