OUR STRENGTH-in public

OUR STRENGTH-in public

I. Bobkin, deputy chairman of the Society of Serpukhov hunter

Serpukhov district by the abundance of game, of course, can not compete with the deep areas of the North and Siberia. It is situated not far from Moscow, along and across the railroad tracks is cut and highways. Serpukhov during the years of Soviet power has grown into a major industrial center, its population has increased many times over. We have no unexplored virgin forests and open spaces. Nevertheless, our hunters can not complain about the scarcity of land Serpukhov. The hunting season is almost no one comes back from them without a trophy.

Serpukhov society of hunters unites people of different professions. Here and factory workers, engineers and technicians, teachers, doctors, workers of state and collective farms. Here, workers and manual and intellectual workers, employed in the most diverse sectors of the national economy and social development. But the common interests of hot, genuine love for mother nature, care about its preservation and enhancement of natural resources unite these people in a friendly team.

Zealous, caring owners, the hunters themselves, gratuitously perform more than half of all the activities on reproduction of wild game. They work on the construction work on the farms, on the improvement of water bodies.

We have developed a fairly coherent system of attracting members of the public to participate in the biotech and reproductive activities. Each grassroots team (of 62) has a control task, expressed in man-days. The task given how many man-days to be worked out on the organization and content of the feeding grounds, tab Remizov, solonetses porhalisch, installing hollow nests, planting fruit trees, on the protection of farms. No hunter will not get a ticket for hunting, if it does not work out a certain number of days.

During the execution of control tasks, for the best results between the teams deployed live, effective competition. The fact that these indicators are determined by the first place in the competition and, hence, the premium that receive advanced collectives. Therefore, each year the number of man-days worked out is growing. So, if in 1960 there were produced a little more than 3000, then in 1961 over 6000. No less will be produced this year.

In many primary groups, such as the second textile mill (chairman V. Belousov), factory «Red textile worker» (Chairman VP Petrov) Zanarskoy factory (IP Palguev chairman) and, a number of other Each hunter has worked in the past year in the farms of more than six days. It proved to be a good team village name Nogina (Chairman Voevodin AE), which unites about 140 people. Comrades, this team was equipped to please tens solonetses porhalisch, feeding grounds, killed 160 raptors.

In our small club posted a table of indicators, on which we celebrate the progress of the tasks each team. And it is worth to see how the representatives of groups jealously see to it that the table accurately reflects their work. Here, of course, it is not only the desire to occupy, so to speak, a prize, but in the good sense of responsibility of each team for the state of affairs of hunting in the whole area.

In our hunting grounds, occupying about 200 acres Company, organized four farms and 30 Jaeger sites. For each site assigned, usually two primary team. Loose territory, where they could create a favorable environment for the development of poaching in the region no longer exists. About how primary teams work on their farms says at least the fact that last year the plan on reproductive activities was carried out by 170 percent. 10 percent of the land we have is given annually by reserves.

I will not give detailed figures, except to say that last year our hunters equipped for the sake of about 150 porhalisch 240 solonetzes, over 250 feeding sites and destroyed more than 1,700 birds of prey. They put in 650 lands of fruit trees.

The work brought high moral qualities of the Soviet man. The voluntary work for the common cause and good rallies and increasing our hunting team, people grow, increasing their awareness. It was necessary to equip the heating system based on the newly created «Nara». In this case willingly went hunting members of the team of one of the factories, giving their leisure time working on the base. We had to arrange a pond in the village of «Nerastannoe.» The estimate for the construction of the estimated costs in the amount of 4,000 rubles. Hunters-social activists have looked, what you can do yourself, without the cost of funds, and as a result all the construction cost only 300 rubles.

In hunting area in general being a lot of construction, requiring the preparation of technical literacy projects. And this work is put on public tracks, she knows her public design office headed by an experienced engineer a communist AI Lyubimov. This is a prime example ln Nyo blood hunter amateur interest in strengthening and growth of their society, in which he feels himself a sovereign and master of thrifty? These people can be said to have made a step in the communist tomorrow.

It is appropriate to say about the young Eger Evhen Bogachenkove, who manages the base year «Zhernovka.» Before that Bogachenko working as a mechanic at one of Serpukhov, was one of the best public hunt inspectors. Now he has decided to fully on-1 sanctify themselves Hunting and asked to appoint him to the post of gamekeeper. Material from this Bogachenko just lost, and, frankly speaking, the case had not been without unpleasant conversation with his wife. But Evhen still insisted. He explained his move from the city to the forest is very simple:

— I love hunting the matter and decided to deal with them for life.

EV Bogachenko — one of the best rangers in the Serpukhov society of hunters. Last year, he held 21 poacher. Bogachenko earnestly carry the service on its rounds and deeply upset when things are not going the way it should be. Why, for example, do not always get what they deserve exposing them to poachers? It is mainly about the poachers from the neighboring district of Kashira. Detained, for example, com. Bogachenko V. Tolstov (Kashira), N. Saveliev (Kashira), VP Vasiliev (Kashira), VI Palvinskogo (Stupino), EA Krapilina (Stupino), amounted to acts, and poachers have not received any punishment. By the way, can be companions of the Society of Hunters of Kashira answer comrade Bogachenkovu why they are kleptocrats liberal gifts of nature?

Public figures — the main pillar of our team in the fight for the strengthening and growth of hunting farms. For example, they check and monitor the activities of sports facilities. In this work, a particularly active DP Golubkov, V X. Blau Communist AI Golovin. The important role played by the disciplinary commission friendly, which is headed by a retired colonel MN Alekseev.

Hunters who have committed violations of different nature, pass in front of the disciplinary commission. Depending on the severity of violations of t © Commission appoints and recovery. But whatever penalty the offender has not received, most of them close to your heart takes proceedings in the committee and makes the necessary conclusions.

To understand, for example, the case of a young hunter AR Panferova, hunting without a permit. The Commission declared him a severe reprimand. The guy really felt the deserved punishment not only does not allow any violations, but, perhaps more than anyone else in the team working on the fall of reproductive events.

By and directed the activities of the commission — the punishment should serve educational purposes, to help a person feel his offense.

Educational work is carried out in sections of society — shooting sports, sport hunting, dog breeding, fishing, hunting with a camera. For the members of the sections are not indifferent to the moral character of their comrades. We will not name names, but I suppose that one of the members of the section dog will not pass in vain severe condemnation, which he earned from his companions for inappropriate behavior in the home.

On the educational work of the service delivered as lectures, which are regularly read in the primary collectives, and in our area club. Topics of lectures a variety — of the natural wealth of the region, about the technique of ohotmeropriyaty, hunting weapons, clay pigeon shooting, and so on. D. In the club, we organize an exhibition of hunting wall newspapers published each primary collective.

Unfortunately, our club, its auditorium with a small stage came at such a dilapidated state that use them simply can not continue. Therefore, we design the construction of the House of the hunter.

Educational purposes, and Hunt Museum is equipped us Zanarskom hunting. In this economy, we carry out various public events — meetings, seminars, regional dog shows, and so on. D. Educational purposes and delivery of subordinated ohotminimuma — each newly received in the society of hunters rents did not formally, but in essence. We are now thinking: well, it might be worth novice hunters to gather club and delivery ohotminimuma public spending? After all, perhaps, then comrades will be more responsible for this important cause!

I would like to say a few words about the young people in school. In our area are created, as we call them, a school for young hunters, where volunteer teachers teach classes and experienced hunters. Let not the reader will think that we teach in these schools young people most dobychlivym hunting techniques. No, the point is to instill a sense of adolescent love, respect for the native nature, to equip them with at least a basic knowledge of the rules of hunting culture. And we believe great merit of schools for young hunters that in the area in recent years, poaching among teenagers disappeared.

Serpukhov hunters, of course, aware that much remains to be done in order to have a richer, our land, to bring even more joy to people hunting sports, creating the perfect conditions for a healthy holiday. But they know they will cope with this work, because this case involved the workers themselves, the general public involved.

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