Review of the Russian market for LED lamps

Currently in the world there is a shift of emphasis in favor of using innovative energy-efficient technologies. LED technology are the among the most promising sources of light, so the market LED lighting systems in the world in general and Russia in particular is developing more rapidly than the industry lighting equipment.

East of the Russian market of lighting in the period up to 2006 was far superior to similar dynamics of the world market, which is generally characterized by stagnation of performance (growth was about 3-5% per year). This was largely due to higher rates of construction of industrial and office properties in Russia than it is peculiar to the world of industry (this is a consequence of the growth in demand for lighting fixtures going on their equipment).

The aggregate amount of the proceeds of Russian companies involved in the production of lighting products in 2011 amounted to 19.3 billion rubles., Which was higher by 13.5% than in 2010. Thus, the Russian industry continued its recovery.

At the end of I-III quarters of 2012 the volume of Russian enterprises lighting revenue was 14.8 billion rubles., Which is 11.3% higher than the same period of the previous year (Figure 1).

Identify trends in the development of lighting market in Russia are:

• improving the energy efficiency of lighting devices (through the use of modern light sources with high luminous efficiency, electronic ballasts, and increase the efficiency of the optical part);

• use in lighting devices of new materials that improve the level of protection from the effects of environmental factors that increase the service life of equipment and reduce their weight and dimensions;

• an introduction to the design of devices that support option management and regulation for a single device or group of devices as a part of the lighting installation.

The market of LED lighting technology in our country today is under development, the use of innovative energy-efficient lighting systems is not sufficiently developed.

Compared with other countries, Russia has paid attention to energy-saving lighting products much later.

Among the key factors hindering the development of the Russian market of LED lighting:

• the high cost of energy-efficient lighting technology (low energy costs);

• Low demand for innovative solutions by Russian enterprises.

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