Operation of elevators spare parts, or

Operation of elevators spare parts, or

On the regional producers.

Report on the 10th seminar «New in lifts»

Elevators — a complex mechanism, it is a harmonious system of interaction of dozens of organizations: Lift plants, factories — manufacturers of elevator components, parts, spare parts; enterprises, installs and servicing elevators; Engineering and design organizations; supervision department lifts.

Does the elevator industry today, all these communications, whether there is a developed infrastructure of elevators? To some extent — yes.

Edward I. Kaiser — General Director of «Enterprise» Parnassus «,» Saint-Petersburg This plant supplies spare parts for maintenance, repair and modernization of elevators of domestic assembly, operated in the country today.

The problem of providing the lift operation of spare parts has long existed. But, nevertheless, for some reason it is considered to be minor and chronically can not be solved for many years. But today the growing acuteness of the problem becomes every year more and more evident against the background of a rapidly aging fleet of domestic elevators, amid growing competition from low-cost and high-quality products of foreign manufacturers, ready to take on everything in our domestic market.

The answer to the national market of imported goods on the offensive? First of all, the development of domestic productive market, development of regional infrastructure, powerful, coherent mechanism enterprises of the Russian elevator industry.

In the pre-crisis year of Petersburg almost came on the number of pre-reform mounted lifts. The demand for lifting equipment — both domestic and imported. Lift the plants cope with the problems of supply. Installation and service organizations to cope with the current challenges of the day. The interaction between manufacturers of elevators and consumers of these products are not perfect, but it exists and is improving.

Another picture from the placing on the market of elevator parts and components. It is because of this lack of production idle hundreds of elevators, especially in regions far from the capital. In this part, on the «foot» limp regional infrastructure.

In St. Petersburg, 45 thousand elevators. The very good 2007, we have about 1000 machines. Now it capsized, and predict something hard. Replacement of lifts carried out on 185-th law and in our city will be replaced by a total of about 300 elevators. It turns out that the best of times we change 2-3% of elevators a year. It is clear that such rates do not save elevator fleet. The consequences can be very serious.

St. Petersburg — the oldest city in Russia, an elevator, so here the situation is particularly serious. With a shortage of resources and opportunities for the mass replacement of elevators most serious attention should be paid to our old Lifting the park, try to exploit it as long as possible, and safer. Yes, our elevators are bad. Yes, little old. Yes, obsolete. But other lifts we have no other choice but to keep them in working order.

What is the problem, it is known to all. There must be a different attitude toward the elevators different years and different financing their service. Needed lift parts.

Who, after all, must ensure operation of equipment spare parts, including elevators, discontinued production plants?

First of all, it is, of course, Elevator Plant. However, their participation in the solution of this problem is not all clear. Production plant has always detested the production of spare parts. A lot of trouble, and economically uninteresting. Because the difference in the price of the product, which is sold as a part of the elevator, and the same product if it is sold separately.

But even if the elevator plant and wanted to provide the spare parts market, by quite objective reasons they can not solve this problem fully. Production plants difficult to arrange prompt delivery of parts to the consumer, because the lift building plant there is not in every city where there are elevators. They are, in fact, separated from the regions. The region maintained different lifts lift building plant: Mogilev, Karacharovsky, Scherbinsky and others. In Soviet times, these elevators are produced according to the same document, but as a rule, units manufactured at different factories, are not interchangeable. Therefore, one does not plant to provide spare parts all lifts in the region. And then there are the elevators of foreign manufacturers.

Elevator plants removed from the place of service of their products, can not cope with this task because the service needs attention constant, daily.

On the «Parnassus» daily receive dozens of consumer products serving the elevators, the factory works on a call, usually without payment. The close regional ties give rise to confidence.

Production plant complex operational and closely respond to the needs of small-scale piece and service companies, it is difficult to constantly maintain the release of a large range of parts for elevators years old.

Thus, the lift building plant as a direct supplier of elevator parts in the regions disappears completely.

Maybe the regional elevator installation and service organizations themselves will be able to solve the problems of production of spare parts? Trying to minimize the cost, many are trying to establish their «natural» economy, organize workshops for the production of some of the lift components. With a pile of its unresolved problems, they embark on the burdens of the manufacturer, often without realizing the complexity and specificity of the topic, without hesitation, that the «subsistence farming» can not be made economically viable. And the production of a small range of products will not solve the problem as a whole.

Still, someone must ensure operation of the equipment spare parts? The conclusion is this: to the creation and development of regional market performance. Is there a market in Russia? Who are its members? — This is no market, there are attempts to create it. No discoveries in this field is not required. In this way, the whole world goes.

The most active productive regional system should form three categories of participants.

First, though, it remains Elevator Plant, as a manufacturer of elevator products.

The second structural member of the productive market — highly specialized manufacturers. It is usually small specialized factories, workshops and shops. Someone produces lift cables, ropes, someone ringing phones, control panels, and other made-in wardrobes. Someone delivers winches, someone makes metal components, frames, coupe, pours and processes pulleys, etc. There are many suppliers and manufacturers now. Market demand — they will appear very quickly, because it does not require any significant cash investments, no more production space. They produce and market goods directly to consumers through the development of a trading network, for example, elevator shops. Their customers may become Elevator Plant.

Purchasers of products are highly specialized manufacturers and suppliers of generic manufacturers. This is the next, third, and the least — the first member of the productive structure of the region. Universal manufacturer-supplier works directly with all the organizations served by an elevator.

For example, in Turkey’s market is organized in this way. Chinese manufacturers have not thought about the Turkish market, the infrastructure is perfect and self-sufficient! She works in the interests of the industry, provides financial stability and sustainability of the market.

A specialized manufacturer and Elevator Plant — apparent in their organization. The first should grow like mushrooms, they should be a lot. Lift the plants exist, their number will be increased, including through the establishment of production branches in the regions. The biggest problem — is the emergence and development of the party performance of the market, which we call the universal producer-supplier.

This is a central participant in the market supply of elevator parts. Such an enterprise is firmly tied to the structure of the region and works with all service organizations in the region, owners of elevators. Of course, it has in its structure and more efficient fleet makes its own. But part of the spare parts and materials to the enterprise supply manufacturers that specialize in some specific types of products, and other parts it receives from elevator plants. Such an enterprise must have a large storage facilities, because you can not get to keep the service organization have a complete set of spare parts, which are not known when it will be needed. Universal manufacturer, the supplier must also have a fleet of vehicles and its interests must be subordinated to the interests of organizations serving the elevators, ie its customers.

CJSC «Company» Parnas «» — that is, the company — the universal producer-supplier.

What should be the universal producer-supplier, what are its main features?

1. This is the coordinator of the infrastructure manager, firmly linked to other productive units and consumers. He quickly solves the current problems of the region’s elevator products.

2. This is a specialized regional The manufacturer, a small but produces the maximum possible range of spare parts, which has a significant production capacity.

3. This battery lift diverse products, has developed warehousing, transportation, loading and unloading equipment.

4. It is a manufacturer of low-volume, even the piece, but always diverse, versatile, mobile responsive to the needs of the market.

5. This plant — picker lifts on the basis of its own production and cooperation with other manufacturers, domestic and foreign.

6. This is a service provider required service businesses:

— repair of equipment;

— for loading and unloading, warehousing equipment;

— for measuring the workpiece cable, wire, cable products;

— by the paint and rustproofing of steel structures;

— Rail and road transport, etc.

7. It is a commercial supplier of products of other manufacturers.

8. And most importantly, it is factory- partners who are able to subordinate the overall result its efforts, interests, capacities, including financial.

Where will the universal producer-supplier?

The issue is the most serious. In our time, to organize specialized plant in the elevator business generalist easy. Problems with money and personnel. The market demand is, of course, will determine the supply. But we have time — or have time to others? In the back is already breathing from the east.

The creation of such plants from scratch is hard to believe. Substantial manufacturing and warehouse space, technological equipment, trained professionals, working capital, a well-deserved name in the market, etc. Maybe somewhere and work. But there must be many providers, the country — tens. They may appear, perhaps, only in the depths of the existing market, on the bases of the lift plants of the region’s largest specialized elevator organizations repurpose shops, small factories.

The real breakthrough is possible if our Lift «Grand» will be opened in the regions of its manufacturing subsidiaries with the same interest as trading houses are now open. Our hope, perhaps, only for it. It is encouraging and the fact that the «giants», as it seems, there is no other way to survive. And they surely understand.

You should see a «wraparound» regions productive infrastructure market is an elevator. There should be no voids, infrastructure has to be permanent.

So far, we have a chance. We are still better than the Chinese, on our side, conservative patriotism of our customers a huge range of parts in the operation of elevators, lifts glorious names in the market.

It is time, colleagues, attend to this problem, take the market together and join hands in order to «not divide one by one.»

A little about our factory. According to the reasoning of the lift infrastructure performance lifting equipment plant JSC «Company» Parnas «» — a typical generic manufacturer-supplier.

The company successfully works in ’32 on the elevator market. At the beginning of his biography, in 1970-80 years, using its own engineering innovation, «Parnassus» tried to do everything to ensure that the lifts of mass housing construction in Leningrad, for the introduction of new industrial installation of elevators in the city. It was the first role of the young «Parnassus.» The lift equipment from the factories held a deep pre-installation preparation, checking the completeness, quality units are delivered to the assembly with a wheel in accordance with the schedule of construction and installation works. Time passed, and the elevators need repair or replacement.

The main problem of the modern elevator elevator otrasli- conservation park. Providing spare parts, materials, components of national park lifts the Northwest region, and many other Russian cities, today the company is doing everything to elevators were long. This is the modern role of the mature «Parnassus.»

The product range, which is made directly to the «Parnassus» is very broad. This control cabinets, ringing phones, the panel orders the display boards for all types of elevators. To someone not like relay-contact control cabinets, I do not like them, too. But think about it from 45 thousand 35 thousand St. Petersburg lifts operate on releykah in the regions the ratio even steeper. How can we remove these products from the production, if required? Of course, there would be money, it would be necessary to replace all the old elevators again, put the modern management system. But this money is not and will not in the near future or in the non-nearest, too.

«Parnassus» makes a lot of mechanical components: frame, doors, shutters, doors, freight elevator shaft, coupe cabin. In general, more than three hundred kinds of products. Production varied, most of the small scale production, piece. Our main task — to provide Peter elevator parts, 90% of «Parnassus» is in our city.

Small freight elevators LMP series — a relatively new product elevator equipment factory «Enterprise» Parnassus «.» This widespread use of elevators. The equipment received a residence permit in restaurants, hotels, offices, business centers and shopping halls, catering department, warehousing and clinics, shops and factories.

LMP lifts operate in the capacity from 10 to 250 kg and are available in a wide dimensional nomenclature. The minimum dimensions of serial cabin — 400 x 400 mm, maximum — 1000 x 1000 mm. Step resizing cab depth or width is 100 mm. The maximum height of the cab — no more than 1 200 mm.

The entire range of dimensions offered lifts LMP is typical, not special as when ordering the elevators from other manufacturers. The cost of the elevator is also typical, but not special.

Elevators are always supplied complete with metallokarkasnoy mine. It is — independent of the building structure, fast, «screwdriver» assembly without welding and without the precision requirements for the geometry of the construction part of the mine.

Applying decorative finishes allows small elevators fit perfectly into the interior.

Lifts LMP — very high quality, reliable product. The use of the beautiful, the German economic drive operation of the elevator makes a comfortable and smooth movement of the car, virtually noiseless. Production time lift LMP does not exceed 25 calendar days.

These virtues give a small freight elevator Petersburg factory lifting equipment «Enterprise» Parnas «» on a par with the best foreign analogues, while maintaining price

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