The aircraft, which flaps its wings, invented by Leonardo da Vinci, And 525 years later, it rose into the air, Canadian students.

The name stuck together from the Greek word «bird» and «wing» because the ornithopter flying like a bird rather than an airplane: Stay in the air due to strokes rather than rotating turbine or jet exhaust. The idea is credited with Leonardo da Vinci, whose outline drawing is dated 1485 year.

A model called «Snowbird» («snow bird») also does not pollute the atmosphere, unlike airplanes or helicopters because it is driven by the muscles of the pilot. She constructs her students the University of Toronto (Canada), directed by Professor James Deslauriers. Former NASA engineer, he still managed to take part in the preparation of the lunar program of the US, and then launched into the stratosphere giant balloons with scientific equipment. The machine rose into the air only twice — in summer 2010 before the experts of the International Federation of Aeronautics. The longest flight for a distance of 145 meters, lasted 19.3 seconds.

Today ornithopter is stored in the Canadian Museum of Air and Space. This year, the same team has designed the first helicopter-foot quadrocopter — he has brought the inventors Sikorsky prize of 250 thousand dollars.

Why such intricate designs and clumsy? For the study of fundamentally new methods of flight. For robots the size of insects propelled by sweeps — a real gift. And before the shoe under the microscopic mechanical bees, flapping worth exploring models bigger.


Wingspan — 32 meters, like a passenger «Boeing-737». But ornithopter weighs hundreds of times smaller -only 43 kilograms, not counting the weight of the pilot.


The pilot in the gondola should be first and foremost an experienced cyclist. Its task -vraschat pedals are connected to the wings of the system threads.


Each wing is divided into four segments hinges — they serve as a funnel, humerus and bones as well as bone-in wing buckle live birds.


Tail, wings and nacelle kept at seven-meter tube of carbon fiber. For ease of designers decided to do without the metal. A pilot was forced to lose weight by eight kilos.

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