Operating in portfele- «diplomat»

Operating in portfele- & quot; diplomat & quot;

The clinic, headed by the USSR State Prize laureate Professor EA Luzhniki, striking a somewhat unusual set of patients

…After a magnificent family celebrations, guests began to disperse. «One for the road to the track!» — Proclaimed fairly be far from good man of the house, finding in a case not yet dopit bottle of vodka. Instead of «Pososhkov» in the bottle turned out to acetone to bond the tape. Realizing this, only to fluff draining glasses. Company’s lucky the only non-drinking man’s wife hapless hero of the day, had time to call "ambulance".

…»Smart» mom decided to treat skin disease son, «right» means. Bought a hand ointment smeared baby, they say, from the heart. Toxic substances through the skin to suck and quickly got into the blood.

…Wanting revenge windy cavalier, ecstatic girl drank a large dose of sleeping pills. The consequences of «revenge» fell to the doctors.

Whatever bed — that story. The sad, tragic, sometimes annoying.

National center for the treatment of acute poisoning is a part of the famous Research Institute ambulance behalf of NV Sklifosovsky. Patients are taken around the clock, for the year — about four thousand. About nine of them operate.

— A contingent of our most diverse — says Professor EA Luzhnikov.- About three percent of patients — industrial poisoning. Many alcoholic lesions, especially when, instead of drinking alcohol surrogates. Many patients, who were engaged in self-treatment, to take unknown drugs or arbitrarily, «to be sure», increased dose of familiar medications. There are children who ate beautiful colorful «candy» — the adults left in an accessible place medicines. People who drink different «healing» extracts, known who bought in the market. There are suicides, and more than ninety percent of them — the so-called demonstrative: drinking sleeping pills so that it learned by others. This happens in the heat of passion or just to attract attention to themselves, because they know — save. And saves. However, often only by means of the operation — almost completely replace the poisoned blood.

When I asked for permission to be present at such an operation, the professor invited me … to the House. «And we are operating to take with a» — casually threw Eugene A., nodding at the ordinary on the table of portfolio «diplomat». My confusion made professor solve the mystery of «diplomat».

The official list of human diseases — such as about ten thousand — another «disease of the century» has appeared recently: acute chemical illness. This is different poisoning (including medications). According to the World Health Organization, newfangled disease in Europe is found twice as often as myocardial infarction, and the victims of it three times more than from traffic accidents. And we live in Europe …

Until relatively recently, the specific treatment of poisoning had. The victim was washed stomach, give painkillers — and then appeared antidotes — substances neutralizing toxins trapped in the body. But they are strictly selective: against a particular venom — specific antidote. Until you find out what poisoned (and often the patient is unconscious) until podberesh … Tried and exchange transfusion, that is, the complete replacement of the patient’s blood donor. It Helps. But where to get all the blood? After all, for the salvation of only one patient required fifteen or more liters of blood.

Case sharply budge when the method was applied «mask»: cleansing the blood of toxins by passing it through the active carbons, or synthetic absorbents. In the clinic, this method was first used Greek scholar Yatsidis in 1964. But widespread «mask for the blood» has not received. It turns out that along with the toxins are removed from the blood red cells, white cells, platelets … From such ill treatment and long.

Ten years later, Canadian researcher Chang developed an original method, which is still used abroad. To protect the components of the blood he offered every grain of activated carbon coated with a protective film. It is much more effective than the «Greek» method. But the film is deprived of direct contact with the blood of an absorber of the body are derived not all poisons, but only those that are able to penetrate the film. Problem still exists.

Such was the position from which began their search for EA Luzhniki and colleagues. Physicians fast friends with physicists and chemists. The first idea was «to replace»: instead of the film coat protein particles sink. There are two winning: First, the protein does not harm the blood, and secondly, it is itself an absorber poisons. Not bad. But in the body, already weakened, could be a so-called protein conflicts rejection reactions leading to further weakening. Yes, and a little expensive for the mass practice — bottle in five dice worth forty rubles. How to get rid of rejection? It is very simple — it is necessary to take the protein from the blood of the patient. For its own tissues of the body does not fight …

So they did. For the first time in the world. Saved his life confirmed the correctness of ideas.

Further more. Synthetic sinks and active carbons — one, two and miscalculated. A poison — a thousand. We need a universal absorber. Again, doctors began to conjure with the physicists and chemists. Each came to the following absorber has its electric potential.

And many poisons are most sensitive only to a certain potential, but to extend it, and only when it «stuck» in the absorber, and easy to slip past another with blood. When it realized a universal antidote was almost ready: immediately constructed a potentiostat that any sorbent can set a well-defined potential. What gives? From the same carbon can be prepared with a variety of scavengers and properties «battery» column absorbents such rapidly excrete the strongest and most dangerous poisons.

Theory and medical and technical experiments have been performed. There were problems related to the surgery. While «fast» take the patient to the clinic, valuable time is lost, and with it often lives. Treat poisoning should immediately, as soon as the doctor saw the patient and a diagnosis, from the first minute. We need a special «antidotal» equipment. In principle, such an apparatus has been — installed in a car or mounted in a portable drawer. But for her work needs electricity. Had an accident in a city apartment — socket handy. And if in the summer dacha, in the field, on the street, as if suddenly fails electric motor?

The doctors tried to treat the full independence from energy sources.

The Center for the treatment of acute poisoning there is a room for staff with nemedikov. Its inhabitants — the «techies.» They also made their own hands mikrooperatsionnuyu mounted in portfele- «diplomacy» engine, which surpasses the poisoned blood through the absorber is … the body itself.

From the absorber column depart two plastic tube ending cannulas — A simple device for introducing liquids in vessels. On the wrist of the patient’s vein and artery is opened, insert the cannula into the incisions. The blood pressure in the arteries and veins always different, so the blood from the artery «gravity» passes through the absorber column is cleaned from poisons and enters into the vein. As long as the patient dovezut to the hospital, the doctors of «first» with «diplomat» at least twice have time to drive through the absorber whole blood poisoning (10-12 liters). The method is effective in cases of poisoning by any substance.

Such an operation, and I watched in the House. The operation could take place anywhere — on the train, in the car, in the forest, in the field; the patient can be transferred on a stretcher with the «operating».

Is it only for the treatment of acute poisoning need such equipment? It was found that not only.

Most chronic diseases are accompanied (or caused by) a metabolic disorder. The decay products accumulate in the blood, sometimes causing worsening of the disease. It is especially characteristic of schizophrenia, the disease is not fully understood. Between bouts of practically healthy people and is operational. And the attack knocks him off balance a normal life for a few months. Gradually breaks between attacks are getting shorter …

The decay products accumulate in the blood? But the team Luzhnikova knows how to deal with it! Only that it should be removed from the blood? Center staff armed with all available sources, and began to study the biochemical metabolism in schizophrenia. We picked up a specific absorbent and quickly became much more quickly than in specialized clinics, patients withdraw from the attack And then, again first in the world to prevent these attacks.

This is most clearly expressed in the metabolic disorders of various allergies. We tried to treat them as well. Got a dramatic improvement in patients with bronchial asthma, psoriasis, lupus … Eugene A. strongly emphasizes: «Our method does not eliminate the cause of these diseases. But it gives relief for many months … «

Method of researchers from the national center proved to subject the treatment of burns, wounds, pancreatitis, certain blood disorders, endocrine disorders.

Simple, effective, affordable and … difficult. Two small lonely little room technician prepares absorber. What she can do, just barely enough to the Centre. Industrial supplies not. A mikrooperatsionnye in the portfolio? «Diplomat», if you’re lucky, you can buy. But — empty. Stuffed life-giving equipment manually, it is only here, in the republican center, and nowhere else.

The method has enormous prospects. Professor EA Luzhniki and his colleagues have trained professionals from other cities. A master and a method and apparatus may be any qualified doctor.

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