Dear readers of «Preschool Education»!

From this room the appearance of our publication changed: in a magazine format, it has become more compact, beautiful and easy to use.

But in fact everything remains the same.

We will acquaint you with the ideas and developments of leading specialists in the field of early childhood education and the experience of your fellow practitioners, to discuss topical issues of education and to develop tactics of behavior in complex situations.

Today’s education is experiencing a chaotic period. Teachers live a difficult life. The difficulty is not just forced overwork and give rise to a feeling of fatigue.

Simply put, it deprives a person of the satisfaction of the offense. And just that we are holding.

The pedagogical work is something indisputable. Children are born, grow up. They must teach and educate. In spite of everything.

Where to take power?

In the sense — the circumstances of children themselves.

Understanding — not an idle exercise, not excessive intellectual workout. Without it, not only professional development, but also personal «salvation.»

Understanding the causes of what is happening is not something to be reconciled with him, but if you lifts above reasons: because you look at all like the top — literally are «above».

This is something that concerns the circumstances.

And that leads to a deeper understanding of the child — even a problem, heavy — increases the life of our patience, because it creates additional opportunities for sympathy. That each of us can attest to their personal experiences.

Marina Aromshtam, chief editor of «Pre-school education» in August 2011

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