Rest with the baby.

Rest with the baby.

ACTIVE — ITALY. A popular place for an active summer holiday with kids — the Dolomites. «Rest here love hiking supporters who actively attracted to this kind of recreation and their children, many of them very young and, — says Anna Poklonova, CEO of travel company» Fan-tour «. — Moms-traveler with a 6-7-month old baby sitting in slingoryukzachke, are not uncommon. The Dolomites are laid convenient routes for tourists, for which there are a number of houses for the night (tent set in these mountains is forbidden) and dining cafés. Not far from these paths are located villages and small towns where you can go down if you want to buy provisions and water. «

Slowly — FRANCE. By choosing to rest the French Alps, you can enjoy a leisurely way of life and the beauty of the mountain lakes. One of the most attractive for a family holiday is considered to Lake Annecy. In summer there are many tourists who come to admire the flowering alpine meadows. Families who prefer a sports holiday will love the hiking, the route of which has a small zoo with typical animals of the area, an old house where according to legend, lived Gargantua and summer grass hill skiing on the boards.

Increased comfort — SWITZERLAND. Holidays are not the cheapest, but moderate mild climate is the best fit for traveling with children. On the territory of this country in the mountainous areas is the mass of the thermal spas, among them the largest in Europe — Leykebard. On its territory there are 30 indoor and outdoor thermal pools with water temperature + 48-51 degrees. Here you will be able to offer not only traditional spa-treatments, but also a variety of water activities, including for children.

Repeat the painting.

Put the pattern of stones, blades of grass, twigs and leaves. Problem baby — lay out the same. A more sophisticated version — complete the picture, or change it to get a collage (eg, from the sun to make the lake).

Turning stones.

Ask your child to draw on the rocks. To do this, suitable markers or acrylic paints for painting on glass. Draw can not just brush and fingers — for a two-year kid is a more acceptable option. Older kids can turn suitable for stones in the form of a ladybug, flower cat go. To preserve the memory of the summer, cover the baby’s masterpieces varnish.


Its complexity will depend on the age of the baby. The easiest option for kids from 1.5 to 2 years — put in a line of stones a few medium-sized bucket of water and a container of small stones. Offer him simple tasks: to stand on the stone, step over a bucket to throw a stone. Older kids can much more: they can offer to build a tower of stone, climb on a big boulder, walk along the path, stepping only on the stones.

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