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SCIENCE leaves

This year the Russian team, «Formula 1» MARUSSIA Fl TEAM THE FIRST RUSSIAN SPONSOR: its official partner became the largest BOOKMAKER COMPANY «LEAGUE BET». What made «LEAGUE BET» to invest in this prestigious, but technically complex and non-traditional RUSSIA SPORT.

His first car I bought in 14 years — stunned almost unreal fact of life in the Soviet schoolboy honorary president of the «League Betting» Oleg Zhuravsky. — It was a «Zhiguli», «three rubles,» VAZ 2103 «.

Money for the purchase he collected himself, but still had to ask for help from the parents. So motorsports — a long-standing fascination with Zhuravsky. Now he has five children: the youngest daughter was born a month ago, during the May Monaco Grand Prix. Instead VAZ Zhuravsky now travel to Ferrari and Lamborghini. And tries not to miss the race.

Monaco Grand Prix — one of the most prestigious stages of the championship, «Formula 1». Looped track (3,340 km total distance of 260.52 km) is laid directly on the streets of the city: and in this feature and complexity — on a narrow road is almost impossible to overtake an opponent, so that the most «hot» places are turning. The day of the event tickets such observation sector are € 420-500 (children — half the price). The entire length of the track with bleachers, balconies and panoramic terraces of buildings for the thousands of spectators watching the competition: the population of Monaco these days increases by about a hundred times. Even those whose views are not confined to competition, can not hear the pervasive roar of racing engines (earplugs offer almost every corner) and not feel a specific smell of worn rubber on the asphalt.

Watch the race on TV, of course, comfortable. And the cameras installed on the car, track far more nuanced than is seen spectators in the stands, watch for a limited segment of the track. Why do people strive so hard for the race «live»? «It’s indescribable atmosphere — said Zhuravskii. — You know, you can something I do not see it, but feel it. You can watch sex on TV, and you can participate in it. «

Compare quite works. Once a quiet calm European city cut characteristic shrill loud noises, vibrations imperceptible way into the body to the fingertips. In a fit of uniting people rush to the bleachers, balconies, windows or even a TV screen in the cafe — TV actually working at the time with the stereo effect. And by the way, is in Monaco these days a lot of Russian.


The team Marussia Fl Team complicated history. To begin with, that is far from the racing man is strange that the Russian team is not a single Russian driver, and management and engineering staff — entirely British. «What is Russian?» He -udivitsya.

Try to understand. In 2010, Marussia Motors, the company for the production of sports cars, race driver and owned by showman Nikolay Fomenko and its partners political strategist

Yefim Ostrovsky and Andrei Cheglakova businessman, became co-owner of Virgin Racing team extravagant British billionaire Richard Branson. The team appeared a Russian license and, therefore, the board machines, managed this year Briton Max Chilton and Frenchman Jules Bianchi, marked the Russian flag. While the team did not score any points in the overall standings ranked first at the end. However, the May race at Monaco Chilton was able to reach the penultimate of the 15 finishers riders. Bianchi fizzled out because of problems with the brakes.

What prevents Russian rider team get? First of all, an insufficient number of sponsorship money, which the pilot is required to pay for the right to participate in the team. As is known, Russian Vitaly Petrov (by the way, never enters the Marussia Fl Team) misses the season, «Formula 1» in 2013: the team Caterham, advocated by Vitali, did not extend his contract, opting for financial or other reasons other pilot. But Max Chilton, according to estimates of the magazine «Autosport», brought in Marussia Fl Team $ 15 million, besides his father bought the shares of the team.

However, the «Formula 1» — competition not only the riders but also the designers and technologies. Perhaps even more so than is currently a regular viewer. Therefore, professionals jokingly called the race «struggle rubbers.» In any case, it is a high-tech sport is costly.

The annual budget of Marussia Fl Team — £ 70 million, and he is one of the most minimal in the «Formula 1». The following year, the figure will increase to £ 80-85 million, will be used as the more expensive engines. For comparison: in 2010, when the team was still called Virgin, the budget was £ 50 million, as the process running on the computer model calculates, without testing in the wind tunnel. Today, these tests are due to the cooperation agreement with the team McLaren, which costs Marussia 15-20% of the budget, but the management considers it necessary for the progress of the team.


In fact, keep the list of teams, «Formula 1» for the Marussia F1 Team is already a great success. Unlike England, Italy and France, with their long tradition of racing, experienced design engineers (their specialists this class we do not have) and numerous fans in Russia this prestigious sport is not very popular.

«Even a very unpopular — sharpens the situation Zhuravsky. — But you can not wait for the results, doing nothing. Personally, I have five years ago set out to lead his own company in Monaco. There is a Russian, and this is our target audience. Monaco Grand Prix — the most prestigious race. And I think it will catch up with us and other domestic sponsors. «

But the question of the laws of a number of «Monaco — Casino -» League Betting «his outraged:» Casino to us is irrelevant. When the bet — think, analyze, and simply put in a casino. » Zhuravsky says that already feel an increase in customer loyalty: «People now bet on» Formula-1 «, interested in the team.» He believes that to maintain a leader and uninteresting, referring to the sponsorship of the company «Kaspersky» racing team Ferrari. And seeks to shift the attention of journalists riders Petrov (although does not deny that he could be very useful for Marussia) on the team as a whole: «The driver can come and go, but the team is — that’s why it is more important to me.»

About inevitable progress

And Marussia, and «League Betting» declare an ambitious goal — to express themselves in the world and to raise interest in racing among Russians. In Zhuravsky serious plans for Sochi: the fact that the already decided to hold there in November 2014 and the stage of «Formula-1» (the right of the costs Russia $ 40 million for each of the five planned seasons, construction of the highway will cost $ 200 million). He dreams that the country’s leadership also promoted the sport, as once skiing. To the remark that skiing is not as costly for the state, eagerly responds: «The State of the races did not spend only becomes. Work private money, and they each spend as you like. » Recognizing the primacy of football (in this sport has to, for example, 80% of bookmakers’ betting) Zhuravsky sure knowingly invested in the racing sport. He believes winning high-tech inevitable: «When my generation only dreamed of vases, Europeans have managed to» Rolls Royce «and» Ferrari «. With every desire of our country to support the dying technology they die. You can not stop progress. Our children do not understand how to live without aypada. «

Still, it was interesting to find out how far it extends sponsorship optimism and investment in any case be considered justified — it is clear that even at the domestic ground Marussia F1 Team will not win. «If after three years Marussia gets to the» spectacle «zones 5-6 and will take place, it will be a good result. This is a young aggressive team that managed to challenge others. And while it does not matter, she wins or loses. I would just like to make this status sport became more popular. » Zhuravsky recognized that, if funds allow, he would have willingly joined the team as a non-sponsor and owner.


Member of the Board of Directors of BC «League Betting» Carsten Koerl long been engaged in software development for betting (Eng. Bet — bet), then created the world’s largest Internet company bettingovuyu. After its release to the stock exchange Carsten had left his child and began supplying information on all kinds of sports betting for the industry. So he became a partner Oleg Zhuravsky, discovering the emerging Russian market, a lot of business opportunities. «Bookmaker — this mathematical model, — says Karsten. — But this is a very difficult model. Of course, the information can make money. But it is in a casino: you either own it or play it. Owning all the better. » At Carsten, he says, he has enough money to rest on our laurels, so work for it — exercise for fun. He talks about betting as an industry in which there is no crisis: «The annual global sports market — $ 118 billion and it is estimated that by 2015 it will be $ 145 billion. The market volume of betting — $ 30 billion, and every year it grows at 8 9%. If these two powerful trends — sports and betting — combine, it will be a win-win business. » On the question of the meaning of cooperation with the Russian company Carsten says: mutual benefit. He says that many Russian companies were able to promote your product thanks to Western technology. And because the Western market has already been formed, Russia, with its capabilities is very promising.

Naturally, that is also shared by the mathematician Zhuravsky beliefs regarding the priority of the team rider: «Every good pilot as good as his car and his team. Of course, the player can affect something. But this is precisely what distinguishes one from the other: strong team play or individual players with the position of «every man for himself.»

Koerl sure thing in the idea of ​​cooperation, «the League Betting» and Marussia — branding and marketing, and believes that necessarily threaten to a step: to begin to do a little: «It would be even better if more Russian companies supported by Marussia Fl Team . Russia needs its envoys in world sport — it’s a great country. «

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