Daft Punk.

At the beginning of the 90 iron gates and grating mainstream reluctantly parted, and managed to slip through the crack formed several prominent electronic commands. The gate is shut at the same moment. Many years have passed, and that last year’s profile magazine Mixmag polls — what, in your opinion, the best e-team? Daft Punk comes second, ahead of Chemical Brothers and losing The Prodigy. The situation is anecdotal — dance music, youth, by definition, is represented in the mainstream of the characters before last decade. But it is the inertia of big-show business. Cater to the mainstream team differently ordered his lucky ticket, and the choice of Daft Punk looks quite reasonable — once in 4-5 years they are releasing a new album, all items in their catalog can be interchanged without noise, none of the album does not sound archaic or Progressive another. All are made on the basis of the disco ’70s, vocoder vocals and smooth bits equal Godea for the dance floor and radio. Year-on-year change except that the proportion of fast and slow tracks, as well as guest vocalists. Is no exception «Random Access Memories», even though none of the album Daft Punk was not published with such fanfare. Press releases are council disk as the best talents electronics of all generations, which is true, and if only partly. The main promopotentsial «Random Access Memories» consists of two tracks is called punning «Giorgio by Moroder» titanium disco Giorgio Moroder and «Get Lucky» with Pharrell Williams. The Last Song — rationally selected the first single, has already become a hit (№1 in the iTunes charts in 55 countries, including the US, Britain and France), blissfully dance track with a trendy producer and a good singer. Raspiarennaya interesting thing with Moroder — a rare precedent in electronic music classics resuscitation, out of sight a decade ago. 9-minute composition with a lengthy monologue musician recalls his youth in Munich clubs — definitely the best track of the album, but it sounds to say that very much fresh and unexpected. But in this, that and the album is the main advantage for the target audience. Fans affectionate Maine strimovoy electronics, owners of coffee and manual publishing label can not worry — everything is strictly according to the business plan. No surprises, other than those mentioned on the plate no. Other tracks with guest celebrities such certainly did not. Vocoded voice of Julian Casablancas in «Instant Crush» is simply impossible to know (which, of course, only for the better), and the track with another renowned dance producer — Nile Rodgers (from the New York disco-funk group Chic) — «Lose Yourself to Dance» , turned out far so catchy as «Giorgio by Moroder». However, even though Daft Punk failed to record an album, much to blend into the their discography, it really commercial failure «Random Access Memories» is not exactly threatening.

Iggy & The Stooges.

The Second Coming of The Stooges was held with the participation of guitarist album «Raw

Power »James Williamson, succeeding the deceased in 2009, the founding father of Ron Ashton. And if the first reunion of the group «The Weirdness» (2007) came out strained and heavy, the «Ready It Die» appeared light breath, it unscrewed, vibrant sound (sometimes with frivolous vocals, saxophone and even the violin) is free from cliches, as they should sound «real» The Stooges. And this is the merit of Williamson, who co-wrote and produced the album. It is felt that between Iggy and James emerged that elusive chemistry that is the main thing in rock ‘n’ roll. The album includes a couple and very very relaxed ballads reminiscent rather than the legendary «Raw Power», and the lesser known but excellent record of their joint «Kill City», written at a time of mental vacation Iggy in 1975.

Black Sabbath.

Hardly anyone would argue that Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward no — it’s not exactly a band that can regain the status of bearers even old-school hard rock. This in some way proves 8-minute song-monster, which could occur if someone in the 70’s occurred to tune doom. Osborne peculiar poisonous manner complains in the text, that even such a powerful man as he is, in principle, difficult to control destiny. Osborne’s voice sounds quite caricatured, when it comes to words that the hero can not understand, «Is this the end of the beginning» or «beginning of the end.» Although such doubts dismiss the idea that old grandpa Ozzy and he does not care.

Kelly Pickier.

If you have any interest to know what the quality of pop-country of the XXI century, it is best to start with creativity blonde Kellie Pickler, who, for all that participated in the show «American Idol», among the experts on the genre is considered almost neoclassic. Indeed, sweetish shape ballad «Someone Somewhere Tonight» Version Kelly sounds emotionally and closer to the finale — almost violently. Powerful voice Pickler covers swirling arrangement where the mixed set of instrumental parts, and at some point it seems that Kelly is about to begin to sound like a siren.

Lauryn Hill.

The first single for many years Lauryn Hill in some ways it is a response to the singer fell to the troubles related to tax evasion. Facilities Hill’s voice sounds exactly as it is inconsistent traffic policemen caught the intruder, who, instead of human hands Inspector receipt for the replacement of candles. Stylin ‘pompous arrangement with whistling synths, the phrase «social lobotomy» — in the soul of insulting the state of Miss Hill’s great boiling.


Odd warrior 3.

In the project «the Odd soldier» «B-2» sing songs of his teacher and co-author Michael Karasev, each time collecting the team guests. In this sense, another of his release (actually fourth) broke all records megalomania. For the execution of 27 songs involved 28 performers — from Chicherina and Shklyarskii to trees and young Presnyakov — list all within a short review impossible. And if earlier Leva and Shura content with a duet of the song, but now the number of singers, sometimes, comes to three in one track. The work, as is usually the case with «B-2», performed flawlessly in all respects, but the devil’s shoulder and whispers Gnostics question: is it worth so hard to multiply entities?


Fans Saint Etienne and the album New Order «Republics» lately hardly feel pampered: the combination of dreaming and darkness now in vogue only in girls, publishing their photos in blogs and social networks. A certain analogue of this delay the process offers Californian duo Kisses, which is the basis of their creativity to make beautiful songs about the problems of decay of all things with male vocals. Theoretically Kisses music reminiscent of what the Frank Ocean, only Odd Future crooner of still bears the features of a brazen frequenter of parties, a Kisses content reflection on the beautiful divorces in his coffee cup. But the melodies and intonation in submitting themselves are very similar. Kisses From time to time begin to operate in the form of nu-disco («At The Pool") But a greater degree of euphoric melancholy tracks (even the lightest «Funny Heartbeat») evokes a feeling of sadness hangover. Such numbers could have easily fall in love with a tired American Psycho, just to cut a couple of models of carcasses under tall palm trees.

Andrei Samsonov & Laska Omnia.

Andrei Samsonov long worked on this disc, but then concentrated and released his pursuit of zemfirovskim «Live in thy head,» which he also produced. Accordingly, the album contains songs composed during the last ten years. The form «Incredible» is in line with the English-language post-trip-hop, with a predominance of masterfully recorded live instruments. And although this time the main vocalist made 21-year-old singer from Moscow named Manija project Andrew Laska Omnia was international: in addition to the Parisian Marina Celeste of the Nouvelle Vague it participated Marc Almond, Andrew records which also had to produce. Two songs sung by them («Passion And Pain» and «The Guilt Of My Secret»), of course, are the adornment of the album. The main surprise was that the musician sang himself.

LL Cool.

«Authenticity», promised in the title of the thirteenth opus rap veteran, does not mean following the canons of the genre. Tastes of LL Coo (wide enough to be compacted into one track «Whaddup» Chuck Dee from Public Enemy, Drummer Blink-182 Travis Barker and guitarist Rage Against The Machine Tom Morello. «Authentic» has turned on a «little bit for everyone.» Experience the crossing of rap and rock «We’re the Greatest» with Eddie Van Halen gashes balanced by delicate harmonies «Give Me Love» The strength of the vocals. The main dominant of «Authentic» are hedonism and love for the rapper, which looks a bit like an old man, but mentally .

Deep Purple.

The celebration in the camp of classic rock: Great Britain not objective Bob Ezrin, who has worked with Pink Floyd and Alice Cooper, and released the nineteenth studio album. Judging by the name plate, the elderly themselves are not fully aware of where they were brought. «Now What ?!» does not justify the high expectations: Ian Gillan did not disperse clouds his triumphant cry, but dinosaurs helps a great experience when you need to make some noise in the «Hell That Rau» fun with rhythmic dimensions «Above And Beyond» or impose Symphony pathos in the seven-minute epic «Uncommon Man». In the center of the whole picture — a thunderous organ «Hammond» Don Airey, who enthusiastically imitate stunts Jon Lord.

Big Country.

Nobody believed in the revival of the group after the death of its leader, Stuart Adamson. But his place at the microphone took the only possible man — Mike Peters, leader of the brotherly band The Alarm. Considering also Derek Forbes, bassist Simple Minds, it becomes clear that the birth of a new supergroup. At the time, Big Country belonged to the generation of new wave-teams that crossed post-punk with Celtic folk and headed toward a large rock style. Now folk elements that previously could bring to mind the national unprepared listener, become smaller. But that does not explain how the musicians have so much energy and inspiration — these sublime hymns vividly recall that in the ’80s U2 were not exactly alone.

Stevie Wonder.

The seventies were a golden age of Stevie Wonder. At least four of the released albums in this decade — «Talking Book» «Innervisions», «Fulfillingness’ First Finale» and double «Songs in the Key of Life» — an absolute masterpiece. But «Innervisions» («Insight») — perhaps the most adult of his output (including both previous and subsequent albums). His first hit wunderkind Stevie released at age 13, and by 20 he mastered almost no all possible tools: on «Innervisions», recorded almost single-handedly, he among other things plays specifically for him tuned synthesizer ARP Braille 2600. Amazingly, but blind from birth Wonder works with sound recording as a multilayer painting. Try to listen to it in the darkness on the imagination and wealth of sound album hardly something be compared. Just Wonder catches and the pulse of the times: in the composition «Living for the City», he alone plays in different voices lives of black neighborhoods and the relevance (drugs «Too High» or Richard Nixon in «Misstra Know It AN ‘), he moves freely to the eternal themes as in «Higher Ground». Just easily Wonder shuffles reggae, funk, cha-cha-cha. Weak rooms not at all, choose the best and very difficult. Perhaps it’s still «Do not You Worry ’bout a Thing», where cheerful Wonder appears in all its glory.

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