Recently came to our clinic with the mother the baby coughing. The doctor has diagnosed «bronchitis», prescribe treatment and recommended that appear after 3-5 days. The woman returned two weeks later. At this time the child had pneumonia. I had to put him in the hospital, prescribe two antibiotics, «- says Head of pediatric department of one of the capital’s clinics Elena D. Plaksiy.

Get the most at risk of complications grudnichki. Due mostly lying position mucus from the nose runs freely on the back of the throat.

As a result, throaty cough due to the common cold in just two or three days can fall down, going into bronchitis or pneumonia. Therefore, any kind of cough you need to see a doctor. Especially in recent years, cases of the atypical course of disease. For example, pneumonia today can go without pro-temperature. The child feels normal, while disease «undermines» his health.

Children «simple» cough does not happen

Therefore, we must act quickly, relying on the advice of a doctor, not a folk recipes


In children, the cough is accompanied by an impressive list of diseases, but more often it is a symptom of any kind of infection.

Bronchitis usually four times a year — an occasion to engage in rehabilitation of child

The inflammatory process is localized in the upper respiratory tract — it is SARS, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, in the lower — tracheitis, bronchitis, pneumonia.

In summer, a common cause of coughing is a rotavirus infection, popularly referred to as «intestinal flu». It declares itself a red throat, runny nose, cough, loose stools. For the period of flowering herbs are typical allergic cough, exacerbation of asthma. Nowadays, such a diagnosis often put even three years! «Often, children often suffer from obstructive bronchitis, react to flowering abundant mucous discharge from the nose and incessant coughing. Begin to explore in the hospital, confirmed the diagnosis «bronchial asthma», — says Elena Dmitrievna experience.

With all the richness of choice

Going to a pharmacy, you can see the picture: the buyers, as in a clinic, pharmacist describe symptoms, consult, what pills for cold drinks or better than you can lower the temperature of the child. Often, after a failed self patients still go to the doctor. Here are just wasting your time, money, and sometimes health.

Cough medicines today are vast. Which of them is necessary to your child can be determined only doctor and nobody else. For example, when wet (productive) cough treatment is to improve the output and liquefaction of sputum. In the case of dry or unproductive cough it is advisable to make a mistake, take in the wrong dosage — and the disease is delayed for another week or two.

As regards domestic procedures also need to keep an eye on. Mustard and pepper patch is suitable for children over 12 years. Moreover, strictly by prescription, as often cause allergic reactions.

Receive instructions

First, it is recommended to give the child in any kind of cough — is plenty of warm drinks: milk with soda and butter on the tip of a knife, chamomile tea. They contribute to the dilution of sputum, improve its output of lower respiratory tract, and no worse than antiseptic lozenges and sprays soften the back of the throat. Good soothing cough teaspoon of buckwheat honey, if it does not have an allergy.

Do not rush to resort to steam inhalation. This procedure is indicated for bronchitis. If you start to use it with the «upper» cough, the fine suspension of the therapeutic agent settles on the rear wall and the «Down» cough below.

Due to possible allergies pediatricians recommend with caution warming balms based on essential oils. For these purposes it is better to use something neutral, for example, cocoa butter or badger fat. If no crumbs temperature, melt agent and mash them foot and chest without touching the heart.

Allergic cough calms good alkaline inhalations


Starting position (s. N.) — Standing, arms down. Raise your hands up, stretch them, inhale, return to the and. n. — exhale. Repeat 3-4 times.

I. n. — The same. Draw hands walking on skis with sticks. Breathing is arbitrary. Repeat 7-8 times.

I. n. — Hands on his belt. Pull straight arm to the side, then up — inhale, return to the belt — exhale. Repeat 3-4 times with each hand.

I. n. — The same. Sit down, pull the arms forward at shoulder level — exhale, return to the and. n. — a breath. Repeat 4-5 times.

I. n. — Arms stretched forward, feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Right foot, remove the fingers of his left hand, then left — his right hand. Repeat with each leg for 2-3.

EXERCISES seem too simple? Complicates the task

Ask your child to become straight.

At the signal «inflating the ball,» he should take a deep breath and dissolve hand in hand. Slowly connect hands on chest level and make a loud exhale with the sound of «O-f-f». After the words «ball burst» pipsqueak should portray the air that goes: «Sh-sh-sh.» At the same time his lips stretched into a tube, and arms down. Repeat 5-10 times.

Ask your child to turn his head to the right and blow on the shoulder. Let take a breath and repeat the same with the left shoulder. Then ask crumbs his chin down and make a long exhalation. Inhale, head up, his lips rolled-up — exhale. Let the kid will look again in front of him and took a breath. Repeat 5-10 times.

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