In accordance with the program of structural reform of the railways in December 2005, the Board of Directors of "Russian Railways" it was decided to establish a subsidiary of the Company "Roszheldorproject". In January 2006 the Company was registered in the state registration bodies and two months later he began his project, and financial and economic activity. The main activities "Roszheldorproject" is a design and engineering survey work for the construction, reconstruction and overhaul of railway infrastructure, as well as industrial, housing and social and cultural destination.

The composition of "Roszheldorproject" It includes 22 design institutes (branches of "Roszheldorproject"), Including 17 regional and five specialized. In addition, the Company owns a controlling stake in OAO "Dalgiprotrans". Activities Roszheldorproject is extended to the entire road network in Russia. The net asset value of the Company is growing every year and the beginning of 2008 amounted to almost 3 billion. Rub. .

Currently, the share of "Roszheldorproject" market design and research services in the field of railway construction reaches almost 50% (Fig. 3). The company is involved in the implementation of major investment projects such as the organization of high-speed and high-speed passenger traffic on the route Moscow — Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow — St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg — Buslovskaya, Moscow -Adler (Center — South); Comprehensive reconstruction of the Crimean — Zabaikalsk, Kotelnikovo -Krymskaya; electrification and the construction of the second main track on the Syzran — Sennaya; development of infrastructure rail lines to the ports of the Azov-Black-Sea basin and the Gulf of Finland.

Besides, OAO "Roszheldorproject" It takes an active part in international projects. In 2007, the Company was carried out by experts "Expert assessment of the needs in investment in the rehabilitation and development of Armenian Railways". In the current year it is expected to participate in a project to electrify the railway line Tehran — Mashhad length of 926 km (Islamic Republic of Iran).

Coordinating the work of the branches and their uniform load for the effective implementation of plans for design and survey works of "Russian Railways" Central office of the Company is engaged. Its functions also include: quality control, and timing of delivery to the customer design estimates on major integrated projects; the development and accreditation of quality management system in compliance with international standards ISO 9001 at all branches of society as a whole; improving efficiency and design productivity by introducing new systems design automation, high-performance computer equipment, development of technological data networks, creation of common databases and project data.

Currently, the major institutions, branches, projecting objects signaling are "Giprotranssignalsvyaz". "Omsk-zheldorproekt". "Moszheldorproekt". "Transelectroproject". "Kavzheldorproekt". "Zheldorproekt Volga", Which has more than 6.5 thousand. People. Directly in the development of facilities RAT involved about 500 employees.

Annually experts of "Roszheldorproject" design of EC totaling 3,000 hands, 3,000 km automatic blokirovkai. Already, the company is able to carry out project work in the field of RAT for all relevant units of the investment program of OAO «Russian Railways», although the current projects arrow kilometers signaling more significant projects 20 years ago. Recently, there have been qualitative changes in the design. For example, this year the volume of domestic design of microprocessor centralization EC-EM exceed 50 stations, including about 1,000 hands.

For fast implementation of projects developed new modular buildings SCB. The one-story, with up to 16 modules can be placed approximately 100 cabinets. Projects highway Saint Petersburg — Buslovskaya first applied two-storey modular buildings SCB, which opens up opportunities for the design and rapid construction of large stations EC.

Institutions "Roszheldorproject" Today the new design for the industry facilities, such as traffic control centers diagnostics and monitoring signaling systems, road traffic control centers (MCC October Road), road complex automated train control on sections equipped with centralized traffic control ("Automatic pilot" Gorky road).

Also, a lot of work is carried out on the development, implementation and maintenance of automated control system of economy ACS-W-2.

Projects of organization of maintenance and repair of technical equipment of railway automation and remote control for distance signaling throughout the network.

Currently, the most important task of the company is the organization of work on the feasibility study for the construction of high-speed line St. Petersburg — Moscow. Roszheldorproject first is the general designer of such a large-scale project. It is necessary to develop regulations for the creation of an infrastructure of high-speed with a maximum speed of 350 km / h. Track facilities such work already completed for the relevant activities in the field of signaling organized a working group of experts.

Much work awaits the Company and experts of "Russian Railways" the implementation of international projects in Algeria and Saudi Arabia. To meet these challenges under the leadership of the Department of automation and remote control will be mobilized all the intellectual power industry: science, designers, factory.

A huge field of activity for the company — participated in the implementation of the Strategy of development of railway transport in the Russian Federation until 2030 of "Roszheldorproject" I am ready to increase its operational capacity to participate in the creation of new and better systems RAT, improve the quality and reduce the development time of projects.

In February this year, the first Vice-President of "Russian Railways" VN Morozov approved a plan for design and survey works for 2008 on future construction projects. In accordance with the plan of 47 objects of automatics and robot tasked to design the Company’s branches. Besides, OAO "Roszheldorproject" He plans to participate in tenders for the design of many other objects.

The management of "Russian Railways" It sets strict deadlines design organizations design and estimate documentation, which can be done only when the coordinated work of all participants in the investment process, but their interaction is often a problem. There must be strict supervision by the chief engineers of roads and the departments of "Russian Railways", Project management, the timely delivery of assignments and specifications for the design of objects.

You should also strive to ensure that the specifications for the design and technical conditions of roads were ready at the same time. The plans of the design and survey works at the time of approval should include only the objects provided input data for the initial design.

There are difficulties and limits the formation of financing R & D activities. According to approved plans for a number of facilities are insufficient and must be specified when the full adjustment after the issuance of technical conditions expensive. Otherwise, the design has been delayed for two years, and it is not profitable, and of "Russian Railways" and design organizations that are not able to provide a high rate of work.

To be considered for major road project drawings and, first of all, the schematic plans for stations and travel plans spans, even in 2000, an indication of the deputy minister of Ministry of Railways of the Russian Federation Alexander Misharin were set tight deadlines. Often, in practice, to sustain deadlines issuance of construction documents, project development begins before the removal of all the comments and statements of basic drawings. As a result, received at the final stage of the project approved by the drawing with the wishes of many new roads, subsidiaries carry significant costs for processing the project and tear release dates. Therefore, the terms of coordination basic drawings and projects as a whole should be "test point" for chief engineer of automation and remote control.

In previous years, the status of the head of the design organization had Institute"Giprotranssignalsvyaz". At present the Institute continues to serve as the head of the design organization, but official confirmation of this status from JSC "Russian Railways" Institute has not. Today GTSS at the direction of the Department of automation and remote control provides newsletter design organizations other normative-methodical documentation, the owner of which is most often of "Russian Railways"And the Institute for important restoration of the former status.

On the objects included in the investment projects of "Russian Railways"Constantly held detours involving the customer, construction, design and operating organizations, managers of the road. As a result, decisions are made that differ from the previously accepted way, and we have to change the gridiron station sequence input devices into operation, include the title of the new facilities to expand the work to supplement the previously issued specifications. The consequence is excessive cost of project organizations, and in some cases increased the cost of construction of facilities, superior economic performance, adopted at the stage of feasibility study or justification of the investment. In this connection it is necessary to improve the quality of technical specifications to ensure the validity of the requirements of road design objects.

Unfortunately, there are omissions and designers. Big resonance in the company caused a collision of passenger train number 279 on the stretch Liski — Slope Southeast of road 17-06-2007 The investigation of violations was found and design mistake made by experts "Yugovostzheldorproekta" in coding schemes for extending the route departure routes at the station Liski in 2005, specialists GTSS quickly developed, agreed with NIIAS, PKTB TSSH and approved by the Department of automation and remote control solutions. And 21.06.2007 coding scheme EC station Liski were adjusted, assembled and tested. After analysis of the case in all branches of the company developed and implemented proposals to improve the quality control system development projects. In September 2007, at a seminar on training of auditors of the company decided during the year to conduct the certification of design organizations working in the field of railway automation.

Certainly, Inc. "Roszheldorproject" aware of its responsibility for the quality and timing of project development, conducting technical policy of the Department of automation and remote control, normative and methodological support of the design, the creation of new systems of railway automation and remote control, the development of technical solutions and technologies. With each month of service of the chief engineer of the Company covers more real design problems, monitors all the major projects of the company. JSC "Roszheldorproject" It operates a modern data network, which became the basis for creation in all branches of videoconferencing studios. This allows production meetings with the participation of all the branches, providing high responsiveness of management and minimal loss of working time.

To improve the efficiency of design in the company to develop and implement automation systems design (CAD). Since its inception, the company is financing their development. CAD tools are constantly being improved and implemented in all branches of the Company. Currently, through a set of automated CAD tools, and conducted interactively designing floor guards and signaling systems, maintenance carried out calculations and calculations of tonal track circuits.

At the same time the company is working on the creation of a unified standard elements of design, database hardware of railway automation and remote control, planning the development of standard electronic design electric interlocking and automatic block system.

Roszheldoproekta is relevant to and personnel matters. Although in the last eight years in the branches of the Company were a lot of young employees, to fully compensate for the loss of human 90s is not yet possible. The most acute shortage of highly qualified specialists, chief project engineer and senior specialists. Therefore, the training of engineers in railway universities appropriate to introduce discipline "Basics of project work"And during the preparation of the graduation project as much as possible to use standard materials for design and new technical solutions developed design institutes. This will increase the level of initial training design engineers to accelerate their career to leading engineering positions.

In GTSS annually school seminars for design organizations, which are actively discussed best practices in design, CAD tools, discusses the new signaling system. It is also advisable to strengthen the capacity of universities to industry retraining for design organizations.

Today JSC "Roszheldorproject" ready to participate in the implementation of major investment projects of "Russian Railways"Responsibly perform entrusted projects and companies are optimistic about the future.

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