PROMISE-catered for 1,000 families-Run

PROMISE-catered for 1,000 families-Run

More recently, in January 1962, 360 households educational and demonstrative apiaries Kalacheevskogo inter-district department of beekeeping were assigned to four beekeepers. We also had helpers. If at that time I was offered two people to serve 400 bee colonies, I would have refused. Then I did not believe in this possibility, they do not believe some beekeepers still. This lack of confidence from them what they have not worked with multihull hive, do not know what it is.

Last spring, I have translated these hives 90 families. Exactly one year ago, from this same rostrum, I told the comrades about his first experience. Even then, I noted that the work on an apiary, equipped multihull hives, requires two to three times less than the cost of labor in comparison with dvenadtsatiramochnymi or hives, sun loungers. In addition, the results showed honey yield advantage of the new system: on my apiary bees have collected 54 kilograms of honey per family.

Being firmly convinced that the beekeeper with the assistant can handle 400 bee colonies in hives multihull, this year we moved them another 300 families.

In the winter has a lot of preparatory work. We trimmed all the left box, prepared hives have interchangeable housings. In short — do everything possible to deal only with spring transplanting families. This allowed us to such a great job, as the translation of 300 families into new hives, hold for 10 days. However, four of them worked — I was an assistant and two workers. Each was assigned a strictly defined area.

Families who were transferred to the multihull hives in the past year, wintered in two buildings. In the spring we put on clean bottoms upper body, which in this period was focused principal amount of brood, bees and feed, and the bottom — up. Brood and honey can be seen in the streets, and if there is a brood and queen means here. So there is no need to inspect the frame. Those families in which bees were only in the second case, the first temporarily removed in the closet. Thus, one day we together with assistant replaced Dona and conducted an audit in the spring of 100 families.

After this three weeks with the bees did not do anything. However, the work was enough. It was necessary to prepare the body with honeycomb and sushyu for the next step — the expansion slots. On those hives, where there was a single body, becoming the second, where two- thirds. Two days were given 400 buildings, 200 per day. When the used truck. Next to the bee families did not fit again, long period of time.

In June, we bribes weak. Our main honey plants — sunflower, coriander, buckwheat — bloom later. Without waiting, chasing bees tightly fill the available housing, we again expanded the nest families staging the third and fourth cases. The timeliness of their production in the apiary to prevent swarming, which greatly reduces the productivity of the beekeeper.

If at this time the family is very strong, and to bribe even for a month, we select her entire second building, where there is a greater amount of brood and young bees, and put it on top of the third to the plywood bottom tap hole to the opposite side of the main family. Flight bee flies into his family, and the young remain. Thus, we get the cores. They give the queen cells from families, educators, laid much earlier. This is also a good protivoroevoy reception.

If before the start of the main bribe main family weak, remove the bottom, and it is combined with layering. At this time, the family can immediately give a fourth body. One of the queens (usually older) before the connection is deleted.

At the beginning of the main bribe giving body entirely of honeycombs and put them at the top. What are they — third, fourth or fifth — it does not matter.

Near our apiary is not fodder for bees, so this season there are three or four times to wander, starting right from the spring summer apiary was divided into three points.

The framework we are equipped with permanent dividers and hives — scrapie in chains, so preparing for the migrations takes very little time. Another thing — the loading and unloading of the machine. This is a very time-consuming work.

Pumping of honey carried out directly on the migrations. In the selection of honey into account that each family was a body with food. Then build nests for the winter there is no difficulty. Or rather, they do not even need to collect.

At the end of the bribe families tend to take two cases: in the lower brood and a little honey in the top — only honey. As such, we bring the family to the hospital. There is carried out the so-called autumn revision. It lifts the upper body, the lower body frame can be easily seen. If his appearance brood and he is full of bees, and the top is full of honey (not less than 20 kilograms), then the family in order and ‘it has nothing more to worry. Good wintering she assured.

* Ms conducted inspection of families this fall, I found four dysfunctional family of four: two queenless and two with queens-trutowka. Families of those culled, and instead let the winter in four layers, removing them from plywood bottoms and put on permanent. Family winter in omshanike.

Few say the withdrawal of queen bees. I deduce queens artificially once in nature will be bribes. The family put the education of her own larvae. After about 10 days, I organize cores, which are distributed in the output of mature queen cells. How are the cores, have said.

Queens, assistants do not use, because I believe that a good family with a young uterus can increase the power of the main bribe in four or five cases. And for our area more and is not necessary. This year, because of the extremely unfavorable conditions for the development of agricultural crops gross medosbor our apiary was 20 kilograms per family. However, in most apiaries our area family failed to feed themselves even in the winter and had to be fed with sugar. We do not engage in this work.

I would like to answer another fellow who said that a big load leads to an unacceptable increase in the hours of work of the beekeeper. And how else, comrades. I believe that in the season there is nothing to reckon with the working time. We are working sometimes 14 hours or more per day. Nothing was done on the winter, when there is a bribe. And so it says every beekeeper who is not lazy.

What hinders our work? — Scraggy hives and the absence of any mechanization. But we think that this is easily remedied, and I will serve 1,000 families with an assistant, as promised. It should be noted that in this season, I took care of one 400semyami.

However, working together with their families in 1000, I think, is even easier than one with four. Beekeepers who have moved or plan to move to a system of multi-service beer families should take into account that it requires a categorical refusal by the old methods.

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