Russian Association of Employers «National League workers lift and communal infrastructure» sounds alarm


Dear Colleagues!

It decides the fate of the elevator industry, which is torn apart. For seventeen years we were diligent work aimed at restoring the life cycle of the elevator and the union organizations, ensuring its functioning. Today, all the results of this work — in jeopardy. We returned to the 80-ies of XX century, but without any state support.

Questions of self-regulation in the utilities postponed indefinitely, and the erosion of our specialties in other self-regulatory organizations — is the destruction of the industry. Crumbling small and medium enterprises, which is the industry. The provisions of the doctrine of «one purchase order» lose their meaning. Branch ceases to comply with the full life cycle as a series of special care into oblivion and, most likely, will never return. It is impossible not to see that self-regulation turn into horror stories, the sword of Damocles, and thus are forced to engage in self-regulatory organizations.

Many organizations today have a valid license with a long lifespan. At the same time, housing and communal services have not yet received the green light to self-regulation. So where are we in a hurry? Especially since the main document installers receive from manufacturers? If there is extra money, it is better to invest it in development, in progress, and not give unknown who and why.

There is still time, that it should arrange for their places. Create your own regional structures, rely only on themselves. Together we are strong, and every — nothing.

We look forward to your opinions and suggestions.

President Omori «National League»

Chairman of the Working Committee (Executive Committee) of the National Congress workers lift region

FY Lyachin

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