REVIEW: geyms COM MC Daddy!

And here we are again with a cry of «revenge for my grandfather!» Rushed to the exhibition in Cologne Gamescom, the largest gaming event in Europe. To push through the 300 000 gamers who have come here from all over the world, we had to work hard — and in fact we asked the publisher at least this time to provide our group chainsaw! But in fact, nothing special this year at Gamescom showed (even Half-Life 3 is not announced) is not surprising, because after EZ particularly high-profile announcements can not do. But the leitmotif of the exhibition were the new generation of consoles — their advertising hanging around Cologne. And we have four consecutive days and only did what they were talking with renowned designers (wait for exclusives in the next room), but the gaming industry trends tried before all other mortals. By the way, here they are, svezhachka.


The public stand that the future masterpiece graced a giant Titan, and the game itself is decorated with a mad geymppey, juicy explosions and total Veselukha. If you do most in the world is waiting for this project — congratulations, the right choice. Respawn Studios managed to cross the «shooter on foot» and robot action so famously that takes your breath away. However, our paranoia prevents us from peace-not may well be doing so well! After all, each Space Marine has its exoskeleton in the closet. While Titanfall looks like a perfect game, so sure: there is some kind of trick.

ArmA Ml

After the success of Day Z sale the second part of ArmA increased incredibly, and stand Bohemia Interactive, which used to wander, just to ask how to get to the Bethesda, now also very popular among visitors. But fame does not prevent ArmA III continue to be more severe version of the Battlefield for serious uncles.

Batman: Arkham Origins

We’re a little porazveshivali cuffs persons gangster nationality on behalf of The Dark Knight to personally make new developers polished mechanics, but are left unchanged. Origins not disgrace his great predecessors and by all indicators even surpass them. Developers are preparing very hard Batman Christmas and at the same time somehow embarrassed: they do a really good project, but do not seem to have got used to such attention that struck them with loud titles.

Watch Dogs

Doing stern face like share with us superekslyuzivnoy classified information, the developers told us about Watch Dogs that all already knew a long time ago. However, when it came to the gameplay, we hid all his sarcasm back in his pocket. Hacker of GTA with the makspeynovskimi gunfights charms at once. The city is huge and researched — and to hell with him, that he will not be able to fly around in the air transport — to race on a fast sports car on a virtual Chicago -neperedavaemy high.

World of Warplanes

Our Ukrainian project was central to the game booth Wargaming, and it can not but rejoice. As well as that for the year the game has changed beyond recognition: the behavior of aircraft improved interface — cleaned and render altered so that the «plane» is not only fit to be called Soul Plane game, but damn gorgeous. In general WoWP looks cucumber and collected a lot of warm words from visitors Gamescom. Usually power offensively for us, but this time — nice.

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag

First of all, talking to the developers of this game, we asked this one question: «If Ubisoft does not like pirates, why did you make them play?» Had a good laugh, Canadians immediately began to tell what they do incredible fourth part. And this is actually far from the truth — the game world is even more vast and rich, and the pirate flavor brought a lot of diversity in Maltz trite adventure guys in white hoods.

Alien Rage gt;

Purely by chance we tried Interactive. Usually this pshekskscherez every 3-4 vyrviglaznyh failure, and it seems like time’s turn to produce neat postrelushki. In Alien Rage a lot of different weapons with alternate fire, quite clever opponents with which to contend, and good scenery with special effects, which provides UE3. Surprisingly good, so we wait.


The game still looks fascinating, and after the presentation, we’ve been looking for our jaws among konferentskomnaty chairs. But still, even kill, do not see what’s so special about the game in terms shuternoy component? While developers longer let in fog and finished semi-transparent allusions than as specifically laid out for ass gameplay features. However, before the project God knows how long — Bungie may actually end up until we do not know what will be their «destiny»?

Warf rame

Slowly gaining momentum fritupley soon in PS4 — and it looks incredibly beautiful. We do not fully understand why this game turned out to be the underdog gamer attention (including ours) — is the same robot ninja with super powers shooting at each other, and are cut on polulazernyh swords! Ultra beauty PS4-Bepcnn have to wait until unreleased console itself, but on the PC Warframe also shows a good spectacle.

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