recoup quality appliances, in a device that does not understand and does not want to understand, we focus on the functional component and to the brand. And not afraid to make a mistake. Because know from experience that a conscientious Japanese, German or another manufacturer has made us a unit that will work, and work as long as morally obsolete. And the book with the addresses of service centers, we will not be useful. Similarly, should occur with window. Ideally, the user defines for themselves what brand it no longer trusts chooses packaging and makes an order.


If you focus on the recommendations and to comply with the standards of the leading manufacturers, the window can last for 40-50 years. And it is likely that the replacement will not happen because of breakdowns, but because of the inconsistency of the window block the future requirements of energy efficiency and ease of use. But who are the same whales window technologies that are able today to offer us good quality at a decent price? After all, there is another side. Too many companies make money by selling window designs, resembles a high quality. Window unit — an insidious thing. You do not see what is inside the delivered goods. For example, the 70th five-chamber system should be, but there is a three-chamber. Naturally, the three-chambered cheaper. Seals, one of the most important elementLI ALREADY

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